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Superiors: N/A
Difficulty: Very Hard
Guides: No external guides.
Access: Anywhere you can eat your way into.
Duties: Spread onto the whole station

Blobs are an unknown biological entity which come aboard stations through infected organisms like mice and, occasionally, crew members. Seeking to consume all matter available, blobs will relentlessly expand until everything around them is consumed.

It Came from Outer Space!

In the Blob game mode, the blob is controlled by a player, called The Overmind, with the objective to expand and take over as much of the station as possible. As a blob, you come onto the station as an infected mouse, having only a limited amount of time before you burst, so you must quickly find a suitable place to settle your core.

Feeling bloated?

Your chosen spot for your inevitable pop should be a location relatively unexposed, ideally where you can funnel any hostile crew that would attack you, down narrow corridors, as the less surface area crew can attack at one time, the easier it will be to defend yourself. Space is also a great threat to you, not for lack of atmosphere or increased cost of making tiles there, but for the fact that crew can easily assault you from range, both with pods and emitters, so bear that in mind when choosing your location. As a blob mouse, you have the additional advantage of being able to crawl under airlocks using the "Hide" verb.

General Strategy

Your whole goal is to expand.

Early on you should avoid attracting attention from the crew and instead focus on building resource nodes. Build them directly next to regular blob nodes so they produce maximum resources.

When you're found it's helpful to have a few factories to keep the crew at bay. Consider upgrading these to Blobbernauts, which are a whole lot smarter (usually) than regular blob spores and pack a meaner punch. Remember that producing a blobbernaut destroys the factory it's produced on!

Blow up water and welding tanks to slip and seriously injure crewmates. Consider breaching an area if many people are without EVA equipment. However, beware that miners can do serious damage to you with their Kinetic Accelerators in a vacuum.

Blob Chemicals

After popping, blobs start off with a random chemical, which determines their colour, what kind of damage they deal, and any special effect they or their minions possess.

Chemical Visual Damage Type

Ripping Tendrils

Ripping Tendrils.gif

Deals 15 Brute damage and 10 Stamina damage. Spores deal brute damage when killed.

Boiling Oil

Boiling Oil.gif

Deals 15 Burn damage and sets the victim aflame. Spores deal burn damage when killed

Kinetic Gelatin

Kinetic Gelatin.gif

A gambler's chemical. Deals between 5 to 35 Brute damage. Spores deal brute damage when killed.



Deals 15 Brute damage. Both direct attacks by tiles and death of spores launch entities away.

Envenomed Filaments

Blob normal.gif

Deals 15 Toxin damage and causes hallucinations. Spores deal toxin damage when killed.

Lexorin Jelly

Lexorin Jelly.gif

Deals 10 Brute damage, 25 Respiration damage, and halts breathing for 8 cycles. Spores deal respiration damage when killed.

Cryogenic Liquid

Cryogenic Liquid.gif

Deals 10 Brute damage, 10 Stamina damage, and injects 10 units of Frost Oil. Spores deal burn damage when killed.

Radioactive Gel

Radioactive Gel.gif

Deals 5 Brute damage, 7.5 Toxin damage, and injects 7.5 units of Uranium. Spores deal toxin damage when killed.

Teslium Paste

Teslium Paste.gif

Deals 10 Burn damage and injects 3.125 units of Teslium, with a chance to shock and stun you if you already have some in your body. Spores deal burn damage when killed.


Left Click
Expands Blob tiles to the target tile and attacks a human/cyborg on the targeted tile. Save up resources to quickly and rapidly kill borgs or humans.
Note: Clicking an adjacent tile will expand the blob once, clicking a tile diagonal to a blob will expand the blob twice.
Create a Strong tile, or click on a Strong Tile to create a Reflective tile.
Middle Mouse Click
Rallies Spores to a target location.
Remove tiles, partially refunding some of their cost.

Blob Tile Cost Uses/Purpose
Blob Core
Blob core.gif
100 The most important part of you, it is the brain of the blob and the heart. You cannot have more than one core(except by "splitting") so you must protect it at all costs, or you will die. It will regenerate health on its own, and you can keep track of its life from your HUD. Also produces one resource point per second all on its own, and allows placement of "building" tiles within 3 tiles of itself.
Blob Node
Blob node.gif
60 A Node will grow normal blob tiles around it, factories and resource nodes can be placed within a 3 tile radius around them. Necessary for expanding your territory, and will rapidly eat through any adjacent walls. Nodes are additionally used for the Split Consciousness and Relocate Core command. Can't be built within 5 tiles of another Node Blob. Ideal for breaching secure areas or defending choke points.
Blob Tile
Blob normal.gif
5 The basic blob tile, which expands your influence and is required to place more advanced tiles.
Strong Blob
Blob shield.gif
15 Created by upgrading a Normal blob tile (ctrl+click), they can absorb a great deal more damage than a normal blob tile, are fireproof and can block air, allowing you to protect yourself from station fires.
Reflective Blob
Blob reflective.gif
15 Created by upgrading a Strong blob tile, they absorb less damage than a strong blob but have the ability to reflect laser shots and negate emitter pulses. Strategic placement of reflective tiles can negate a large amount of the crew's offensive power and may lead to many incidents of friendly fire.
Resource Blob
Blob resource.gif
40 Steadily produces resources, individual production speed increasing with proximity to a node/core. They are essential to resource income; defending your resource nodes is vitally important. The more resource tiles you have, the faster your resource generation and thus expansion. They cannot be built within 4 tiles of another Resource tile, but can always be adjacent to a node with optimal placement.
Blob Factory
Blob factory.gif
60 Creates blob spores Blob spore.png which will attack nearby food (read: people.), and convert the dead into Blob zombie.png Blob Zombies, which are tougher and stronger than spores alone. Can't be built within 7 tiles of another Factory Blob.
Storage Blob
Blob resource.gif
40 Increases max resource point capacity by 50 for as long as it is up. While not useful to a newborn blob, these exponentially increase a large blob's fighting capacity and ability to staying alive.
Captured Nuke Blob
Blob captured nuke.gif
5 A blob tile that is slightly more reinforced than your average tile and only spawns when the blob eats a nuclear warhead. The crew is still able to recover the nuke if they are able to kill this tile.
60 Sacrifice a factory to spawn a Blobbernaut. Blobbernauts are ghost-controlled creatures that deal moderate damage to the crew and can break down airlocks/machines, but constantly degenerate health if injured and not on a blob tile. They will, however, regenerate health while moving across blob tiles. They are immune to pressure but are vulnerable to loss of gravity.
Split Conciousness Power
100 The Overmind has the ability to split themselves once, making a new Blob Core, which will poll the ghosts/observers, allowing you to gain an ally blob, effectively doubling chemical generation. The other core can have a different chemical from the original blob, but you both gain from any linked resource nodes, making it the most potent ability the blob possesses.

Kill That Blob!

The blob is a severe biohazard, and as such the Emergency Shuttle will likely be prevented from coming to the station to save you until crew transfer so your only option is to play the long game or kill it.


Blob tiles are highly resistant to brute damage, meaning that you will have to rely on burn damage which the blob has no resistance to. Utilize items such as welders and laser-based weaponry. They will prove very effective in eliminating most blob tiles. But make sure to avoid friendly fire and watch out for reflective blob tiles. Flamethrowers, while flame-based weaponry, are not very effective and usually hurt the crew rather than the blob.

Additionally, Two flashbangs will destroy all weak blob tiles in a large area, allowing people to rush in and destroy the special blob squares. If you don't warn people you're using these, they might get stunned and eaten by the blob. Give people a chance to clear the area so you don't mass stun them.


  • Make sure to utilize internals and EVA suits because the area inevitably gets spaced by the blob.
  • Build rechargers in the nearby area in order to quickly recharge energy weapons
  • Keep welding tanks nearby but far away from the blob so people using welders can refill

The Blob is Too Big

Should the blob grow too powerful, you may just have to nuke the station. You can do this on the way out or to prevent immediate blob critical mass. Ask Central Command for the station nuclear detonation codes. They may or may not grant it to you or it could take some time so keep fighting to the bitter end.

General Tips

  • Consider having medical set up a field hospital nearby
  • Have Roboticists build durands to combat the blob
  • Emitters are useful but can easily be countered by reflective blobs
  • Have cargo order energy- and laser-based weaponry
  • Weapon upgrade kits made in RnD significantly improve effectiveness of ranged weaponry
  • Avoid fighting blobbernauts unless you can kill them, they easily regenerate health

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