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Research Director

Superiors: Captain
Difficulty: Medium
Guides: Standard Operating Procedure, Standard Operating Procedure (Science), Guide to Research and Development, Guide to Xenobiology, Guide to the E.X.P.E.R.I-MENTOR, Guide to Toxins, Guide to Chemical Research, Guide to Chemistry, Guide to Robotics, Guide to Genetics, Guide to Advanced Construction, AI Modules, Research Items, Anomalies
Access: Science (All), Research Director's Office, Bridge, Teleporter, Gravity Generator, Telecomms Chamber, and Tech Storage
Duties: Lead Research and Development, supervise your Scientists, monitor Genetics research, make sure Roboticists are building borgs or mechs.
High-Risk Items: Hand Teleporter, Reactive Armour

The Research Director in charge of what is (theoretically) the reason the station is around. Your job is to direct research into new things. And you have a group of Scientists to help you do that.


Unlike most Heads of Staff, your job isn't so much to keep your staff working as it is to keep them from doing so. Or, at least, to keep them from doing so badly. You need to keep them from accidentally killing themselves. Toxins Mixing and Xenobiology in particular are highly-dangerous areas, and should be monitored at all times.

You're also the foremost expert on strange phenomena on the station. When something strange shows up, it's your job to figure out what it is and how best to deal with it. The other Heads of Staff will rely on you to figure out exactly what it is and what to do about it.

So, in short, keep your staff from screwing everything up royally and keep the other Heads informed about anything weird going on.

You arrive at the station inside your office next to toxins. You have the front seat. So sit back and enjoy the view. Remember that you have two of the most important things on the station, Robotics control and the AI integrity restorer.

For Standard Operating Procedure for this role and other science roles, please see Standard Operating Procedure (Science).

Directing Research 101

As the Research Director, your job is obviously to direct research. You have access to anything scientific.

There's No I In Team

Your official responsibility is to ensure that nobody does anything they shouldn't. This means making sure the Geneticists don’t run rampant with powers, that Roboticists don’t cyborg people without good reason, and that Toxins properly handles plasma.

Research Incentives

You have access to the Research Department's Account number and PIN. You can take advantage of this capital to order supply crates, create Research Incentives, and award true leaders of science.

Computer Maintenance And You

In the event of AI damage on an Intelicard, there is a computer in your office which can be used to repair its systems. This is a long process, but it is still usually better than having no AI at all. Besides, it is possible to build a new AI from the circuit also found in your office. Using plasteel and glass, it is constructed just like any other computer up until the human brain is inserted. Keep the existence of the human component hush-hush! It's a trade secret! Please be aware that a freshly constructed AI comes with the default NanoTrasen laws.

AI Overpopulation: The Core Circuit And You

Whether to reduce the load on primary AI or just to increase information chaos, with this nifty AI Core circuit board found in your office you can make a second, working AI. You need the following components first: a screwdriver, a wrench, 4 sheets of plasteel, 2 sheets of reinforced glass, the circuit board, and, of course, a brain in an MMI.

Make AI Core frame with plasteel, wrench it in a preferably secure place near an intercom (or a radio), add a circuit, screwdriver it, wires, MMI, glass, screwdriver it again. Voila! Now there's two working AIs on the station!

Your plastic pal who's fun to be with!

As Research Director, while it's not your job only, you are expected to know how to be able to deal with malfunctioning, rogue and traitorous AIs and cyborgs. Remember, AIs sometimes CAN be tricked into revealing badly written zeroth laws. Also, you will typically be asked to perform routine maintenance and checkups on the AI. It's also worth studying what each law-set implies, and how AIs and borgs generally act when following them.

Assistant with Science

You can be of great help as an assistant with large amounts of access. Collecting flashes and power cells for robotics and other items for research. You should also be constantly bugging the HoP to whip the miners into working harder.


Sometimes, strange anomalies are spotted on the station. While it's not exactly your job only to stop them, your staff will usually be too busy or incompetent to do it. So grab an analyzer and a remote signaler, scan the anomaly with the analyzer, and signal the appropriate frequency. If you're successful, you will receive an anomaly core which can be stuck into the deconstructive analyzer, or, more commonly, used to finish a Phazon mech or a suit of reactive armour.


You have access to the AI satellite, including the Telecommunications hub located there. While the AI might have set the the telecommunication's settings according to the wishes of the crew, you can also do so, as well.


Inside the display case in your office is a surgically modified facehugger. It can no longer kill and implant its embryos inside a host body, but it still feels the need to leap on anyone in reach. It's usually best kept in its case. With a chameleon projector, Lamarr can be scanned to act as a fearsome disguise. Lamarr also makes an excellent breath mask.

Job Tasks

Additionally, certain tasks will reward the player with credits for completing them.

No extra work is required, the fulfilment of these tasks will reward the player with the stated credit bonus in their next paycheck.

Utilize the facilities on this research installation to increase half the station's research levels above level 2, have cargo ship the research to centcomm in crates.

  • $150 on completion
  • Paid to RD and all scientists.

The Director of Madness Swordred.gif

The Research Director, like all Heads of Staff, make extremely dangerous traitors just by their access and departmental loyalty. While your underlings are less likely to fall in line than Security most of the time they'll listen to what you want them to do. The gear printed by R&D, such as Night Vision SecurityHUDs or weapons (if you can emag or otherwise open the lockboxes) can easily make you the most dangerous person on station - but expect Security to treat you as such.

For mass destruction, Toxins will be your best bet, with all those explosives you'll probably be able to hold the station hostage - though, of course, you should not use high explosives without admin permission or a hijack objective. Since you have access to it, Genetics could be useful, but the Chief Medical Officer will be overseeing it more often than not.

You hold a lot of power, and at the same time, a decent amount of responsibility. It is easy to bring the Station to its knees if you know what you’re doing. Great if you’re a traitor, dickish if you’re not.

Less useful but still dangerous, robotics is a useful stopping point, since you can bring dead bodies here and let them get borged for you. You can also easily subvert any Cyborg that comes in for repairs or upgrades.

Command is limited to one antagonistic role per shift with a 10% chance of a second roll. This applies to traitors, vampires, changelings, and cultist.

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