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Superiors: Alien Mothership
Difficulty: Hard
Guides: No external guides.
Access: Based on where you can teleport to and who's ID you can steal
Duties: Kidnap people, stuff them with organs of dubious origin.

Abductors are a technologically advanced society, set on experimenting on, and cataloging every species in the system. Unfortunately for their subjects, their methods are quite invasive.

Your Mission

Congratulations! You and another abductor have been chosen to embark upon a scientific crusade to study the anomalous and mysterious peoples of the universe. Utilizing your advanced technology and tool sets, you will be abducting and experimenting on the members of a nearby Nanotrasen space station.

Your objectives are as follows:

  • Kidnap and experiment on 6 specimens
  • Avoid detection as much as possible

You and the Crew

There is nothing more a crew member hates than an organ thief! If you get spotted, the crew will remind you of this through rather expressive means. You must disguise yourself, move quickly, and utilize the element of surprise to get the jump on your future experiments, else, your cover will be blown, and you'll likely meet your untimely end by an assistant with soap and a toolbox.

For your safety, and the credibility of our studies, it is imperative that our specimens have no idea what is going on, and that the station remains oblivious to our scientific study.

The Dynamic Duo

You cannot speak in the conventional sense. Instead, you share a telepathic link with the other member of the expedition ship (AKA your UFO). Make sure to use it! A successful abductor is one that communicates well with their team. Each active Abductor ship will spawn with one Agent and one Scientist. Without each other, they are mostly useless, and your mission will require effort from both of you to succeed. Be sure to understand your role!

Abductor Agent



As an Agent, you will be the person acquiring specimen, using your Alien Baton to stun, cuff, and knock them out. This may require breaking into places with your advanced set of tools, jamming local comms, and/or and firing your fancy radiation gun to ward off any curious crewmembers. While it may help, you don't necessarily need to be robust. You just need to be smart, communicative, and have good situational awareness.

Before going down to the station, you'll need to get a disguise from the scientist. Activate it by clicking the icon in the top left. After that, stand on the ship's telepad and wait for them to teleport you down. Your scientist may give you info on where your target is, but you should use your best judgement if you find someone else who's easily kidnappable. Once someone is found, make sure you aren't on help intent, and pull out your baton. Use yellow/stun mode to stun your target, blue/sleep mode to put them under, and finally, red/cuff mode to restrain them, in that order.

At this point, if you're in a safe location, the scientist will beam themselves down and do what they need to do. Your job is to protect the scientist and prevent any crewmembers from thwarting your scientific study. Keeping people at range is ideal. Once the scientist has teleported themselves and the target up to your ship, try and keep still for a moment so the scientist can mark you and teleport you back. It is imperative that you stay where a camera can see you, or else the scientist will not be able to complete the marking process.

While they're on the ship, ensure that the specimen stays restrained and buckled to either the surgery table, or the bed, until they are completely processed and teleported back on station. Rinse and repeat.


Item Purpose
Agent Vest
The most important part of your equipment. This vest is surgically grafted to your body, and works in either stealth and combat mode. Remember: Modes are controlled remotely by your ship console! Communicate frequently, and let the scientist know when you need to change modes.
Stealth Vest Mode
Using this vest mode will allow you to take the form of any crewmember your scientist teammate has added to the database. Be careful, however. This disguise is very fragile, and any damage will reveal your true identity. Disguise is chosen using the ship-side console. This vest mode is the more commonly used of the two, as it allows for better stealth, and is more useful for sneaking up to isolated abduction targets.
Combat Vest Mode
This mode significantly increases the vest's armor values, and allows you to use its inbuilt anti-stun injector. You can't maintain the disguise in this mode. Use it if you need to go loud, or get outnumbered.
Use this device to silently turn off radios and headsets around the targeted human. Especially useful if, during an abduction, the subject wakes up and starts screaming for help before you can re-sleep them.
Your self-defence sidearm, deals radiation damage, but needs to be recharged using the station's rechargers. Holds ten energy rounds, but remember, you need your subjects alive! Useful for scaring off any would-be rescuers during an abduction.
Alien Baton
Alien Baton
Use this to capture the specimens for research. You must use an intent other then 'Help' for this to work. It has several different modes that can be toggled through, and can't be used by humans, making it very useful as your main abducting tool.

Stun acts as a regular stun baton. Sleep causes an already stunned human to go unconscious. Cuff applies disposable alien handcuffs to anyone hit with the baton. Probe tells you more details about the subject it's used on. Remember, when abducting: Stun, Sleep, Cuff.

Alien Toolbelt
This tool belt contains futuristic tools that make reaching your target a breeze. It contains a multitool that shows wire functions, a welding tool that rapidly refills, and other advanced tools which work faster than normal tools. Oh, and a coil of (unfortunately normal) cable.

Abductor Scientist



You're essentially abductor mission control. You'll be in charge of handling teleportation of you, your agent, and any test subjects, to and from your ship. You have full access to station cameras, and as a result, will have a great overview of everything within camera range. You will need to guide your agent through finding subjects, and alert them to any incoming dangers. Afterwards, you'll need to dissect and experiment on the captured specimen.

The first thing you should do is find your Science tool, and set it to scan. Go over to the observation console and get used to moving it around. While you're doing that, while holding your science tool, click on various crew members to scan their appearances. In the ship console, you can assign one of those appearances to your agent as a disguise, to make abducting easier.

Beam me Down, Scotty

Take a look around the station on your console. Try to identify a specimen who is alone, and would be easily kidnapped without drawing attention. Have your agent stand on the ship telepad, and teleport them down to a location near the target, but out of sight. Keep in mind that teleporting people from the ship takes roughly 5 seconds, and is not instant. Once you have done this, take a look around and double check that there are no nearby dangers, and give directions to your agent.

Once your agent has subdued and secured a specimen, use the "teleport self" button, and teleport yourself directly next to the specimen. Set your science tool to mark, and use it on the specimen(this will take a moment). Once the specimen is fully marked, use your implant to teleport yourself back up to the ship. Use the observation console to teleport the marked specimen to the ship. Finally, use your science tool to mark your agent(instant) from the console, and teleport them back up too. Congratulations on your first successful abduction!

All that remains is to perform your surgery on the specimen, place them in the experimental machinery, and choose an experiment. You'll get one point in your ship console every time you do this, which you can spend on replacement equipment.


Item Purpose
Teleporter Implant
Using this implant will allow you to return to the ship after a ten second cooldown. Mainly used for getting back to the UFO after you've warped yourself to the station for abductee marking. Has a 1 minute cooldown after use.
Science Tool: MARK mode
Science Tool
In this mode, the tool will mark humans or agents for retrieval. You must be immediately next to a humanoid if you're marking them for abduction, and the process takes a good few seconds, during which, you will be vulnerable. With your agent, however, the marking process is instant, and can be done through the observation console, meaning that you can warp your agent out of danger without putting yourself at any risk. You can also only store one mark at a time; meaning that once you teleport your subject back to the ship, you'll need to mark your agent through the console to be able to retrieve them as well.
Science Tool: SCAN mode
Science Tool
This mode will add the targeted person's look to disguises database. Can be done through cameras. If you scan the same person again after they've changed clothing, their appearance will update in the database. Keep in mind that if you cuff someone for abduction and then scan them, the handcuffs will appear in the disguise, which looks very suspicious.
Mind Device: Message Mode
Mind device message.gif
This mode will allow you to send messages straight to the brain of anyone you target, even through your camera consoles! Call the ERT a bunch of nerds, gloat to the captain, or ominous messages to someone you've abducted.
Mind Device: Control Mode
Mind device control.gif
Control Mode will only work on people who've been successfully abducted, and only a finite amount of times per abductee, with the limit differing depending on the organ they have. With this mode, you may send a command or objective to your abductee that they will then have to follow. While these orders remain for a long length of time, varying depending on the organ, the victim will snap out of it eventually, so don't rely on them being a permanent mindslave.

Your Ship


Although your ship is only 5x5, it is stocked full of important machinery and equipment. You'll always start with a duffel-bag full of alien surgery tools. You also have an observation console for surveying the station. You have a bed for storing extra patients, a locker for storing any stolen goodies, and a ship console with a telepad.

Item Purpose
Ship Console
Use this to set the teleporter destination, or retrieve people marked by scientist tools. Also used for buying replacement gear, and linking the agent's vest.
Experiment Machinery
This is the device that rewards you with experimentation points. Insert a crewmember with replaced organs, and select one of the options to finish the experiment. Note that the subject will be sent to teleporter destination immediately if experiment succeeds.
Stand on this if you want to be sent to the station. People that have been marked and teleported to the UFO will be teleported here.
Gland Storage
Contains replacement organs needed for experimental dissection. You have a limited supply of each gland, so try to pick a new one on each subject you experiment with.
Surgery Table
Perform dissections on this. If the subject is cuffed, you can buckle them down to the table by dragging their sprite to it. This makes their resistance much more futile.
Observation Console
The scientist's main base of operations. Use this to find secluded humans, mark agents, or gather disguises. Also used for warping marked people (including the scientist) in or out of the UFO.


Either the agent or scientist can do this.

Part of our experiment is seeing what our various gland will do to our specimen. We will remove their organs for further study and replace them with our surrogate glands that have various effects. By doing this and releasing the specimen back on station we can observe the effects of our experiments from the safety of the Observation Console.

Experimental Dissection

  1. Aim for the specimens upper body Hud target torso.png
  2. Use the AlienScalpel.png Scalpel to select the experimental dissection surgery
  3. Use the AlienScalpel.png Scalpel: make an incision.
  4. Use the AlienHemostat.png Hemostat to stop any potential bleeding
  5. Use the AlienRetractor.png Retractor: to retract the skin.
  6. Use the AlienSaw.png Circular Saw to Saw through the rib cage.
  7. Use the AlienRetractor.png Retractor to Pry the ribs apart.
  8. Use yourHands hands Remove unnecessary organs
  9. Insert the chosen gland Gland from gland storage into the specimens chest.
  10. Use the AlienCautery.png Cautery to Cauterise the wound.

Ocassionally, the specimen you abduct is not organic and is instead synthetic. No worries! They too can be the subjects to our experiments, it will instead require the toolset that the agent has around their belt and the surgery is much much simpler.

Experimental robotic Dissection (IPC)

  1. Aim for the specimens upper body Hud target torso.png
  2. Use the AlienScrew.gif Screwdriver to select the experimental dissection surgery
  3. Use the AlienCrowbar.gif Crowbar: to open the specimen's hatch.
  4. Use your Hands Hands to remove the unnecessary battery
  5. Insert the chosen gland Gland from gland storage into the specimens chest.
  6. Use the AlienCrowbar.gif Crowbar: to close the specimen's hatch.

Possible Glands

Gland Effect
Heals the abductee every so often
Makes the abductee exhale spider pheromones and spawn spiderlings
Slime Gland
Produces slimes friendly to the abductee
Makes abductee emit EMP every so often
Makes abductee change species rapidly.
Egg Gland
Makes the abductee lay acid-filled eggs.
Allow the abductee to crawl through vents without trouble
Makes the abductee emit a confusing psychic wave every so often
Makes the abductee carrier of a serious disease - abductee is NOT affected
Sprays blood on everything in sight.
Causes the abductee to cough up plasma.
Produces random chemicals inside the body, but slightly increases toxin resistance.
Electricity Gland
Periodically creates arcs of electricity, shocking everyone but the abductee.

You're finally awake

So you were kidnapped and experimented on by aliens? Or were you?

You don't remember much since you were asleep the entire time. Anyway, you have things to go do! After waking up you may feel the need to complete an objective. You may want to have a conversation with the supermatter engine or paint the station in blood(doesn't have to be yours) so go ahead and do it!

Also those grey people that you saw with weird clothing were probably just a hallucination or a dream so don't worry about it.

General Tips

  • Consider warping into medbay stealthily to steal a medkit or two in the event that the agent gets harmed.
  • It's better to retreat as a agent than get your equipment stolen or get killed
  • Protect the scientist at all costs, if they die you cannot get back to the ship
  • Remember to close incisions on experiments so that they do not die and your efforts are not discovered
  • If you wish to do something that falls outside of your objectives that would otherwise compromise the integrity of the station or its equipment, ahelp to ask permission first.

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