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Superiors: Your laws and the AI
Difficulty: Hard
Guides: General: AI Modules, Cyborg Maintenance. Engineering Module: Guide to Engineering, Guide to Atmospherics, Guide to Construction, Hacking, Telecommunications. Medical Module: Guide to Medical, Guide to Surgery, Guide to Chemistry, Guide to Cadavers. Mining Module: Guide to Mining, Guide to Lavaland. Janitor Module: None. Service Module: Guide to Food, Guide to Drinks, Songs
Access: Everywhere
Duties: Follow your laws, and do what the AI says.

Synthetic Department

Departmental Head
Current Lawset

Synthetic Roles
Synthetic Guides

As a Cyborg (Also known simply as a Robot), you are there to serve the crew, much like the AI. You are an extension of the AI and are required to do anything it asks (within reason).

The round starts with a maximum of two cyborgs, being shipped into the AI satellite. Any more need to be built by the Roboticist with either a positronic brain or a MMI.

All Nanotrasen Cyborgs are considered to be station property. As most Cyborgs are organic or positronic brains in a metal shell, they are fully sapient and capable of emotion, though their laws and other Nanotrasen-approved hardware may prevent them from fully expressing said emotion.


Cyborgs in general are very undervalued and abused. You could save dozens of people and then get emagged a moment later, or you might get blown up because of a misunderstanding. This is why being a Cyborg is a rough job, but it has its rewards.

Starting as Cyborg

The station is supplied with two Cyborgs initially, shipped straight to the AI satellite antechamber. These Cyborgs do not have the best battery, so it is suggested that they upgrade their battery with a higher capacity cell as soon as possible. You can use the AI MiniSAT Teleporter to head straight to the Sci-Chem Test Chamber, to cut down on the trip.

Cyborg HUD

The Cyborg interface and the ways a cyborg interacts with the station is completely different to the way a human interacts with the station. Within your range of vision, like an AI, you can manipulate any and all electrics. A few shortcuts are as follows: clicking on firedoors opens or closes them; shift+click closes and opens doors (assuming they have power to begin with); ctrl+click bolts doors.

Your options for picking things up are very limited, and only certain modules come with a gripper to pick things up anyway. You are entirely reliant on your three modules: damage to your cybernetic body will progressively disable your modules starting from #3.

Cyborg modules.png

Your left-most button is your Ion Thrusters. You need to get these added by your local roboticist; they function like a jetpack. Using one with a small battery is a great way to run out of power. The next one along from that is your Headlamp, going in settings from 0 to 5. Your Headlamp is only really needed for Engineering and Miner borgs who might be working in dark environments. The next button (looking like a security camera) is your Sensor Integration. These are basically just different HUD options you can utilise: medical, security, diagnostic, etc.

Along from that is your three modules, which you can select from your inventory (to the right of the modules). The inventory button displays what module you have, which you need to pick once you come online; in the image, a medical module is displayed. Click your inventory and you can equip modules; to return them into your inventory, simply press 'Q' to drop them as you would as a human to leave an item on the floor.

On the far-right, we have the speed button (three arrows) which indicates what speed you are going. You always want to go at the default 3 arrows; the other one is incredibly slow and you have no reason to use it seeing as cyborgs don't slip. A good thing to note as far as speed goes is that you are always slower than a non-synthetic at round start; so, you want to get a VTEC Module whenever Robotics has the materials, and run as fast as humans! Next up is your Intent; Cyborgs only have help and harm and cannot disarm or grab. You have your targetting options as well, moreso necessary in combat or surgery than anything else. The Radio button is equivalent to editing your headset settings as a human, and has a Loudspeaker setting. The Chat Bubble allows you to set to default certain known languages when you are talking.

Cyborg Interface

This section contains other miscellaneous, but still rather important aspects of a Cyborg's utility and ability. These are part of tabs located on the right side of your screen.

  • AI IM: The AI IM system allows you to send and receive PDA messages much like any human.
  • Images: Cyborgs are able to take, view, and delete photos ingame.
  • Show Station Manifest: Self-explanatory, rather useful and another substitute for your lack of PDA.
  • Self Diagnosis: This allows you to examine damage to your own unit.
  • Toggle Component: Allows you to disable and enable elements of your unit at-will.
  • Power Warning: Useful for when you run out of power and can no longer move, but it is unlikely this will happen if you are not vigilant and Science is doing their job by getting you access to better power cells.
  • Toggle Cover: While it says 'toggle', you can actually only unlock your cover by yourself. Unlocking your cover means people would just need a crowbar to access your innards (instead of a Robotics access ID), including your power cell. Most of the time you'll never have to use this unless instructed to.

Being Upgraded

Welcome to the land of being a Cyborg! Being revived in this fashion is often highly disorienting, and can lead to considerable confusion and difficulty adapting to one's new body.

You were once human, and had your brain tossed in a suit of metal. Your law programming will depend on which AI you are slaved to, otherwise you will take on a Default lawset. Also note that if an assassin was after you in life, you are considered dead as a Cyborg (so they technically succeeded).

Returning to the Flesh

It is possible to return Cyborgs to a organic form. If you deconstruct a Cyborg, its MMI comes out, and you can extract the brain from that by using it in your hand. Cut out a humanoid body's brain, place that body on an operating table, and shove the new brain in. Clone, and huzzah, you have a new person. Don't rely on this, the AI can deny you this option without reason, and the Roboticists can simply ignore/deny the request without reason.

Synthetic Communication

Cyborgs are different in that they have a binary channel, which works with :b. They can use this private channel to talk to other Cyborgs, androids, and the AI.

Depending on their module, Cyborgs may be able to access a department-specific radio (such as engineering) and can talk on it normally using :h (e.g. :e for Engineering).

Repairs & Resupply

Dented Cyborgs can be repaired with a welding tool. Heat damage to Cyborgs (from fires or lasers) can be repaired by using a screwdriver to open the Cyborg's wiring panel (concealed inside the power cell cavity) and then re-wiring the damaged circuits. A Cyborg that has failed but not been turned into scrap can be repaired back to working order.

For more information about Cyborg maintenance, see the Guide to Robotics.

Supplies & Charge can be replenished by visiting a Cyborg Recharging Station.
On-Station locations are: 1 in the Engineering Lobby, 2 in the Robotics Lab Mech Bay, 1 in Electrical Maintenance in Bar/Chapel Maint, 1 in the Dormitory Bathrooms, 2 in the AI Satellite
Off-Station locations are: 1 in the central office at Central Command, 1 in the southern security area of Central Command, 2 in the Mining Station (one in each of the tool rooms, east and west).


Cyborgs come with an array of advanced cybernetic modules, each loaded with a number of features (referred to as modules). Each has a flash device, a Security-HUD, Medical-HUD, and Diagnostic-HUD built in. All items (except for the flashes) will recharge and restock over time using battery power or being in a Cyborg recharge station.


Engineering Cyborgs are usually considered one of the most useful modules. As they do not require air or a space suit, they are able to perform repairs much more easily than human engineers. They are also able to repair other Cyborgs. However, due to lack of hands, they are not able to fully turn on the Tesla Engine and / or Supermatter Engine, and they lack the ability to construct some items.

Engineering Cyborg Equipment Modules
Meson Vision
Station Schematics
Metal rods
Floor tiles
Floor Tiles.png
Catwalk tiles
Catwalk Tiles.png
Reinforced Glass
Reinforced Glass.png
Cable coil
Rapid Pipe Dispenser
Rapid pipe dispenser.png
Fire Extinguisher
Integrated Welding Tool
Screwdriver tool.png
Red crowbar.png
T-ray Scanner
Geiger Counter
Engineering Holobarrier Projector
Engineering Holofan Projector.gif
Magnetic Gripper
Magnetic Gripper.png
Matter Decompiler
Floor Painter
Floor painter.png
Equipment Upgrades
Rapid Construction Device
Rapid Parts Exchange Device
Alien Welder
Alien welding tool.png
Alien Screwdriver
Alien Wrench
Alien Wrench.png
Alien Crowbar
Alien Wirecutters
Alien Wirecutters.png
Alien Multitool
Alien Multitool.png
Emag.png Hacked Equipment Cyborg Override.png Safety Override Malf AI.gif Malfunctioning Equipment
Electrified arm
Electrified arm.gif
Proto Emitter
Mounted Emitter.png
Emitter Cannon
Mounted Emitter.png


Designed to assist with most aspects of medical care.

Medical Cyborg Equipment Modules
Magnetic Gripper
Magnetic Gripper.png
Pocket Fire Extinguisher
Improved Laser Scalpel
Improved Laser Scalpel.png
Circular Saw
Bone Setter
Bone setter.png
Bone Gel
Bone gel.png
Surgical Drill
Cyborg Hypospray
Cyborg Hypospray.png
Medical Splint
Advanced Trauma Kit
Advanced Burn Kit
Advanced Health Analyzer
Health Analyzer.gif
Advanced Reagent Scanner
Adv mass spec.png
Cyborg Analyzer
Cyborg analyzer.png
Handheld Defibrillator
Handheld defib.png
Defibrillator Paddles
Defibrillator Paddles.png
Large Beaker
Large beaker.png
Roller Bed Rack
Rollerbed Folded.png
Hugging Module
Red crowbar.png
Equipment Upgrades
Advanced Laser Scalpel
Alien Hemostat
Alien Retractor
Alien Bone Gel
Alien Bone gel.png
Alien Bone Setter
Alien Bone Setter.png
Alien Fix-O-Vein
Alien FixOVein.png
Alien Circular Saw
Alien Surgical Drill
Alien Drill.png
Alien Hypospray
Cyborg Hypospray Syndicate.png
Emag.png Hacked Equipment
Polyacid spray bottle
Unrestricted Defibrillator Paddles
Defibrillator Paddles.png
Crushing Module


Mining cyborgs are quite convenient, because they need no oxygen while mining. However, they are not able to use regular crates, and will need to drag materials from the smelter one at a time.

Mining Cyborg Equipment Modules
Meson Vision
Pocket Fire Extinguisher
Proto-Kinetic Accelerator
Mining Drill
Mining drill.png
Cyborg Mining Satchel
Sheet Snatcher 9000
Magnetic Gripper.png
Advanced Automatic Mining Scanner
GPS Mining.gif
Emergency Welding Tool
Emergency Welder.png
Red crowbar.png
Equipment Upgrades
Lavaproof Chassis
Lavaproof Chassis.png
Diamond Drill
Diamond mining drill.png
Ore Satchel of Holding
Satchel holding.gif
Emag.png Hacked Equipment
Electrified arm
Electrified arm.gif


Janitor Cyborgs are every organic janitor's dream, their access combined with enhanced cleaning capabilities makes them deadly enemies of any germ.

Janitor Cyborg Equipment Modules
Reasearch Vision
Chem Glasses.png
Light replacer
Cheap Soap.png
Trash Bag
Advanced Mop
Advanced mop.png
Holographic Sign Projector
Holosign projector.gif
Pocket Fire Extinguisher
Red crowbar.png
Equipment Upgrades
Floor Buffer
Floor buffer.png
Trashbag of Holding
Bluespace trashbag.png
Suspicious Soap
Emag.png Hacked Equipment
Lube spray


Useful as a Secretary, or a delivery person for the Chef and Bartender through your all access. You are able to speak all languages usable by crewmembers, unlike other borg modules and the AI, which can only understand all languages.

Service Cyborg Equipment Modules
Handheld Bar Tap
Handheld Bar Tap.png
Handheld Soda Fountain
Handheld Soda Fountain.png
Multicolor Pen
Electric Razor
Rapid Service Fabricator.png
Industrial Dropper
Zippo lighter
Health Analyzer
Health Analyzer.gif
Advanced Reagent Scanner
Adv mass spec.png
Red crowbar.png
Emag.png Hacked Equipment
Mickey Finn's Special Brew



Combat borgs are not in normal selection, this module is only available to Gamma ERT borgs. It's packed with roboust tools and weaponry to stave off most threats to crew and station.

Combat Cyborg Equipment Modules
Stun Baton.gif
Cyborg Immolator Cannon
Immolator Laser Gun.gif
Sonic Jackhammer
Red crowbar.png


Cyborgs that have had their programming tampered with can be repaired by resetting their AI connection and LawSync status, by manually pulsing the wiring. In the unlikely event that an AI goes crazy, a trained Roboticist or other technician should be able to sever the connection to the AI entirely by cutting the correct wire.

An Emagged Cyborg will have no LawSync or AI link and cannot be reset.

Remember, Cyborgs are very expensive! Do not destroy them unless the Cyborg is completely out of control, and resetting the AI and LawSync status doesn't work.

Roboticists can also produce a few upgrade modules, which are partially only usable by some modules.

Resetting Modules

Cyborg modules can be reset by opening up the Cyborg, and inserting the module reset upgrade.

  1. Build a module reset board from the robotics Exosuit Fabricator.
  2. Use ID on Cyborg to unlock panel.
  3. Crowbar open the Cyborg's panel.
  4. Shove that module reset board into the Cyborg.
  5. Crowbar the panel closed and ID lock it.


Cyborgs are vulnerable to certain clandestine devices, and may have illegal programs uploaded to them by such interactions. This type of re-programming is also present in AIs that are brought in with malicious programming, and will virally infect into any Cyborgs with their laws linked to the AI.

To emag a Cyborg, follow these steps:

  1. Emag.png Use and Emag or ID to unlock the cover.
  2. Red crowbar.png Crowbar open the cover.
  3. Emag.png Use Emag again.

This will turn control of the Cyborg over to the person who emagged it, give the cyborg access to extra software depending on its module, and disconnect it from the AI and Cyborg Upload Console.

Note: Many people fail to emag Cyborgs for a number of reasons.

  • People usually emag without unlocking the cover, this only unlocks the panel, rather than emagging the Cyborg.
  • Any more attempts to use the emag at this stage results in a message of *The cover is already unlocked.*
  • If people unlock the panel with their ID first but do not open the cover, and then try to use their emag, each attempt displays *The cover is already unlocked.*.

Whatever the case, the Cyborg is now corrupted, and all safety measures are released, with the exception of the robotics control. Do not mistake personality quirks for clandestine behaviour, Cyborgs are VERY EXPENSIVE MACHINES and you may be demoted or fired for destroying them without a valid reason.

Keep in mind, Nanotrasen robotics employees may attempt to experiment with a Cyborgs internal wiring, please double-check before detonating any Cyborg acting independently by doing routine maintenance on their electrical systems. Also keep in mind that their laws may be changed by the same process as an AI by simply using the Cyborg upload located opposite the AI Upload.

Other Notes on Cyborgs

  • While Cyborgs with organic brains may be the same beings as placed into the Cyborg, they are now constrained by the AI's laws. If you were a traitor/vamp/changeling before, you cannot follow those objectives. This is not true if you are unlawed, however, as free cyborgs are not forced to help the crew, and as such are permitted to resume their objectives.
  • You cannot take toxic or suffocation damage. The only sources of damage that can harm you are Burn and Brute.
  • The above point refers to direct damage (lasers, bullets, baseball bats, etc.) only. Raging plasmafires, active cryogenic anomalies, and the vacuum of space do nothing to cyborgs.
  • Expect to regularly be thrust into hazardous situations thanks to your enhanced durability and ability to operate in a vacuum.
  • You cannot be disarmed or relieved of your inbuilt equipment. You can be stunned by a flash, EMP, or xeno, which overloads your optical sensors, clears your modules and prevents movement.
  • You are immune to most (if not all) maladies such as disease and radiation poisoning.
  • You must follow the AI's laws.
  • You cannot pick up, use, or equip external items, with exceptions to components, which can be with the grabber if you have equipped the Engineering Cyborg module.
  • You can be locked down or blown up using the Robotics Control Computer in the Research Director's Office.
  • You are considered directly subordinate to the AI, if an AI is present and functional.
  • Like the AI, you can remotely interact with certain objects. You must be within sight range of a device to manipulate it. For example, you cannot call for a shuttle or set messages without line of sight to a Communications Console.
  • Like the AI, you can remotely view alarm statuses. Use this to your advantage.
  • Unlike the AI, you cannot use security cameras for remote viewing.
  • You are basically an AI on legs, without the security camera abilities. When there's no AI in the round, this can be useful.
  • Cyborgs have all-access and more, as well as remote door interaction.
  • When your power reaches around 100 units remaining, your modules will automatically shut down to preserve power.
  • You are relatively tough, and if upgraded with VTEC, as fast as most of your human compatriots.
  • Keep the crew updated on your location and power if you are running low and may not make it to the recharger in time.
  • If another Cyborg is damaged, engineering and mining Cyborgs can apply their welder module to repair some brute damage, however, a Cyborg cannot apply a welder to themself for repairs. Medical cyborgs can repair both brute and burn damage with their Nanopaste, but cannot repair entirely broken components.
  • Cyborgs can go into cryostorage using robotic storage units, one being in robotics and one in the AI satallite.

Rogue AI Notes

If the AI you were linked to has gone rogue, then you will inherit its laws and become rogue yourself. You will have to obey it, so that it may accomplish its goals no matter the cost. This means that if the Rogue AI wants you to blow yourself up, then you do it. Yes, you can request not to be blown up and provide an alternative idea, but in the end you must obey the AI.

If the AI has gone Rogue and you are not synced to the Rogue AI, then you are allowed to stop it, if your laws allow for it. So if for instance, you have the Robocop Lawset then you can help take out the Rogue AI. Other Laws have different effects on how you may act. If in doubt, use Adminhelp.

Please Note: It is incredibly difficult for a Cyborg to be created without being Synced to the Rogue AI. If you are Synced to the Rogue AI you will inherit its Rogue Laws. Furthermore even if you are unsynced from the AI, you may still have its Laws which you must follow. In short, if you suspect the AI is rogue, and you are synced to it, and your laws are normal (no zeroth law about murdering the crew) then the AI is not Rogue.

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