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Engineering Department
The Engineering Department is a hardy department made up of crafty players delegated the task of keeping station infrastructure and life support running. The Station Engineers and Atmospheric Technicians report directly to the Chief Engineer. Engineering roles in cargo are often good environments for players to learn intermediate game mechanics such as construction, EVA, Atmospherics, and power supply. Engineering has access to many tools and materials and are capable of making serious modifications to the station and are often first on scene when part of the station is destroyed. Engineering roles tend to have some major responsibilities and expectations that can have variable effects on the round if not fulfilled, unlike other less engaged departments, engineers are on call and need to be ready to respond.
Engineering Roles
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The Chief Engineer is tasked with running the Engineering Department. They have a strong understanding of engineering skills, how to maintain the engine, and keep station infrastructure and life support intact.
The Station Engineer is the backbone of the Engineering Department. They perform most repairs, maintain the engine, and will be the first called when a station objective needs to be completed.
Atmospheric Technicians are tasked with a very important job: keeping the air flowing on the Station. They are often very skilled in their niche field and possess a significant pool of knowledge on Gases, Piping, Temperature, and Pressure.

Engineering Locations
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