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Energy Weapons

Weapon Damage Description
30 Stamina A disabler capable of shooting long-ranged disabler bolts that deal stamina damage. Available in the Secure Armory or in Supply Crates.
Energy Gun
Energy Gun.gif
30 Stamina/20 Burn An energy gun capable of toggling between lethal and disabler fire. Available in the Secure Armory or in Supply Crates.
Laser Gun
Laser Gun.png
20 Burn An energy gun with the only firing setting you need in an emergency - kill. Available in the Secure Armory or in Supply Crates.
Practice Laser Gun
Laser Gun.png
N/A A practice variant of the traditional laser gun. Fires harmless beams of light. Available in the Firing Range
DL-88 Energy Revolver
DL-88 Energy Revolver.gif
Variable A "modern" take on the classic projectile revolver. Issued to the Detective and comes with a regular, overcharged, and tracker mode. The regular mode lasers do 5 burn, 25 stamina, and 5 seconds of eyeblur. The overcharged mode does 45 burn, 15 stamina, 10 eyeblur. In order to overcharge the revolver, it requires modifying the gun with a multitool for 10 seconds, energy costs are double and there is a chance (which becomes more likely the less charge you have left) of the overloaded gun detonating in your hand, dealing 60 burn to your hand, dropping the gun, and giving you eyeblur for 10 seconds. When the gun is in overcharged mode, no other firing mode can be selected until it is un-modified. Finally tracking mode, upon being hit by the tracker projectile, this the gun begins tracking the target through a linked pinpointer.
Miniature Laser Gun
Energy Pistol.png
30 Stamina/20 Burn A light version of the Energy gun with a smaller capacity. Available in Supply Crates, the HoP carries one on their person.
Retro Energy Gun
Retro Energy Gun.png
20 Burn An older model of the basic lasergun, no longer used by Nanotrasen's private security or military forces. Nevertheless, it is still quite deadly and easy to maintain, making it a favorite amongst pirates and other outlaws. Slightly worse than the average laser gun, can be found in space and space ruins
Prototype Energy Gun
Prototype Energy Gun.png
Stun/20 Burn NT-P:01 Prototype Energy Gun. Early stage development of a unique laser rifle that has multifaceted energy lens allowing the gun to alter the form of projectile it fires on command. Found on derelict Nanotrasen station space ruin Mob Spawner.
Advanced Energy Gun
Advanced energy gun.gif
30 Stamina/20 Burn A self-recharging laser weapon powered by a miniaturized uranium reactor. The firing mode can be toggled between disablers and lethals. Only available through the Protolathe
X-01 MultiPhase Energy Gun
XO-1 MultiPhase Energy Gun.gif
30 Stamina/20 Burn/?? Component This is a recreated version of the aging Antique Laser Gun used by the Head of Security. Unlike its original version, this version has three firing modes (disable, ion, kill) at the cost of its ability to recharge passively.
Antique Laser Gun
20 Burn A self-recharging laser pistol to be used only in extreme emergencies. The Captain's is in an ID locked case which triggers an alarm when broken.
Advanced Energy Revolver
Advanced Energy Revolver.png
30 Stamina/20 Burn An advanced energy revolver with the capacity to shoot both disablers and lasers. A staple of the Blueshield.
PDW-9 Energy Pistol
PDW-9 Taser.gif
30 Stamina/20 Burn A military grade sidearm, used by many militia forces throughout the local sector. Generally carried by ERT members.
20 Burn A 20 round semi-automatic laser rifle. Available for order from cargo. Fires a single projectile at a time. Takes Laser Magazines
IK-60 Laser Carbine.gifLasermag.gif
20 Burn A 20 round semi-automatic laser carbine. Generally only ever available to ERTs. Can fire in either 1 or 2 shot bursts. Takes Laser Magazines
Immolator Laser Gun
Immolator Laser Gun.gif
20 Burn A modified laser gun, shooting highly concentrated beams with higher intensity that ignites the target, for the cost of draining more power per shot. Available in the Protolathe
Multi Lens Immolator Cannon
Multi Lens Immolator Cannon.png
45 Burn/48 Burn A large laser cannon, similar to the Immolator Laser, with toggleable firemodes. It is frequently used by military-like forces through Nanotrasen. Found in Gamma Armory and Security Gamma ERT.
Xray Laser Gun
15 Burn A high-power laser gun capable of expelling concentrated xray blasts. These blasts will penetrate solid objects, but will decrease in power the longer they have to travel. Available in the Protolathe.
Accelerator Laser Cannon
Accelerator laser cannon.png
6 Burn -> 100 Burn An advanced laser cannon that does more damage the farther away the target is. Will do 6 burn at point blank and 7 additional burn every tiles the laser travels. Available in the Protolathe.
Temperature Gun
Heats/Cools down target by specified amount. A gun capable of shooting targets with beams of varying temperatures. The coldest beam will significantly slow down a carbon mob. Emagging the gun removes the heat cap, making it more deadly. Available in the Protolathe.
Hybrid Turret Gun
Hybrid Turret Gun.png
Stun/20 Burn A two-handed turret gun pulled from a stationary turret. Found in the AI Satellite's turret.
Pulse Weaponry
Pulse Rifle
Pulse rifle.gif
Stun/20 Burn/50 Burn Standard loadout for Death Squad members. Has three modes: Stun, kill, DESTROY.
Pulse Carbine
Pulse Carbine.png
Stun/20 Burn/50 Burn Like the pulse rifle but it has a max of 25 shots. Admin Spawn Only
Pulse Pistol
Pulse pistol.png
Stun/20 Burn/50 Burn Standard loadout for NNOs. Has a max of 10 shots.A compact pulse core in a classic handgun frame for Nanotrasen officers. It's not the size of the gun, it's the size of the hole it puts through people. Admin Spawn Only
Stun/20 Burn/50 Burn Standard loadout for SOOs. A compact pulse core in a classic handgun frame for Nanotrasen officers. It's not the size of the gun, it's the size of the hole it puts through people. Admin Spawn Only
Pulse Destroyer
Pulse rifle.gif
50 Burn There is only one setting and that is DESTROY. Admin Spawn Only
Pulse rifle.gif
250 Burn For when the situation calls for a little more than a pulse destroyer. Admin Spawn Only
Misc Energy Weaponry
Arc Revolver
10 Burn When fired, puts an arc emitter in the thing that is hit. This arc emitter will link with other arc emitters from the same gun, to arc between them. Available in the Protolathe.
Plasma Pistol
12.5 Burn uncharged / 45 Burn overcharged A specialized firearm designed to fire heated bolts of plasma. Can be charged up for a shield breaking shot.

Important information:

  • User must stand still and use the weapon in hand to overcharge it.
  • Uses much more charge for an overcharged shot, drains battery slowly when charged.
  • Overcharged shot will break shields with ease, and can not be reflected. Examples of breakable shields are energy shields, shielded hardsuits, or mirror shields.
  • If the gun is overcharged and holstered, dropped, or if the user switches hands, the gun will misfire, either spewing plasma, or firing randomly.

Available in the Protolathe.

Mind Flayer
Mind flayer gun.png
20 Brain A prototype weapon recovered from the ruins of Research-Station Epsilon. Admin Spawn Only
Plasma Cutter
5 Burn Useful for quickly cutting through rock. Can also on a rare chance, delimb people. Available in the Protolathe.
Advanced Plasma Cutter
7 Burn Useful for quickly cutting through rock. Can also on a rare chance, delimb people. Available in the Protolathe.
Biological demolecularisor
Mind flayer gun.png
20 Clone A gun that discharges high amounts of controlled radiation to slowly break a target into component elements. Available in the Protolathe.
Alien Pistol
Alien pistol.png
20 Clone A complicated gun that fires bursts of high-intensity radiation. Only usable by Abductors.
Mounted Emitter
Mounted Emitter.png
30 Burn An emitter removed from its base, and attached to a laser cannon frame. Only obtainable through Traitor AI's Engineering cyborg upgrades
Ion Weapons
Ion Rifle
Ion Rifle.gif
20 Component (EMP) A specialized rifle that fires ion bolts which are capable of disrupting and interfering with electronic devices. Damage is applied across all parts/components. Found in secure Armory or in Supply Crates
Ion Carbine
Ion carbine.gif
20 Component (EMP) A shorter version of the Ion Rifle, the Ion Carbine is nearly identical, but can be stored in backpacks. Produced in the Protolathe and is in the Gamma Armory

Ballistic Weapons

Weapon Damage Description
WT-550 Auto Rifle
Autorifle.pngMagazine 46x30mm.gif
Variable A dated personal defence rifle which feeds from 20-round 4.6x20mm toploader magazines. Can only fire in semi-automatic and has a relatively slow rate of fire. Comes loaded with standard 4.6x20mm rounds by default. Available in Supply Crates.
.357 revolver
SyndiRevolver.pngAmmo 357.png
60 Brute A .357 revolver, generally used by the syndicate. Holds up to 7 rounds. Only available to the Syndicate or aquireable through GatFruit.
Nagant Revolver
Nagant Revolver.pngAmmo Box 762x38mmr.png
60 Brute An old model of revolver that originated in Russia. Able to be suppressed. Uses 7.62x38mmR ammo. Holds up to 7 rounds. Admin Spawn Only
Unica 6 auto-revolver
Mateba.pngAmmo 357.png
60 Brute A retro high-powered autorevolver typically used by officers of the New Russia military. Uses .357 ammo. Standard loadout for Death Squad members. Holds up to 7 rounds.
Golden revolver
Golden Revolver.pngAmmo 357.png
60 Brute This ain't no game, ain't never been no show, And I'll gladly gun down the oldest lady you know. Uses .357 ammo. Admin Spawn Only
M1911.pngMagazine Handgun 45.gif
20 Brute A classic .45 handgun with a small magazine capacity. Admin Spawn Only
Stechkin APS Pistol
Stechkin APS Pistol.pngAmmo 10mm.png
20 Brute The original russian version of a widely used Syndicate sidearm. Uses 9mm ammo. Has a three-burst mode option. Admin Spawn Only
Enforcer.pngHandgun Magazine.png
20 Brute A pistol of modern design. Uses 10mm ammo and holds 8 rounds. Gamma ERT Commander and Traders Only.
Desert Eagle
Desert Eagles.gifAmmo 10mm.png
60 Brute A robust .50 AE handgun. Comes in Silver, Gold, and Camo skins! Admin Spawn Only
Riot Shotgun
Riotshotgun.pngAll Shotgun Quick Loaders.gif
Variable A pump-action riot-grade shotgun capable of chambering seven rounds. Can be loaded with various types of ammunition, but is loaded with rubbershot by default. Sawing it off reduces the ammo capacity by four and allows it to fit into bags. Available in Secure Armory or in Supply Crates.
Combat Shotgun
Combat Shotgun.pngAll Shotgun Quick Loaders.gif
Variable A combat-grade shotgun capable of chambering seven rounds. Can be loaded with various types of ammunition but is loaded with beanbag shells by default. Unlike the Riot Shotgun, it does not require manual pumping between shots. Available in Secure Armory or in Supply Crates.
Bulldog Shotgun
GunBulldog.pngAll Bulldog Magazine.gif
Variable A drum-fed shotgun that carts magazines sporting up to eight rounds. Its damage, accuracy, range, and utility varies depending on the type of ammunition utilized. It can be loaded with slugs. Available to Nuclear Agents and sold by Sol Traders.
Automatic Weapons
C-20r Submachine Gun
GunC-20r.pngAmmo 45.png
45 Brute A drum-fed shotgun that carts magazines sporting up to eight rounds. Its damage, accuracy, range, and utility varies depending on the type of ammunition utilized. Available to Nuclear Agents.
Nanotrasen Saber SMG
Saber SMG.gifMagazine 9mm.png
20 Brute A rejected prototype three-round burst 9mm submachine gun, designated 'SABR'. Surplus of this model are bouncing around armories of Nanotrasen Space Stations. Has a threaded barrel for suppressors. Found in gamma Armory, and can be obtained from Sol Traders
Thompson SMG
Thompson SMG.pngMagazine 45 Drum.png
20 Brute A genuine 'Chicago Typewriter'. Has a single-burst and four-burst mode. Admin Spawn Only
Type U3' Uzi
Type U3 Uzi.pngMagazine Uzi9mm.gif
20 Brute A lightweight, burst-fire submachine gun, for when you really want someone dead. Uses 9mm rounds. Admin Spawn Only
M-90gl Carbine
GunM-90gl.pngMagazine 556.png
35 Brute A three-round burst 5.56 toploading carbine, designated 'M-90gl'. Has an attached underbarrel grenade launcher which can be toggled on and off. Available to Nuclear Agents.
ARG.pngMagazine ARG.png
35 Brute A robust assault rifle used by Nanotrasen fighting forces. Has an ARG magazine (5.56mm) with a 30 bullet capacity. Admin Spawn Only
GunL6.pngMagazine 556x45mm.gif
45 Brute A fully-loaded belt-fed machine gun. This deadly weapon has a massive 50-round magazine of devastating 5.56x45mm ammunition. It requires two hands to appropriately wield, and holding something in your other hand will cause you to drop the weapon due to recoil. Available to Nuclear Agents.

Explosive Weapons

Weapon Damage Description
Grenade Launcher
Grenade Launcher.png40mm HE shell.png
90 Brute A break-operated grenade launcher. Holds on grenade at a time. Admin Spawn Only
Multi Grenade Launcher
Multi Grenade Launcher.png40mm HE shell.png
90 Brute A revolving 6-shot grenade launcher. Available to Nuclear Agents.
Rocket Launcher
RPG.pngRocket Shell.png
Does what it says on the package, single-loader rocket launcher. Available in the Gamma Armory

Miscellaneous Weapons

Weapon Damage Description
BSG Finished.gifBspace crystal.png
Variable The Blue Space Gun. Uses a flux anomaly core and a bluespace crystal to produce destructive bluespace energy blasts, inspired by Nanotrasen's BSA division.

Important information:

  • 4 shots before it needs to be recharged.
  • Has a decent recharge period.
  • Requires a flux core and a bluespace crystal to operate.
  • Deals 60 burn on a direct hit, additionally anywhere between 30-5 damage to people nearby the explosion apart from the user, with a chance to knock over.

Producible in the Protolathe

  • Explosion does not damage terrain or mechs, but a direct hit will.
Powered Crossbow
French Powered Crossbow
Fires a baguette. Admin Spawn Only
Admin Spawn Only
Instakill Rifle
Instakill Rifles.gif
Instant Gibbing For when one needs to ensure instantaneous and permanent death. Admin Spawn Only
Syringe Gun
Normal sized, can hold syringes, single shot. One can be found in the CMO's locker.
Dart Pistol
The syringe gun but small sized, can be found in maintenance tunnels or bought by Traitor for 4 telecrystals.
Rapid Syringe Gun
Available from the Traitor uplink for 8 telecrystals, holds up to 14 syringes and 300 units of chemicals. Alt-click the weapon to select how many units of chemicals should be injected per syringe - 5u, 10u, or 15u. Chemicals can be loaded from a beaker, while syringes either manually one by one, or speedloaded by hitting the gun with a container holding a number of them.


Weapon Damage Description
Laser Ammunition
Experimental Laser Casing
Experimental Laser Casing.pngLasermag.gif
Fits experimental laser ammo casings. Able to be ordered via cargo or printed at RnD.
Ballistic Ammunition
Generic Casing.pngAmmo 357.png
60 Brute Incredibly hard hitting rounds favored by less than subtle syndicate agents. Generally not utilized by Nanotrasen personnel.

Magazine Types:
Ammo 357.png .357 Speedloader - 7 Bullets

Generic Blue Casing.pngSpeed loader .38.png
25 Brute Magazine Types:

Speed loader .38.png .38 Speedloader

50 Casing.pngAmmo 50cal.png

Ammo 50cal.png .50 Compact
Ammo 50cala.png .50 Antimatter
Ammo 50calh.png .50 Hemorrhage
Ammo 50calp.png .50 Penetrator
Ammo 50cals.png .50 Soporific

762 Casing.png762 Clip.gif
60 Brute
Generic Casing.pngAmmo Box 10mm.png
Ammo 10mm.png
20 Brute Subtypes:
  • Magazine 10mm AP.png 10mm AP
  • Magazine 10mm Fire.png 10mm Inc
  • Magazine 10mm HP.png 10mm HP
Generic Casing.pngAmmo Box 9mm.png
Magazine 9mm.png
  • Magazine 9mm.png SMG 9mm Incendiary
  • Magazine 9mm.png SMG 9mm Toxin Tipped
  • Magazine 9mm.png SMG 9mm Armor Piercing
  • Magazine Uzi9mm.gif Uzi 9mm
9mm Rubber
Generic Blue Casing.pngMagazine 9mm Enforcer.gif
5 Brute

30 Stamina

Generic Casing.pngMagazine 46x30mm.gif
  • Magazine 46x30mm.gif 4.6x30mm AP
  • Magazine 46x30mm.gif 4.6x30mm Tox
  • Magazine 46x30mm.gif 4.6x30mm Inc
.45 rubber
Generic Blue Casing.pngAmmo Box 45 rubber.png
Generic Casing.pngMagazine Handgun 45.gif
  • Magazine 45 Drum.png .45 Tommy Gun Drum Magazine
  • Magazine 45 SMG.gif .45 SMG Magazine
Generic Casing.pngMagazine Handgun 50AE.gif
60 Brute
Generic Casing.pngAmmo Box 762x38mmr.png
Generic Casing.pngMagazine 75.png
Generic Casing.pngMagazine 556.png
Magazine ARG.png
35 Brute
762 Casing.pngMagazine 556x45mm.gif
  • Magazine 556x45mm.gif 556x45mm AP
  • Magazine 556x45mm.gif 556x45mm Hollow
  • Magazine 556x45mm.gif 556x45mm Bleeding
  • Magazine 556x45mm.gif 556x45mm Inc
Shotgun Shells
Beanbag Shell
Shotgun shell green.pngShell Box Beanbag.png
80 stamina, 5 brute, Produced in a hacked autolathe, Or found in secure armory
Buckshot Shell
Shotgun shell Buckshot.pngShell Box Buckshot.png
Only attainable through nuclear agents uplink or Gamma Armory Autolathe
Rubber Shell
Shotgun shell Rubber.pngShell Box Rubber.png
3/25 x6 If all pellets connect, same obtain method as beanbags
Slug Shell
File:Shotgun shell Slug.pngShell Box Rubber.png
Can ONLY be obtained through nuclear agents uplink
Tranq Shell
Shotgun shell Tranquilizer.pngShell Box Tranq.png
Shoots 15u of haloperidol, Only really useful if a scientist abuses drugs to escape arrest
Frag-12 Shells
High-explosive shells that detonate upon impacting a target, Delimbing, stunning, and very often critting them
Dragonsbreath Shell
Shotgun shell orange.pngSlug Box Dragonsbreath.png
A shotgun slug that trails with fire and ignites targets.
Meteorshot Shell
A shotgun shell rigged with CMC technology.

Launches a massive slug when fired.

Pulse Slug Shell

Shotgun shell tech.png

A delicate device which can be loaded into a shotgun.

Fires a powerful energy blast.

Dragonsbreath Shell

Shotgun shell orange.pngSlug Box Dragonsbreath.png

A shotgun shell which fires a spread of incendiary pellets.

It ignites everything on its way. The scatter version of an incendiary slug

FRAG-12 Shell


A high explosive breaching round for a 12 gauge shotgun.
Ion Scatter Shell

Shotgun shell ion.png

An advanced shotgun shell which uses a subspace ansible crystal to produce an effect similar to a standard ion rifle.

As the name suggests, it's a scatter shot.

Improvised Shotgun Shell


An extremely weak shotgun shell with multiple small pellets made out of metal shards. Still very powerful at close range, Useful for traitor bartenders.
Overloaded Improvised Shell


A powerful shell that is prone to backfire.
Laser Slug Shell


Fires a laser beam.
Miscellanious Ammunition
Foam Dart
Foam Dart.pngAmmo Box Foam Darts.png
Riot Foam Dart
Sniper Foam Dart
Sniper Foam Dart.pngAmmo Box Sniper Foam Darts.png
Riot Sniper Foam Dart
Riot Sniper Foam Dart.pngAmmo Box Sniper Riot Foam Darts.png
Does 100 stamina damage, instantly stamina critting whoever is shot
Rocket Shell
Rocket Shell.png
40mm HE shell
40mm HE shell.pngAmmo Box 40mm HE Shell.gif