Supply Crates

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Supply Department

Crates are a container for items. Especially large items—such as corpses, lockers, and certain robots or equipment—cannot fit inside. Just because an item comes packed in a crate when the Quartermaster receives it doesn't mean it will go back inside once the crate is opened, either! The people at the supply depot have strange ways indeed.

Supply Crates are ordered at the Cargo Bay by either a Cargo Technician or the Quartermaster. You can also send them a request via PDA or the Requests Console. More crates can be found around the station.

Give onto the QM their dues

The Quartermaster can order a whole lot of crates and they usually want the crate back after you've taken your supplies. The crates are worth a certain amount of credits which can be used to get more supplies for the station's whole benefit, or be wasted on gaming habits. The quartermasters like it when people bring crates, and will often give things without hassle to people bringing crates in.

Crate locks and access

Just like the rest of the station, crates have variable levels of access. The QM can't unlock anything that is locked by default, for various reasons, the primary one being it would be pointless to make because all crates go through the QM anyway. Security crates can be opened by security personnel and those with higher access, et cetera. An emag can get into locked crates, however, or you can get resourceful.

Abandoned crates found by mining use the ancient Deca-lock system. See here for how to open them.

Exporting Crates

Interface for the supply console. Click to expand.

Cargo starts off with 250 space credits in the supply account.

Additionally, you can receive space credits by shipping items back to CentCom:

  • GrayCrate.pngCrates - 15 Credits each to supply account
    • Weapons Crate.png 25 space credits per secure crate.
    • Plasticcrate.png 3 space credits per plastic crate.
  • GreenStamp.png Stamped Manifests - 5 credits each to the supply account
  • Plasma.png Plasma Stacks - 10 credits for every unit exported to the supply account
  • Syndicatedocs.gif Enemy Intel Documents - 750 credits each to the supply account
  • Ambrosia gaia seed.png Exotic Plant Seeds - Gives variable credits depending on plant seed type, rarity, and potency. The revenue is split 50/50 between service and supply.
  • Comp design or tech disk.png Research Levels - Stored in technology disks, they give variable credits depending on research type, rarity, and level achieve. The revenue is split 50/50 between science and supply.

Stamped manifests, plasma, documents, seeds, and tech disks must be returned inside of a closed crate to count. Lockers are not accepted.

All contents inside of a crate are kept by Central Command, make sure you only return stuff you have no need for or want to sell.


The following is a list of the crates available and their contents.

Name Cost Contents Notes
Emergency Equipment
O2 Crate.png
400 Floorbot.png2x Floorbot
Medibot.png2x Medbot
Airtank.png5x Air tank
Gas mask.png5x Gas mask
Oxygen grenade.png2x Oxygen grenades
Firefighting Crate
100 Firesuit.png2x Emergency firesuit
Gas mask.png2x Gas mask
Flashlight.png2x Flashlight
Oxygen tank red.png2x Oxygen tank
FireExtinguisher.png2x Fire extinguisher
Hardhat red.png2x Firefighter helmet
Firefighting Watertank
Secure Crate.png
100 Firefighter backpack.png1x Backpack water tank
A backpack watertank with fire extinguisher nozzle, intended to fight fires.
Atmospherics access required.
Internals crate
O2 Crate.png
100 Gas mask.png3x Gas mask
Airtank.png3x Air tank
Plasmaman Supply Kit
Plasma crate.png
200 Plasma envirosuit.png2x Plasma envirosuit
Plasma envirosuit helmet.png2x Plasma envirosuit helmet
Plasma internals tank.png2x Plasma internals tank
BreathMask.png2x Breath mask
Special Ops Supplies
150 Flashbang box.png1x Box of EMP grenades
Flashbang.png3x Smoke bomb
Pen.png1x Sleepy pen
Grenade.png1x Incendiary grenade
Hidden – Use an emag or hack the main Cargo console to reveal
Vox Life Support Supplies
200 Vox mask.png2x Vox breath mask
Vox tank.png2x Vox specialized nitrogen tank
Weed control crate
Hydro secure crate.png
300 Scythe.png1x Scythe
Gas mask.png1x Gas mask
Grenade.png2x Weed killer grenade
Hydroponics access required.
Name Cost Contents Notes
Security Supplies Crate
Security Crate.png
600 Flashbang box.png1x Box of flashbangs
Flashbang box.png1x Box of tear gas grenades
Flashbang box.png1x Box of flashes
Handcuff box.png1x Box of handcuffs
Security access required.
SecTech Supply Crate
Security Crate.png
600 Refill Sec.png1x SecTech vendor restocking unit
Security access required.
Helmets Crate
Security Crate.png
250 Helmet.png3x Helmet
Security access required.
Standard Justice Enforcer Crate
Security Crate.png
400 Justice Helmet.png2x Helmet of justice
Justice Helmet.png1x Alarm helmet
SecHailer.png2x Security gas mask
Security access required.
Armor Crate
Security Crate.png
250 Normalarmor.png3x Armor
Security access required.
Bloody Armor Crate
Security Crate.png
400 Normalarmor.png3x Bloody armor
Hidden – Use an emag or hack the main Cargo console to reveal
Stun Batons Crate
Security Crate.png
400 Stun Baton.gif3x Stun baton
Security access required.
Lasers crate
Security Crate.png
500 Laser Gun.png3x Laser gun
Security access required.
Disabler Crate
Security Crate.png
300 Disabler.png3x Disabler
Security access required.
Forensics Crate
Security Crate.png
100 Forensic Scanner.png1x Forensic scanner
Evidence box.png1x Evidence bag box
Camera.png1x Camera
Universal recorder.png1x Universal recorder
White Crayon.png1x White crayon
Detective Fedora.png1x Hat
Security access required.
Riot Helmets Crate
Weapons Crate.png
400 Riothelm.png3x Riot helmet
Armory access required.
Riot Armor Crate
Weapons Crate.png
400 Riotarmor.png3x Riot suit
Armory access required.
Riot Shields Crate
Weapons Crate.png
500 Riot Shield.png3x Riot shield
Armory access required.
Riot Shotguns Crate
Weapons Crate.png
800 Riotshotgun.png3x Riot shotgun
Bandolier.png3x Bandolier
Armory access required.
Bulletproof Armor Crate
Weapons Crate.png
300 Bulletproofvest.png3x Bulletproof vest
Armory access required.
SWAT Gear Crate
Weapons Crate.png
900 S helmet.png2x SWAT helmet
SWATarmor.png2x SWAT armor
Combatknife.png2x Combat knife
SWAT Mask.png2x SWAT mask
Assaultbelt.png2x Assault belt
Jackboots.png2x Combat Boots
Armory access required.
Ablative Armor Crate
Plasma crate.png
500 Ablativearmor.png2x Ablative vest
Armory access required.
Combat Shotguns Crate
Weapons Crate.png
1000 Combat Shotgun.png3x Combat shotgun
Bandolier.png3x Bandolier
Armory access required.
Energy Guns Crate
Plasma crate.png
500 Energy Gun.gif2x Energy gun
Armory access required.
IK-30 Security Laser Rifle Crate
Plasma crate.png
500 Laserrifle.gif2x Security Laser Rifle
Armory access required.
IK-30 Security Laser Rifle Ammo Crate
Weapons Crate.png
300 Lasermag.gif4x Laser carbine projector magazines
Armory access required.
Incendiary Weapons Crate
Plasma crate.png
200 FlameThrower.gif1x Flamethrower
Handheld-Plasmatank.png3x Plasma tank
Grenade.png3x Incendiary grenade
Bridge access required.
WT-550 Auto Rifle Crate
Weapons Crate.png
625 Autorifle.png2x Security auto rifle
Armory access required.
WT-550 Rifle Ammo Crate
Weapons Crate.png
500 WTammo.png4x Wt550 magazine (4.6x30mm)
Armory access required.
Tranquilizer Shell Crate
Weapons Crate.png
400 Shell Box Tranq.png2x Tranquilizer Shells Ammunition Box
Armory access required.
Holy Water Shell Crate
Weapons Crate.png
400 Shell Box Holy.png2x Holy Water Shells Ammunition Box
Armory access required.
WT-450 Disabler SMG Crate
Plasma crate.png
550 Disabler SMG.png2x Disabler SMG
Armory access required.
Mindshield Implants Crate
Weapons Crate.png
750 Lockbox.gif1x Lockbox (mindshield implants)
Armory access required.
Tracking Implants Crate
Weapons Crate.png
500 Implantbox.png1x Tracking implant kit
Contains 1 implanter, 1 implantpad, 1 locator and 4 implants.
Armory access required.
Chemical Implants Crate
Weapons Crate.png
500 Implantbox.png1x Chemical implant kit
Contains 1 implanter, 1 implantpad and 5 implants.
Armory access required.
Security Barriers
Security Crate.png
200 Flashbang.png4x Deployable barrier grenades
Security access required.
Security Clothing Crate
Security Crate.png
200 Security suit Corporate.png2x Security officer's jumpsuit
Security Cap Corporate.png2x Corporate security cap
Warden suit Corporate.png1x Warden's jumpsuit
Warden Beret.png1x Warden's beret
HOS suit Corporate.png1x Head of security's jumpsuit
HOS Beret Corporate.png1x Head of security beret
Security access required.
Secway Crate
Large Crate.png
800 Secway.png 1x Secway
Officer Starter Pack
Security Crate.png
500 Normalarmor.png1x Security armor
Secbowman.png1x Security bowman headset
Security Cap.png1x Security cap
Pepperspray.png1x Pepper spray
Flash.png1x Flash
Flashbang.png1x Flashbang
Secbelt.png1x Security belt
Secprojector.png1x Security holobarrier projector
SecHailer.png1x Security gas mask
SecHud.png1x Security HUD Sunglasses
Helmet.png1x Helmet
Stun Baton.gif1x Stunbaton
Secjacket.png1x Security jacket
Security access required.
Webbing Crate
Weapons Crate.png
400 Security webbing.png3x Security webbing
Armory access required.
Energy Pistol Crate
Plasma crate.png
300 Energy Pistol.png3x Miniature energy gun Armory access required.
Bullet Proof Helmets Crate
Security Crate.png
300 Bullethelm.png3x Bullet proofhelmet Armory access required.
Name Cost Contents Notes
Collector Crate
Engineering Secure Crate.png
100 Collector array filled.png3x Radiation collector array
CE Office access required.
Emitter Crate
Engineering Secure Crate.png
100 Emitter.png2x Emitter
CE Office access required.
Energy Ball Generator Crate
Engineering Secure Crate.png
350 Tesla gen.png1x Energy ball generator
CE Office access required.
Engineering Gear Crate
Engineering Crate.png
100 Toolbelt.png3x Tool-belt
Hazard.png3x Hazard vest
WeldingHelmet.png3x Welding helmet
Hardhat.png3x Hard hat
Field Generator Crate
Engineering Secure Crate.png
100 Field generator.png2x Field generator
CE Office access required.
Fuel Tank Crate
Large Crate.png
100 Fueltank.png1x Fuel tank
Grounding Rod Crate
Engineering Secure Crate.png
100 Grounding rod.png2x Grounding rod
CE Office access required.
Inflatable Barriers
Engineering Crate.png
100 Barrier Case.png3x Inflatable barrier briefcase
Each briefcase contains 3 inflatable doors and 4 inflatable walls
Insulated Gloves Crate
Electrical Crate.png
500 Yellowgloves.png3x Insulated gloves
Particle Accelerator crate
Engineering Secure Crate.png
250 Particle Accelerator Middle.gif1x Electromagnetic acceleration chamber
Control Box.gif1x Particle accelerator control console
Particle Accelerator Emitter Middle.gif3x Electromagnetic containment grid
Particle Accelerator Bottom.gif1x Particle focusing EM lens
Particle Accelerator Top.gif1x Alpha particle generation array
CE Office access required.
Power Cell Crate
Electrical Crate.png
300 Highcapacitypowercell.png3x High-capacity power cell
Radiation Protection Crate
Radiation Crate.png
150 Radiation Hood.png2x Radiation hood
Radiation Suit.png2x Radiation suit
Geiger-export.png2 Geiger counter
Singularity Generator Crate
Engineering Secure Crate.png
350 Gravitational Singularity Generator.png1x Gravitational singularity generator
CE Office access required.
Solar Pack Crate
Electrical Crate.png
100 Solar assembly.png21x Solar panel assembly
Circuitboard.png1x Circuit board (solar control)
Airlock electronics.png1x Tracker electronics
Paper.png1x Paper- 'going green! setup your own solar array instructions.'
Space Suit Crate
Secure Crate.png
300 EVASuit.png1x EVA space suit
SpaceHelmet.png1x EVA space helmet
BreathMask.png1x Breath mask
EVA access required.
Supermatter Shard Crate
Engineering Secure Crate.png
750 Supermatter Shard.png1x Supermatter shard
CE Office access required.
Tesla Coil Crate
Engineering Secure Crate.png
100 Tesla coil.png3x Tesla coil
CE Office access required.
Toolbox Crate
Engineering Crate.png
500 Yellow Toolbox.png3x Electrical toolbox
Blue Toolbox.png3x Mechanical toolbox
Name Cost Contents Notes
Medical Supplies Crate
400 Charcoal bottle.png2x Charcoal bottle
Epinephrine bottle.png2x Epinephrine bottle
Morphine bottle.png2x Morphine bottle
Small bottle.png2x Toxin bottle
Large beaker.png2x Large beaker
Gauze.png1x Roll of gauze (5 gauzes)
Beaker box.png1x Beaker box
Syringebox.png1x Syringe box
Bodybag box.png1x Bodybag box
IV bag saline.png1x IV bag (Saline Glucose)
Beaker box.png1x IV bag box
Refill med.png1x NanoMed Plus vendor restocking unit
First Aid Kits Crate
250 First Aid Kit.png4x First-aid kit
Advanced First Aid Kits Crate
250 Advanced Firstaid Kit.png4x Advanced first-aid kit
Machine First Aid Kits Crate
250 Machine firstaid kit.png4x Machine repair kit
Burns Treatment Kits Crate
250 Fire First-Aid Kit.png3x Fire first-aid kit
Brute Treatment Kits Crate
250 Brutefirstaidkit.png3x Brute first-aid kit
Toxin Treatment Kits Crate
250 Toxkit.png3x Toxin first aid
Oxygen Deprivation Kits Crate
250 Oxykit.png3x Oxygen deprivation first aid
Omnizine Crate
300 Bottle Brown.png 50u bottle of Omnizine
Virus Crate
Plasma crate.png
350 Blood bottle.png1x Flu Virus Sample
Blood bottle.png1xCold Virus Sample
Blood bottle.png1x Voice Change Virus Sample
Blood bottle.png1x Toxic Filter Virus Sample
Blood bottle.png1x Fake GBS Virus Sample
Blood bottle.png1x Magnitis Virus Sample
Blood bottle.png1x Pierrot's Throat Virus Sample
Blood bottle.png1x Brainrot Virus Sample
Blood bottle.png1x Hallucinogen Virus Sample
Blood bottle.png1x Anxiety Virus Sample
Blood bottle.png1x Beesease Virus Sample
Syringebox.png1x Syringe box
Beaker box.png1x Beaker box
Unstable Mutagen bottle.png1x Unstable mutagen bottle
CMO Office access required.
Medical Vending Crate
100 Refill med.png1x NanoMed Plus vendor restocking unit
Refill med.png1x NanoMed vendor restocking unit
Blood Pack Variety Crate
Freezer Crate.png
500 IV bag empty.png Empty blood pack
Bloodbag.png1x A+ blood pack
Bloodbag.png1x A- blood pack
Bloodbag.png1x B+ blood pack
Bloodbag.png1x B- blood pack
Bloodbag.png1x O+ blood pack
Bloodbag.png1x O- blood pack

Slime Jelly Bag.png1x Slime Jelly IV pack
1x IV drip

Surgery Crate
Secure Crate.png
400 Cautery.png1x Cautery
Drill.png1x Surgical drill
BreathingMask.png1x Medical breath mask
Anesthetics.png1x Anesthetic tank
Fixovein.png1x FixOVein
Hemostat.png1x Hemostat
Scalpel.png1x Scalpel
Bone gel.png1x Bone gel
Retractor.png1x Retractor
Bone setter.png1x Bonesetter
Saw.png1x Circular saw
Medbay access required.
Nitrile Glove Crate
200 Nitrilegloves.png4x Nitrile Gloves
Name Cost Contents Notes
Robotics Assembly Crate
300 Proximitysensor.png3x Proximity sensor
Yellow Toolbox.png1x Electrical toolbox
Flashbang box.png1x Box of flashbulbs
Power cell.png2x High-capacity power cell
Robotics access required.
Circuit Crate ("Ripley" APLU)
500 Borg book.gif1x APLU "Ripley" construction and operation manual
Mainboard.png1x Circuit board (Ripley central control module)
Mech circuit.png1x Circuit board (Ripley peripherals control module)
Robotics access required.
Circuit Crate ("Odysseus")
450 Mech circuit.png1x Circuit board (Odysseus peripherals control module)
Mainboard.png1x Circuit board (Odysseus central control module)
Robotics access required.
Mech Power Core Crate
1500 Mech power core.png1x Mech power core
RD Office access required.
Plasma Assembly Crate
Plasma crate.png
200 Handheld-Plasmatank.png3x Plasma tank
Igniter.png3x Igniter
Proximitysensor.png3x Proximity sensor
Timer.png3x Timer
Toxins Lab access required.
Shield Generators
400 Shield Generator.gif4x Shield generator
Teleporter access required.
Tank Transfer Valves
500 Tank Transfer Valve.png2x Tank transfer valve
RD Office access required.
Machine Prototype Crate
800 MachinePrototype.gif1x Machine prototype
Science access required.
Oil Tank Crate
Large Crate.png
150 Oil tank.png1x Oil tank
Oil can.png1x Oil can
Name Cost Contents Notes
Food Crate
Freezer Crate.png
250 Flour.png4x Flour sack
Milk.png1x Space milk
Soymilk.png1x Soymilk
Eggbox.png1x Egg box
Enzyme bottle.png1x Universal enzyme
Sugar.png1x Sugar
Meat.png1x Meat
Banana.png3x Banana
Ingredient Crate
Freezer Crate.png
300 Twenty-five random items out of
Cocoapod.pngCocoa Pod
Items are randomized, so what you get and the quantity of it changes for each crate.
Condiment Crate
Freezer Crate.png
300 Ketchup.png1x Ketchup
BBQ Sauce.png1x BBQ Sauce
Soysauce.png1x Soy Sauce
Mayonnaise.png1x Mayonnaise
Cherryjelly.png1x Cherry Jelly
PeanutButter.png1x Peanut Butter
Honeybottle.png1x Honey
Oliveoil.png1x Olive Oil
Coldsauce.png1x Cold Sauce
Hotsauce.png1x Hot Sauce
Wasabi.png1x Wasabi
Vinegar.png1x Vinegar
Pizza Crate
Freezer Crate.png
500 Margheritapizza.png1x Margherita pizza
Mushroompizza.png1x Mushroom pizza
Pepperonipizza.png1x Pepperoni pizza
Vegepizza.png1x Vegetable pizza
Monkey Crate
Freezer Crate.png
200 Monkey box.png1x Monkey cube box
Farwa Crate
Freezer Crate.png
200 Monkey box.png1x Farwa cube box
Nian Worme Crate
Freezer Crate.png
200 Monkey box.png1x Nian Worme cube box
Neaera Crate
Freezer Crate.png
200 Monkey box.png1x Naera cube box
Stok Crate
Freezer Crate.png
200 Monkey box.png1x Stok cube box
Wolpin Crate
Freezer Crate.png
200 Monkey box.png1x Wolpin cube box
Party Equipment
Freezer Crate.png
250 Box.png1x Box of drinking glasses
Shaker.png1x Shaker
Patronbottle.png1x Wrapp Artiste Patron
Goldschlagerbottle.png1x College Girl Goldschlager
Alebottle.png2x Magm-Ale
Beer.png4x Space beer
Party grenade.png2x Party grenade
Bar Starter Kit
Freezer Crate.png
250 Box.png1x Box of drinking glasses
Circuitboard.png1x Circuit board (soda fountain)
Circuitboard.png1x Circuit board (booze dispenser)
Cow Crate
Animal Crate.png
100 Cow.png1x Cow
Goat Crate
Animal Crate.png
100 Goat.png1x Goat
Chicken Crate
Animal Crate.png
100 Chick.png1x Chick
Corgi Crate
Animal Crate.png
300 Corgi.png1x Corgi
Pet collar.png1x Pet collar
Cat Crate
Animal Crate.png
300 Cat.png1x Cat
Pet collar.png1x Pet collar
Toy mouse.png1x Toy mouse
Pug Crate
Animal Crate.png
300 Pug.png1x Pug
Pet collar.png1x Pet collar
Fox Crate
Animal Crate.png
300 Fox.png1x Fox
Pet collar.png1x Pet collar
Deer Crate
Animal Crate.png
350 Deer.png1x Deer
Bunny Crate
Animal Crate.png
200 Bunny.png1x Bunny
Pet collar.png1x Pet collar
Pig Crate
Animal Crate.png
100 Pig.png1x Pig
Turkey Crate
Animal Crate.png
100 Turkey Animal.png1x Turkey
Butterfly Crate
Animal Crate.png
300 Butterfly.gif1x Butterfly
Nian Caterpillar Crate
Animal Crate.png
300 Nian Caterpillar.png1x Nian Caterpillar
Pet collar.png1x Pet collar
Seeds Crate
Hydro crate.png
100 Cottonseed.png1x Pack of cotton seeds
Berryseed.png1x Pack of berry seeds
Cornseed.png1x Pack of corn seeds
Eggplantseed.png1x Pack of eggplant seeds
Tomatoseeds.png1x Pack of tomato seeds
Soybeanseeds.png1x Pack of soybean seeds
Seedwheat.png1x Pack of wheat seeds
Carrotseed.png1x Pack of carrot seeds
Sunflowerseed.png1x Pack of sunflower seeds
Chanterelleseed.png1x Pack of chanterelle mycelium
Potatoseed.png1x Pack of potato seeds
Sugarcaneseed.png1x Pack of sugarcane seeds
Exotic Seeds Crate
Hydro crate.png
200 Nettleseed.png1x Pack of nettle seeds
Replicapodseed.png3x Pack of replica pod seeds
Plumphelmetseed.png1x Pack of plump-helmet mycelium
Libertycapseed.png1x Pack of liberty-cap mycelium
Amanitaseeds.png1x Pack of fly amanita mycelium
Reishiseeds.png1x Pack of reishi mycelium
Bananaseed.png1x Pack of banana seeds
Eggplantseed.png1x Pack of eggplant seeds
Seed X.png2x Pack of strange seeds
Beekeeping Starter Kit
Hydro crate.png
150 Apiary.png1x Apiary
Honeyframe.png3x Honey frame
Queenbee.gif1x Queen bee
Beekeeperhat.png1x Beekeeper hat
Beekeepersuit.png1x Beekeeper suit
Flyswatter.png1x Flyswatter
Beekeeper Suits
Hydro crate.png
150 Beekeeperhat.png2x Beekeeper hat
Beekeepersuit.png2x Beekeeper suit
Hydroponics Supply Crate
Hydro crate.png
200 Plant B gone.png2x Plant-B-Gone
Chemical bottle.png2x Ammonia bottle
Hatchet.png1x Hatchet
Cultivator.png1x Mini hoe
Plant Analyzer.png1x Plant analyzer
Botany gloves.png1x Botanist's leather gloves
Apron.png1x Apron
Hydroponics Vending Machines Refills
50 Refill plant.png1x MegaSeed Servitor vendor restock unit
Refill plant.png1x NutriMax vendor restock unit
Hydroponics Watertank Crate
Secure Crate.png
50 Hydro watertank.png1x Backpack water tank
Hydroponics access required.
Name Cost Contents Notes
50 Metal Sheets Crate
400 Metal.png50x Metal
50 Glass Sheets Crate
400 Glass.png50x Glass
30 Wood Planks Crate
400 Wood.png30x Wood planks
30 Plastic Sheets Crate
400 Plastic.png30x Plastic
50 Cardboard Sheets Crate
200 Sheet-Cardboard.png50x Cardboard
30 Sandstone Blocks Crate
400 Sandstone Brick.png30x Sandstone bricks
Name Cost Contents Notes
MULEbot Crate
Large Crate.png
250 Mulebot.png1x Mulebot
High-Capacity Water Tank Crate
Large Crate.png
100 High water tank.png1x High-capacity water tank
Laser Tag Crate
300 Dodgeball.png2x Dodgeballs

Red lasertag gun.png3x Red laser tag
Blue lasertag gun.png3x Blue laser tag
Red lasertag suit.png3x Red tag suit
Blue lasertag suit.png3x Blue tag suit
Red lasertag helmet.png1x Red tag helm
Blue lasertag helmet.png1x Blue tag helm

Religious Supplies Crate
250 Holy flask.png2x Flask of Holy Water
Bible.png2x Bibles
Chaplain hoodie.png2x Chaplain hoodie
Shaft Miner Starter Kit
Secure Crate.png
250 Duffle bag.png1x Mining conscription kit
Barber Kit Crate
100 Implantbox.png1x Lipstick kit
Implantbox.png1x Barber starter kit
Barber uniform.png1x Barber's uniform
Carpet Crate
150 Carpet Stack.png20x Carpet
Bureaucracy Crate
100 Chestdrawer.png1x Rolling chest drawer
Film.png1x Film cartridge
Hand Labeler.png1x Hand labeler
Lable Refill.png1x Hand labeler paper roll
Paper bin.png1x Paper bin
Pen.png3x Pen
Folder.png3x Folder
Clipboard.png2x Clipboard
GreenStamp.png1x GRANTED rubber stamp
RedStamp.png1x DENIED rubber stamp
Big Band Instrument Collection Crate
500 Accordion.png1x Accordion
Eguitar.png1x Electric Guitar
Glockenspiel.png1x Glockenspiel
Guitar.png1x Guitar
Harmonica.png1x Harmonica
Piano.png1x Piano
Recorder.png1x Recorder
Saxophone.png1x Saxophone
Trombone.png1x Trombone
Xylophone.png1x Xylophone
Arts and Crafts Supplies
100 Crayonbox-full.png1x Box of crayons
Camera.png1x Camera
Film.png2x Camera film
Album.png1x Photo album
Package wrapper.png1x Package wrapper
Paint bucket.gif8x Paint buckets (in different colors)
Poster legit.png1x Poster
Wrapping paper.png3x Wrapping paper
Corporate Posters Crate
50 Poster legit.png8x Random official poster
Janitorial Supplies
200 Bucket.png3x Bucket
Mop.png1x Mop
Push broom.png1x Push broom
WetFloorSign.png3x Wet floor sign
Trashbag.gif1x Trash bag
Spacecleaner.png1x Space cleaner
Damp rag.png1x Damp rag
Grenade.png3x Cleaner grenade
Janitorial Cart and Galoshes Crate
Large Crate.png
100 Jani cart.png1x Janitorial cart
Galoshes.png1x Galoshes
Janitor Watertank Backpack
Secure Crate.png
100 Jani Watertank.png1x Janitor backpack watertank
Janitor's Office access required.
Replacement Lights
100 Replacement Lights.png3x Box of replacement bulbs
Janicart Crate
Large Crate.png
500 PimpinRide.png1x Janicart
1x Janicart key
Service Costume Crate
Secure Crate.png
250 Clownpack.png1x Giggles Von Honkerton (clown backpack)
Shoesclown.png1x Clown shoes
Clownmask.png1x Clown wig and mask
Clownsuit.png1x Clown suit
HonkHorn.png1x Bike horn
Mime bag.png1x Pierre the Panda (mime backpack)
Mimesuit.png1x Mime's outfit
Black Shoes.png1x Black shoes
White Gloves.png1x White gloves
Mime Mask.png1x Mime mask
Beret red.png1x Beret
Suspenders.png1x Suspenders
Bottle of nothing.png1x Bottle of nothing
Theatre access required.
Costume Crate
400 Wizard Staff.png1x Wizard's staff
Wizard Robe.png1x Wizard robe
Wizard hat.png1x Wizard hat
Sandals.png1x Sandals

1x Clown HONKMech cap
1x Clown officer's coat
1x Clown officer's uniformt
1x Lord admiral's coat
1x Lord admiral's hat
1x Hastur's hood
1x Hastur's robes
1x Monkey suit
1x Monkey mask
1x Corgi suit
1x Corgi suit head
1x Super-hero E-N suit
1x E-N suit head

Mafia Supply Crate
300 Brown Trench coat.png1x Brown trench coat
Black Trench coat.png1x Black trench coat
Brown Fedora.png1x Fedora
Black Fedora.png1x Black fedora
White Fedora.png1x White fedora
Flappers.png1x Flappers
Mafia Vest.png1x Mafia vest
Mafia outfit.png1x Mafia outfit
White Mafia outfit.png1x White mafia outfit
Leather Mafia outfit.png1x Leather mafia outfit
Tommy gun.png1x Tommy gun
Collectable Plushies Crate
1000 Three random plushies out of: 1% chance for a blahbomb to be inside.
Collectable Hat Crate!
2500 Three random items out of:
Paperhat.pngCollectable paper hat
TopHat.pngCollectable top hat
Captains hat.pngCollectable captain's hat
Beret red.pngCollectable beret
WeldingHelmet.pngCollectable welding helmet
Flat cap.pngCollectable flat cap
Pirate hat.pngCollectable pirate hat
Cat Ears.pngCollectable kitty ears
Rabbit Ears.pngCollectable rabbit ears
Wizard hat.pngCollectable wizard's hat
Hardhat.pngCollectable hard hat
Hos cap.pngCollectable HoS hat
Thunderdome helmet.pngCollectable Thunderdome helmet
S helmet.pngCollectable SWAT helmet
Slime hat.pngCollectable slime hat
Police hat.pngCollectable police officer's hat
Xeno helmet.pngCollectable xenomorph helmet!
Petes hat.pngUltra rare Pete's hat!
Contraband Crate
250 Five random items out of:
Rolled Poster.pngRolled-up poster (multiple types)
DromedaryCo packet.pngDromedaryCo packet
Pill Bottle.png(???) Pill bottle - Warning: Can contain pills that turn you into a borg or a Xenomorph (does NOT make you an antag!)
Hidden – Use an emag or hack the main Cargo console to reveal
Formal Wear Crate
400 Black tango dress.png1x Black tango dress
Assistant formal uniform.png2x Assistant's formal uniform
Blue Suit.png1x Blue Suit
Lue Suit Jacket.png1x Blue Suit Jacket
Purple Suit.png1x Purple Suit
Purple Suit Jacket.png1x Purple Suit Jacket
Lawyer suit.png1x Lawyer suit
Black Suit Jacket.png1x Black Suit Jacket
Waistcoat.png1x Waistcoat
Ties.gif3x Tie
Bowler hat.png1x Bowler hat
Black Fedora.png1x Fedora
Flat cap.png1x Flat cap
Beret red.png1x Beret
TopHat.png1x Sturdy top-hat
Laceup shoes.png3x Laceup shoes
Charcoal suit.png1x Charcoal suit
Navy suit.png1x Navy suit
Burgundy suit.png1x Burgundy suit
Checkered suit.png1x Checkered suit
Leather Mafia outfit.png1x Tan suit
Wedding Crate
400 2x Wedding band

1x White wedding dress
1x Red wedding dress
1x Blue wedding dress
1x Purple wedding dress
1x Orange wedding dress

Very Expensive Coat for Rich People
1000 Expensive Coat.png1x Expensive coat
Team Jerseys Crate
300 Baseball.png1x Baseball
Blue Jersey.png4x Blue Jersey
Red Jersey.png4x Red Jersey
Polo Supply Crate
250 Beach ball.png1x Beach Ball
Broom.png6x Broom
Horsehead.png6x Horsehead
Bluespace Artillery Parts
Engineering Crate.png
1500 Circuitboard.png1x Bluespace Artillery Bore (Machine Board)
Circuitboard.png1x Bluespace Artillery Fusor (Machine Board)
Circuitboard.png1x Bluespace Artillery Generator (Machine Board)
Circuitboard.png1x Bluespace Artillery Controls (Computer Board)
Round specific - if the station goal is the Bluespace artillery
DNA Vault Parts
Engineering Crate.png
1000 Circuitboard.png1x DNA Vault (Machine Board)
Round specific - if the station goal is the DNA vault
Bluespace Harvester Parts
Engineering Crate.png
1000 Circuitboard.png1x Bluespace Harvester (Machine Board)
Round specific - if the station goal is the Bluespace Harvester
DNA Vault Samplers
Engineering Crate.png
250 Dna Sampler.png5x DNA sampler
Round specific - if the station goal is the DNA vault
Shield Generator Satellite
Engineering Crate.png
250 Satt.png3x Meteor shield satellite
Round specific - if the station goal is the station shield
Shield System Control Board
Engineering Crate.png
750 Circuitboard.png1x Satellite network control (computer board)
Round specific - if the station goal is the station shield
Lavatory Crate
100 Toilet.png1x Toilet
Urinal.png1x Urinal

Shower.png1x Shower
Sink.png1x Sink

Snow Machine Crate
750 Snow machine.gif1x Snow machine
Holiday specific - Christmas only
Foam Force Crate
250 Foam Force shotgun.png8x Foam force shotgun
Sunglasses Crate
450 Sunglasses.png3x Sunglasses
Welding Goggles
300 Welding Goggles.png3x Welding Goggles
Boxing Supply Crate
200 Boxing Gloves.gif4x Boxing gloves
High-traction Floor Tiles Crate
200 High-traction Floor tiles.png20x High-traction Floor tiles
Assorted Soap Crate
250 Cheap Soap.png3x Soap bars

Soap.png1x Nanotrasen soap bar

Suspicious Soap Crate
250 SyndicateSoap.png2x Syndicate soap bars
Hidden – Use an emag on the main Cargo console to reveal
Foam Force Pistols Crate
500 FoamPistol.png2x Foam force pistol
Ammo 10mm.png2x Foam force pistol magazine
Hidden – Use an emag or hack the main Cargo console to reveal
Name Cost Contents Notes
Autodrobe Supply Crate
50 Refill Costume.png1x Autodrobe vendor restocking unit
Booze-o-mat and Coffee Supply Crate
50 Refill booze.png1x Booze-o-mat vendor restocking unit
Refill joe.png1x Hot drinks vendor restocking unit
Chinese Supply Crate
50 Refill snack.png1x MrChangs vendor restocking unit
Cigarette Supply Crate
50 Refill smoke.png1x Cigarette vendor restocking unit
ClothesMate Supply Crate
50 Refill Clothes.png1x ClothesMate vendor restocking unit
Dinnerware Supply Crate
50 Refill smoke.png1x Plasteel Chef's Dinnerware vendor restocking unit
EngiVend Supply Crate
50 Refill engi.png1xEngi-Vend restocking unit
Hatlord Supply Crate
50 Refill Costume.png1x Hat vendor restocking unit
Imported Supply Crate
500 Refill snack.png1x Sustenance vendor restocking unit
Refill engi.png1x Robotech Deluxe vendor restocking unit
Refill Cola.png1x BODA vendor restocking unit
Refill engi.png1x Robco Tool Maker vendor restocking unit
Pet Supply Crate
50 Refill Pet.png1x CritterCare vendor restocking unit
PTech Supply Crate
50 Refill smoke.png1x PTech vendor restocking unit
Shoelord Supply Crate
50 Refill Costume.png1x Shoe vendor restocking unit
Snack Supply Crate
50 Refill snack.png1x Getmore Chocolate Corp vendor restocking unit
Softdrinks Supply Crate
50 Refill Cola.png1x Robust Softdrinks vendor restocking unit
Suitlord Supply Crate
50 Refill Costume.png1x Suit vendor restocking unit
Vendomat Supply Crate
50 Refill engi.png1x Vendomat vendor restocking unit