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Superiors: NanoTrasen Representative, Nanotrasen Central Command
Difficulty: Hard to Very Hard
Guides: Standard Operating Procedure, Standard Operating Procedure (Command), Guide to Security, Guide to Combat, Guide to Medical, Space Law
Access: Blueshield's Office, Bridge, Brig, Medbay, Science, Engineering
Duties: Act as a bodyguard and advisor for Command and CentCom VIPs.

CentComm Dignitaries

A Blueshield is a member of a specially trained branch of NanoTrasen employees dispatched from Central Command to protect the Captain, Heads of Staff, and Centcom VIPs. This job requires 50 hours of command play time.

The Crew Member In Blue

Welcome, Blueshield. You have been given special training by Central Command, and been dispatched to serve as the personal bodyguard of everyone with access to Command Comms.

Most of your time will be spent shadowing those you have been assigned to protect, making sure that they're alive and well, and keep an eye on a crew monitor to make sure they're still on sensors. Your job is to keep everyone in Command, as well as CentCom VIPs, alive.

One very important detail of your job is that you are not Security. Do not let your Security access fool you. You should not be concerned with the goings-on at Security, nor should you be doing their job for them. You are not a Security Officer with a private office and snazzy outfit. You are a bodyguard.


As you would expect, you will be looking after members of the Chain of Command during the shift. You begin in your office wearing a Blueshield's Uniform, and Blueshield Armour (functionally the same as Security Armour, only with a Blue signet on it). In your bag you have a box of Death Alarm Bio-Chips and your Advanced Energy Revolver.

  • The Death Alarm Bio-Chips will go off if the implanted person dies, triggering a message on the Common Comms channel that will state "X has died in Y". They malfunction if hit with an EMP or Ion technology and goes off as if the person died.
  • The Advanced Energy Revolver is your main weapon. It can fire either Disabler or Laser rounds (20 and 10 rounds maximum, respectively), and can be recharged at any recharger. Beyond useful when handling threats to Command, and quick to provide a lethal alternative if required;

In your office you can come into possession of several useful things:

  • A fully equipped Security Belt, containing:
    • A Stunbaton,
    • A Flash,
    • A Flashbang,
    • A Pepperspray
    • A single pair of cuffs
  • The Crew Pinpointer, which shows the location of a selected crewmember's relative to your position. You can acquire more of these from a medical dispenser
  • An Advanced First Aid Kit, containing twelve Burn Kits, twelve Trauma Kits, one Emergency Autoinjector, six Rolls of Gauze and a Medical Analyzer. Useful for quick, emergency healing, and in the case of gauze - stopping bleeding
  • A Garment Bag full of alternative clothing:
    • Two Berets, which offer head protection
    • Three jumpsuits
    • Spare Armour Vest
    • Blueshield's Coat, which sacrifices protection for two additional pockets
    • Two pairs of shoes
    • A sechailer gas mask
    • Four pairs of sunglasses
    - Plain Sunglasses
    - Security HUDglasses
    - Medical HUDglasses
    - Skills HUDglasses
    • A blue tie
  • The Blue Zippo, a unique Zippo lighter

One of your first acts should be to notify the Heads of Staff of your presence and request that they maximize their suit sensors, so you can locate them for implantation and in emergency situations. You should also acquire a handheld crew monitor from Medbay so that you can keep easier track of the health of your charges. Be warned, though, that you don't have enough implants for every member of the senior staff, so prioritization is key. Additionally, all Heads of Staff have a right to refuse implantation, though you should always attempt to convince them otherwise if they are high-ranked/important enough, such as the Captain or Head of Security.

Protection Detail

After your preparation is complete, it is up to you how you will go about your objectives, so long as you pursue them. You may choose to accompany the Captain on their ventures for the entire round, or you may decide that you wish to keep a vigil on the Head of Personnel or any other Head of Staff. You may also decide to not attach yourself to any particular head and instead choose to keep a constant rotation on each one, including even the NanoTrasen Representative, by constantly checking up on their workplaces. Alternatively, you can use either a Portable Crew Monitor or the Crew Monitoring Computer in the Bridge, to keep constant track of all of Command. Regular Comms check-ups are also a useful tool.

One of the most important things to consider, and one that is highly stressed about the Blueshield job, is that you have no authority over the fellow crew. You may have a pair of cuffs, but you should only apprehend someone if they have directly impacted/attacked a member of Command or a Centcom VIP, or are tresspassing into a command area. Afterwards, you must take them to the proper authorities for processing.

You are not a vigilante. Until an emergency occurs, the role of Blueshield is heavily roleplay based and, much like the Representative, you should serve as an adviser regarding Command's decisions. How you go about interacting with Command is entirely up to you, but you should always leave them feeling safe.

Additionally, as the Blueshield, you must prioritize. In an emergency, you may have to make harsh decisions, and you may need to let people die. When it comes down to an emergency, your immediate charges take precedence, so don't hesitate to let an Officer die if that means you can safely get away with, for example, the Head of Personnel. The Chain of Command is also important to take into consideration. The Captain is more crucial to your mission than anyone else, with the Head of Personnel and other senior staff as less crucial, though still extremely important. The NanoTrasen Representative and Magistrate also fall under your purview, though they are of less consequence than any of your other charges.

Due to the status of your job, it is important to know the basics of treating injuries. See the Guide to Medicine for more details. Remember, you have an advanced first aid kit in your locker.

Relation with Security

You don't have any formal relations with the Security team. You may have Security access, but that's only so you can reach the Head of Security's office if required. You may decide to coordinate with Security forces in investigations if there is evidence of a threat against Command personnel, but this should not deviate you from your physical vanguard. You have a pair of handcuffs in your office, but this does not make you obligated to carry out Space Law. The apprehension of criminals is their job, not yours, and your handcuffs should be used to neutralize threats to the Command staff, only for your prize to be handed off to the Warden so you can get right back to protection detail as soon as possible.

After You, Sir. Swordred.gif

Round-Start antagonists are ineligible to be be matched to the job of Blueshield.

Note that if you are selected as antag, but your character's job preferences are set such that the round is unable to match you to any available non-mindshielded job, you will be instead be returned to the lobby, and the antag role will be assigned to another player.

As a mindshielded crew member, you cannot be converted into an antagonist through thralling, unless you have lost your mindshield implant, either to cloning or surgical removal. If, however, you are somehow unshielded, thralled, and then re-implanted with a mindshield, you will remain thralled.

This doesn't mean that all of your charges cannot be antagonists, however. You should not protect your charges from the consequences of breaking Space Law, but should also avoid detaining them, unless they pose an immediate danger to other command staff. When in doubt, report the situation to the security team and let them handle the it.

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