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Nanotrasen Scientist

Superiors: Nanotrasen
Difficulty: Medium
Guides: Guide to Construction, Guide to Advanced Construction, Guide to Space Exploration, Guide to Medical, Guide to Research and Development, Research Items, Solars, Guide to Engineering, Guide to hydroponics, Tesla Engine
Access: Derelict Nanotrasen Research Station, Maintenance
Duties: Survive, attempt to re-establish contact with a Nanotrasen vessel.


Departmental Head

Civilian/Misc. Roles
Civilian/Misc. Guides

As a Derelict researcher you spawn in the cryogenics area of Charlie Station, a Derelict Nanotrasen Research Station far away from the main station. Most of your equipment and various infrastructure starts out in varying levels of disrepair from your extended time in storage, and primary power seems to have failed a long time ago. Fortunately for you, though, not all hope is lost, and you are able to escape, or if you so wish to, restore Charlie Station to it's former glory.

"So What Do I Do Now?"

So you've just woken up from a nap in cryogenics after the Artificial Program alerted the crew of a 6 hour long radiation storm, and you're greeted by rusted floors and walls, a general aura of decay and a sense of forebode hanging over you, along with an emergency alert from the AP printed out in the corner. Fortunately, you were trained for this kind of situation, and the station was prepared for any kind of emergency that could befall it. In the corner there's a table with 3 crowbars and 3 glowsticks, and in a maintenance tunnel just across from it, a crate of backpacks. Hopefully, you should be able to use the crowbars to leave the room and activate backup power, via the emergency PACMAN generator. You'll need to wire the generator into the SMES, attach it to the floor and then insert uranium fuel into it. Once you've done this, you can head to the bridge to lift the automatic station lockdown and check the most recent status report from the Artificial Program.

An Average PACMAN setup. This setup should be enough to power the entire station until you get the solar panels or the Tesla Engine up and running. Just make sure it doesn't overheat.

The Power Of The Sun

Of course, the PACMAN generator was only intended to be used for temporary power, and eventually it'll run out of fuel. To avoid this happening, you'll need to set up the station's solar array. The crates containing components for it are scattered around the maintenance tunnels of Charlie Station, and should provide enough power to allow the station to become self sufficient power-wise. There are also a few components for the solar array around the exterior of Beta Station, as well as some spare sets of insulated gloves, a toolbox, an Engineering Voidsuit and an APC Access Card in the Engineering Bay.

Let There Be Light

Having now restored station power, you have a lot more freedom to explore. To the left of Charlie Station is Beta Station, which houses the Medical Department and Atmospherics. To the right of Charlie Station is Theta Station, housing the Research And Development Department, the soul of the station and the main reason you were out here to begin with. At the top of Charlie Station resides the Bridge, with various computers designed to monitor the status of the wings of the station and to interface with the Artificial Program. Most, if not all, station systems could be accessed from there. You may also want to consider exploring the surrounding area and checking for anything that might be useful. There's also a garden where you can try to grow some food, as to avoid starving to death.

Making Contact

In order for you to communicate with any nearby stations, you'll need one of the following;

  • A Headset and a Telecommunications Relay.
  • A Station Bounced Radio.
  • A holopad.
  • A helpful cyborg.

If you haven't noticed, you most likely lack all of these. Therefore, you'll need to clear out the Theta Station if you want to build one of these to cry to any nearby Nanotrasen Vessels for help. Make sure to pack armour, weapons and bubblegum (optional). The armour and weapons can be found in the security area of Charlie Station, to the right of the cryo bay and just above the Transit Tube leading towards Theta. Unfortunately, you're all out of bubblegum.

Once you've cleared out all of the Hivebots, you'll need to use the R&D setup available to you to construct some method of contacting a nearby vessel and requesting assistance. Hopefully, if they're feeling nice, someone will get sent over to come and rescue you and the rest of your crew.

Ride The Lightning

Theta itself was responsible for a lot of technical development in both Plasma technology and MODsuit technology, creating ripples of technical discovery and design principals that can be seen in modern day's technology. Whilst improvements were made to improve efficiency over time, the core concept remains throughout all of them, which can still be found and utilized in the prototypes left over in the ruin. Perhaps some of them could help you survive on the station, and maybe even rebuild it..

List of Prototype Items

Prototype Item Name Description
Prototype MODSuit
Mod Prototype.png
An early, experimental version of the modern, more advanced, MODSuit. Despite this, it comes loaded with a variety of modules that are highly useful for EVA work, at the cost of mobility compared to more modern suits.
Prototype Health Analyzer
Health Analyzer.gif
Original version of the modern day Analyzer, used on most Nanotrasen Vessels to this day. Functionally the same as an Advanced Health Analyzer.
NT-P:01 Prototype Energy Gun.
Prototype Energy Gun.png
An energy gun, developed as an improvement over the standard Laser Gun of the time, with the ability to alter the type of projectile it fired. The 'Stun' setting was later removed because of power constraints.
Energy Ball Generator
Tesla gen.png
One of the first developed versions of the now largely commonplace Energy Ball Generator, a key element in the process of creating a Tesla Engine, which activates after being fired at by a Particle Accelerator for a small amount of time.
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