Derelict Nanotrasen Research Station

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Space Area

Obvious exits: Space, Teleporter
Purpose: An ancient station that was used to develop revolutionary(at the time) technology. Additionally.
Access level: Space
Noteworthy contents: Full RND Setup, Full Chemistry Setup, various other items to run a station.
Clearance: Assistant
Security Level:
Any crew member can access this location freely

A cold, dark, and rusted station floating through the depths of space. It is made up of three sections, Beta Station, Charlie Station, and Theta Station. Beta Station appears to have been torn apart by what may be assumed as meteor, Theta station has a large vessel docked to it, and Charlie Station appears to be depowered but otherwise fully intact. Nanotrasen lost contact with the station over a century ago and no one is really sure why. It is rumored that this station was paramount in furthering research on the Singularity Engine and the outdated R.I.G suit suits that gave birth to the advanced hardsuits Nanotrasen uses today.

Derelict Research Station.png
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