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Generic janitor.png

Superiors: Head of Personnel
Difficulty: Easy
Guides: No external guides.
Access: Janitor's Closet, Maintenance
Duties: Clean people's trash, clean the floors, replace lights, keep the station tidy

Service Department

As the Janitor (alias Custodial Technician), your job is simple. Keep the station clean and tidy, and do all the dull maintenance work that the Station Engineer are too busy to look at. This is a fairly relaxing role, and very useful for new players to get comfortable with the game mechanics and roleplaying.

Required Knowledge

None! This is a great job for new players.

The only thing to keep in mind is that signs are to be put down wherever cleaning that may cause someone to slip over is occurring. If you do not put wet floor signs down (plastic or the projected ones), people will slip and fall over on the wet floor and shout endless abuse at you, leading to the inevitable theft of your mop and janicart.

Additionally, cleaning of crime scenes is to be cleared with the detective and/or HoS before removing potential evidence. This does not mean you have to run every bloody mess by security, however.


Tool Usage

Jani Belt.png

A stylish purple belt that can hold small janitorial equipment. A must-have for professional janitors.
Space Cleaner


A small spray bottle of non-slip, instant-cleaning fluid. Just spray it and the floor is clean, without any signage required. You can use the bottle to toggle it between 2 tiles range (10u usage) and 1 tile range (5u usage). If you need a refill, your closet holds a space cleaner dispenser on the wall with 5000u avaible. The chemists should also be more than happy to oblige.

Cheap Soap.png

While slower than a spray bottle, you can always rely on your soap bar to scrub messes big or small.
Janitor Watertank

Jani Watertank.png

A big tank that comes filled with an instant-cleaning fluid. It is superior to the space cleaner due to it having a bigger spray range, enormous capacity and better reagent usage efficiency.
Cleaner Grenades


These grenades, when detonated, flood a small area with sterilizing foam. You shouldn't ever need to use this except in the cases of extremely huge messes, as the foam is very slippery.
Light Replacer


Use to replace damaged lights. Can be refilled with replacement lights or broken glass.
Replacement Light Boxes

Replacement Lights.png

Holds lights for use with the Light Replacer


Used to see when lights just don't cut it. Good for maintenance or when the lights are out/broken


Good for killing bees and butterflies, can be used to keep away janicart thieves.
Janitor Cart

Jani cart.png

Can hold your mop, trash bag, floor signs, and space cleaner all in one easy-to-pull package! Plus, it comes with a reservoir of water (150u) for your mop!


A blue mop used for cleaning floors. Must be wet to function, and leaves wet floors after use.
Push Broom

Push broom.png

A broom for sweeping trash. Click to sweep toward the tile you're facing, or wield in both hands and start pushing trash you walk over.
Wet Floor Signs


Bright yellow signs used to warn victims crew that the floor is wet.
Holosign Projector
Holosign projector.gif
This is used to create holographic wet floor signs. Use it on a floor to spawn one, use it on a sign to despawn it, use it in your hand to despawn all active wet floor holosigns created by that projector. Can't be stolen like the Wet Floor Signs.
Trash Bag


This is used to pick up litter you see in the hallways. Clicking on trash on the floor with the Trash Bag equipped will pick up all the trash on the tile at once. Handy for quick cleaning!


These are your special shoes for when you're on cleaning duty. At a small cost to speed, they prevent you from slipping on absolutely everything except for space lube.
Bio Suit


Used for those particularly bad messes. Will slow you down when you wear it. Only wearing it while it is required is recommended. The suit will only protect you from touch-based viruses.


A cart that you can ride on by using the keys on the wagon to insert them and clicking and dragging yourself onto the cart. It can hold a trash bag. It goes rather fast, and you can still use your equipment from it. To get out, just click on the cart with an empty hand. Additioanlly you can Ask R&D for a janicart floor buffer upgrade to make it clean messes simply by driving over them.
Water Tank


A blue tank filled with 1000u of water.


A bucket for holding liquids, usually water. Useful for refilling your janicart.

Garbage Patrol

Your various jobs on station include, but are not limited to:

Spill and Stain Duty

This is the main task associated with janitors. You should always keep a space cleaner bottle handy if you're walking around doing other things and see a stain, but if you see a larger mess or get called out somewhere to clean up, head back to your closet. Grab the blue bucket and fill it with water from the large tank, and fill your yellow mop bucket with it. Simply pick up a mop, get a holosign projector, put on your galoshes, pull the yellow mop bucket and head to the area that requires cleanup.

To clean, simply use the mop on the bucket to wet it, and then click the tile you want to clean. Before you start, put down a few holographic signs near the area that you are scrubbing and leave it there for about 5 minutes after you're done, so that people are aware of the slipping danger. It's also nice to warn people over the radio in order to further ensure that Security don't arrest you for creating a workplace hazard. Now you can return to your closet and put away all your equipment, seeing as they're extremely movement-impeding and it's good for RP.

IMPORTANT: If you're cleaning up a crime scene, make sure detective has already been there and scanned the scene. Otherwise, Security may get upset with you.

Litter Picking

You have a trash bag in your closet in order to pick up all the litter people leave lying around - put this on your belt every round before you go out on janitor patrol. Right-click the trash bag to select between 'Pick up one item at a time' and 'Pick up all the items on a tile', depending on the magnitude of litter you're dealing with, and simply click the items you want gone with the bag to put them inside. Use the bag on a disposals bin to empty everything within and the bin will automatically activate to get rid of all the disgusting garbage. Common litter you will need to dispose of include cigarette butts, snack wrappers, and discarded pens.

For larger garbage that does not fit in your trash bag(such as discarded external apparel and/or equipment), either return it to its regular location or manually pick it up and throw it away.

Your days of throwing away garbage have made you skilled enough to never miss a shot when throwing trash into disposals. Use that to your advantage to not need to move to throw away a singular item!


Public areas such as the Primary Tool Storage, Locker Room, and Dorms may get a bit messy from all the clutter. Feel free to return clothes back to their lockers and place tools back on tables. Attempt to make sure it looks like it would at the beginning of the shift.

Additionally, keep an eye out for damages to a room, if you cannot fix it yourself make sure to note it with engineering so it gets taken care of.

Low-Level Maintenance

Arguably what you will spend most of your time doing. Usually, this means replacing broken lights with the spares you have in your closet. While you're doing this, make sure to take the broken light you just replaced and put it in your light replacer to refill it, if you run out, go to cargo and ask for some glass to refill it instead. When you run out of working lights(and dont have a light replacer), take the broken ones down to the autolathe in cargo, have them put them in, and then make some new ones.

If the station gets hit by an electrical storm, get ready to work hard, because this means that more than half of the station's lights have been blown. Remember to take a flashlight with you.

You are not an engineer, so you shouldn't be repairing walls or making large modifications to the station. Mending tables and chairs or repainting the station is fine however.

Waste Management

Litter picking is no good if disposals aren't doing their job, and as the janitor, you need to be making sure that all the garbage is being dealt with. The disposals center is located in the south end of Arrivals, directly below the vacant office, and you need to go through a maintenance tunnel to get to it. Switch the lever to REVERSE so that the conveyor is moving trash to the mass driver and press the switch to open the inner blast door, allowing trash into the mass driver itself. After this, simply click the mass driver button, which will automatically open the outer door, launch the trash, and reseal the outer door.

Also, disposed of objects must go through the cargo bay conveyor first before reaching disposals, so make sure you tell the Cargo Technician to turn on their belt as well.

Cleaning up after yourself Swordred.gif

As a traitor you're going to have a tough time, but no job is impossible. You are equipped with a set of decent non-lethal items.

  • Galoshes: You won't slip, allowing you to wet the floor and be perfectly fine while your enemies fall over.
  • Mop and Mop Bucket: These let you wet the floor to make people fall so you can do whatever you need to do to them. Mopping a floor can be fairly slow, but you can easily get them if you plan their movement ahead of time. An advanced mop from R&D can wet floors much faster, if you can get your hands on one.
  • Space Cleaner: Fill this with some deadly chemicals and you are great! Getting the chemicals may be hard but an incompetent chemist may give acid away with open arms. If the chemist happens to have greater than rock-level IQ, filling the bottle with water is an easy way to slip people at range.
  • Cleaner Grenades: Can make a large population of people slip and fall. Best for escaping.
  • Trash Bag: Is extremely good at hiding weapons, rarely gets searched. On the downside you might wind up emptying the items into the disposals by mistake, so be careful.

Don't cry because you got janitor traitor, it can be quite fun! Just use the tools given to you and stay hidden. Your role is to clean, so if cleaning involves cleaning the blood of the crewmember you just killed, claiming "you didn't see them get murdered" then by all means, clean!

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