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Supply Department

Supply department is what keeps the station moving, thanks to constant deliveries from NAS Trurl and Lavaland. It can be divided into two parts:

Working in cargo is rather simple, which makes it a perfect starter department. This guide is meant to explain the second part, cargo and how to handle it.

Tools of the trade

Cargo contains a lot of unique items with various functions. Getting to know them is one of the keys to being a successful Cargo Technician.

See also Supply Items

Supply Items

Office Supplies

Name Description
Rapid Crate Sender
Used to teleport crates and lockers to cargo telepads. Can be emagged.
Destination Tagger
Destination Tagger.png
Used to set destination of packages when disposal mailing. Choose a destination and click a wrapped object with it! More can be made in the autolathe.
Approval Stamp
Used for approving paperwork and manifests.
Denial Stamp
Used for denying paperwork.
Quartermaster's Stamp
Used to make paperwork look more official. Quartermaster's office starts with one.
Wrapping Paper
Wrapping Paper.png
Used for wrapping crates and other objects. Needed for disposal mail. More can be found in an Artvend.
A delivery robot, used to deliver crates to special dropoff sites. Can be controlled with a cargo PDA. More can be ordered from CC. It can also be hacked.
Filing Cabinet
Used for storing paperwork. More can be ordered from CC.
Used for storing paperwork. More can be ordered from CC.
Shipping Manifests
Comes with every Cargo Shuttle order. When stamped, can be exported for money.
Space Cash
Can be withdrawn from and deposited into ATMs. It is extremely important for ordering goods.
Once set, any crew member can swipe their ID to transfer money to the linked account. Can be used if you are running a side buisness of sorts.
Used to store items and make exports. Can be found all around the station.

Mail Supplies

Name Description
Mail Scanner
Mail Scanner.gif
This device allows you to log mail deliveries in exchange for financial compensation.

Scan a letter to log it into the database, then scan the person you wish to hand the letter to. Correctly scanning the recipient of the letter logged into the database will add credits to the Supply budget.

Mail Crate
Mail Crate.png
A plastic crate used to store mail.
Mail Bag
Mail Bag.png
A bag for storing envelopes, stamps, pens, and papers.
What you will be delivering to crew. You can get more letters via the cargo shuttle.

Mining Items

See: Guide to Mining

Supply Machinery

Name Description
A fabricator of tools materials, and other objects. The most commonly used machine in supply department. For what it can print, see Autolathe. It can also be hacked.
Used for copying documents and other papers.
Ore Redemption Machine
A machine that turns ore into usable material sheets. Rewards mining with points that can be spent at the mining vendor.
Cargo Telepad
Destination for crates and lockers to teleport to. Necessary when using the RCS. More can be printed by the research department.
Mining Equipment Vendor
Mining Equipment Vendor.png
A vending machine containing mining equipment.
Contents include:
Item Point Price
Advanced Scanner 800
Explorer's Webbing 500
Fulton Beacon 400
Mining Conscription Kit 1500
Jetpack Upgrade 2000
Jump Boots 2500
Lazarus Capsule 800
Lazarus Capsule Belt 200
Mining Hardsuit 2000
Tracking Bio-chip Kit 600
10 Marker Beacons 100
Brute First-Aid Kit 600
Fulton Pack 1000
Jaunter 750
Lazarus Injector 1000
Point Transfer Card 500
Shelter Capsule 400
Stabillizing Serum 400
Survival Medipen 500
Kinetic Accelerator
Kinetic Accelerator 750
KA Adjustable Tracer Rounds 150
KA AoE Damage 2000
KA Cooldown Decrease 1000
KA Damage Increase 1000
KA Hyper Chassis 300
KA Minebot Passtthrough 100
KA Range Increase 1000
KA Super Chassis 250
KA White Tracer Rounds 100
Digging Tools
Diamond Pickaxe 2000
Kinetic Accelerator 750
Kinetic Crusher 750
Resonator 800
Silver Pickaxe 1000
Super Resonator 2500
Nanotrasen Minebot 800
Minebot AI Upgrade 1000
Minebot Armor Upgrade 400
Minebot Cooldown Upgrade 600
Minebot Melee Upgrade 400
Absinthe 100
Alien Toy 300
Cigar 150
GAR Meson Scanners 500
Laser Pointer 300
Luxury Shelter Capsule 3000
Soap 200
200 Credits 2000
Whiskey 100
A vending machine containing cargo uniforms. Can be hacked.
Contents include:
Item Amount Price
Cargo Technician's Jumpsuit 6 50
Cargo Technician's Jumpskirt 3 50
Cargo Winter Coat 3 75
Cargo Bomber Jacket 3 75
Hazard Vest 3 50
Cargo Cap 3 20
Orange Hard Hat 2 30
Fingerless Gloves 6 20
Cargo Armband 6 20
Black Shoes 3 20
Work Boots 3 20
Quartermaster Action Figure 1 FREE
Cargo Technician Action Figure 1 FREE
Shreds any small items into pieces, extracting materials from them in the process. Can be emagged.
Recharger empty.gif
Used to recharge any small items. In cargo, most commonly used to charge the RCS.
Cell Charger
Cell Charger.png
Used to recharge power cells.
Suit Storage Unit
Suit Storage Unit.gif
Secure equipment storage. Can be found in the Mining Outpost and the Quartermaster's Office.
Nanotrasen Merch Vendor
Merch Vendor.png
A public vending machine containing toys and other merch.
Contents include:
Item Price
Snap-Pops 100
Dungeons & Dragons Set 100
Dice Set 100
Candles 100
Nano-Mob Hunter Trading Card Booster Pack 125
Crayons 175
Smoking Pipe 175
Miniature Gibber 200
UNUM! 200
Replica Katana 250
Space Violin 250
Guitar 250
Electric Guitar 250
Banjo 250
Piano Synthesizer 500
Toddler 500
Banhammer 1000
Slime People Flag 500
Skrell Flag 500
Vox Flag 500
Synthetics Flag 500
Diona Flag 500
Human Flag 500
Greys Flag 500
Kidan Flag 500
Tajaran Flag 500
Unathi Flag 500
Vulpkanin Flag 500
Drask Flag 500
Plasmaman Flag 500
Nian Flag 500
Ian Flag 750
SolGov Flag 750

Supply Computers

Name Description
Mining Shuttle Console
Labor Shuttle Console.gif
Control panel of the mining shuttle. Required to travel between the station and Guide to Lavaland#Lavaland.
Supply Shuttle Console
Supply Shuttle Console.png
Used for making cargo orders, approving (and denying) already existing orders, and controlling the Cargo Shuttle. It can also be hacked.
Supply Ordering Console
Supply Ordering Console.gif
Similar to the supply shuttle console but public, and cannot control the cargo shuttle.
Mining Camera Console
Mining Camera Console.gif
Used for spying on inspecting the mining outpost from afar. A useful tool to make sure there is no trouble planet-side.
Stacking Console
Stacking Console.png
Grabs leftovers from the recycler and turns them into material sheets.
Supply Management Console
Supply Management Console.png
A tool that allows the Quartermaster to fire their staff, as well as allowing them to hire more.

Autolathe Autolathe.png

An autolathe is a fabricator of tools and materials. It must be filled with a certain amount of metal or glass before being able to create these items, and it can also recycle these items if needed. Managing your autolathe is a task that's both important, and easy to pick up.

People will come to your office, asking for certain items. As a Cargo Technician it is your duty to answer those requests!

Using the Autolathe

After clicking on the Autolathe, it will present you with this window:

This is how the window looks by default

Autolathe UI.png
This is a breakdown of autolathe buttons

Autolathe UI Explained.png

If a position is grayed out, it means autolathe is out of either metal or glass.
To find an item, either look for it in the correct category, or use the search bar.

What items can the Autolathe print?

See also Autolathe
Item Required Materials Item Required Materials Item Required Materials
Metal.pngMetal: 210
Glass.pngGlass: 140
Metal.pngMetal: 400 Cable Coil
Metal.pngMetal: 15
Glass.pngGlass: 10
Emergency Welding Tool
Emergency Welder.png
Metal.pngMetal: 200
Glass.pngGlass: 50
Fire Extinguisher
Metal.pngMetal: 200 Flashlight
Metal.pngMetal: 200
Glass.pngGlass: 100
Geiger Counter
Metal.pngMetal: 210
Industrial Welding Tool
Metal.pngMetal: 400
Glass.pngGlass: 300
Metal.pngMetal: 300
Glass.pngGlass: 140
Metal.pngMetal: 300 Screwdriver
Screwdriver tool.png
Metal.pngMetal: 350 Spraycan
Spraycan red.png
Metal.pngMetal: 100
Glass.pngGlass: 100
T-ray Scanner
Metal.pngMetal: 300 Toolbox
Metal.pngMetal: 500 Welding Helmet
Metal.pngMetal: 1750
Glass.pngGlass: 400
Welding Tool
Metal.pngMetal: 400
Glass.pngGlass: 100
Metal.pngMetal: 370 Wrench
Metal.pngMetal: 600
Item Required Materials Item Required Materials Item Required Materials
Air Alarm Electronics
Airlock electronics.png
Metal.pngMetal: 100
Glass.pngGlass: 100
Airlock Electronics
Airlock electronics.png
Metal.pngMetal: 100
Glass.pngGlass: 100
APC Electronics
APC Electronics.png
Metal.pngMetal: 100
Glass.pngGlass: 100
Destination Tagger
Destination Tagger.png
Metal.pngMetal: 250
Glass.pngGlass: 150
Fire Alarm Electronics
Airlock electronics.png
Metal.pngMetal: 100
Glass.pngGlass: 100
Firelock Electronics
Airlock electronics.png
Metal.pngMetal: 100
Glass.pngGlass: 100
Hand Labeler
Hand Labeler.png
Metal.pngMetal: 150
Glass.pngGlass: 150
Intercom Electronics
Airlock electronics.png
Metal.pngMetal: 100
Glass.pngGlass: 100
Machine Board (Vendor)
Metal.pngMetal: 250
Glass.pngGlass: 750
Item Required Materials Item Required Materials Item Required Materials
AI Status Display Frame
Status Display Frame.png
Metal.pngMetal: 6000
Glass.pngGlass: 2000
Camera Assembly
Camera Assembly.png
Metal.pngMetal: 400
Glass.pngGlass: 250
Compressed Matter Cartridge
Compressed matter cartridge.png
Metal.pngMetal: 16000
Glass.pngGlass: 8000
Conveyor belt
Conveyor belt loose.png
Metal.pngMetal: 5000 Conveyor Belt Placer
Conveyor belt placer.png
Metal.pngMetal: 5000
Glass.pngGlass: 1000
Conveyor Belt Switch
Conveyor switch loose.png
Metal.pngMetal: 450
Glass.pngGlass: 190
Entertainment Monitor Frame
Entertainment Monitor Frame.png
Metal.pngMetal: 6000
Glass.pngGlass: 2000
Glass.pngGlass: 2000 Light Bulb
Light bulb.png
Glass.pngGlass: 200
Light Tube
Light tube.png
Glass.pngGlass: 200 Metal
Metal.pngMetal: 2000 Metal Rod
Metal.pngMetal: 1000
Newscaster Frame
Newscaster frame.png
Metal.pngMetal: 6000
Glass.pngGlass: 2000
Rapid Cable Layer
Metal.pngMetal: 5000 Rapid Construction Device (Rcd)
Metal.pngMetal: 30000
Rapid Pipe Dispenser (Rpd)
Rapid pipe dispenser.png
Metal.pngMetal: 75000
Glass.pngGlass: 37500
Reinforced GlassReinforced Glass.png Metal.pngMetal: 1000
Glass.pngGlass: 2000
Safe Internals
Safe internals.png
Metal.pngMetal: 1000
Status Display Frame
Status Display Frame.png
Metal.pngMetal: 6000
Glass.pngGlass: 2000
Item Required Materials Item Required Materials Item Required Materials
Radio Headset
Metal.pngMetal: 200 Remote Signaling Device
Metal.pngMetal: 400
Glass.pngGlass: 120
Station Bounced Radio
Station Bounced Radio.png
Metal.pngMetal: 200
Glass.pngGlass: 100
Item Required Materials Item Required Materials Item Required Materials
Beanbag Slug
Shotgun shell green.png
Metal.pngMetal: 250 E-Revolver Charge Pack
DL-88 charge pack.png
Metal.pngMetal: 30000
Glass.pngGlass: 6000
Rubber Shot
Shotgun shell Rubber.png
Metal.pngMetal: 4000
Item Required Materials Item Required Materials Item Required Materials
Basic Capacitor
Metal.pngMetal: 100
Glass.pngGlass: 100
Basic Matter Bin
Matter bin.png
Metal.pngMetal: 100 Basic Micro-Laser
Metal.pngMetal: 100
Glass.pngGlass: 50
Basic Power Cell
Metal.pngMetal: 700
Glass.pngGlass: 50
Basic Scanning Module
Scanning Module.gif
Metal.pngMetal: 100
Glass.pngGlass: 50
Micro Manipulator
Micro Manipulator.png
Metal.pngMetal: 100
Item Required Materials Item Required Materials Item Required Materials
Metal.pngMetal: 1000
Glass.pngGlass: 1000
Glass.pngGlass: 1000 Bone Gel
Bone gel.png
Metal.pngMetal: 1000
Glass.pngGlass: 6000
Bone Setter
Bone setter.png
Metal.pngMetal: 4000 Cautery
Metal.pngMetal: 2500
Glass.pngGlass: 750
Circular Saw
Metal.pngMetal: 10000
Glass.pngGlass: 6000
Metal.pngMetal: 5000
Glass.pngGlass: 3000
Health Analyzer
Health Analyzer.gif
Metal.pngMetal: 500
Glass.pngGlass: 50
Health Sensor
Metal.pngMetal: 800
Glass.pngGlass: 200
Metal.pngMetal: 5000
Glass.pngGlass: 2500
Large Beaker
Large beaker.png
Glass.pngGlass: 2500 Medical Hypospray
Medical hypospray.png
Metal.pngMetal: 500
Glass.pngGlass: 500
Pill Bottle
Pill Bottle.png
Metal.pngMetal: 80
Glass.pngGlass: 20
Metal.pngMetal: 6000
Glass.pngGlass: 3000
Metal.pngMetal: 4000
Glass.pngGlass: 1000
Metal.pngMetal: 500 Surgical Drill
Metal.pngMetal: 10000
Glass.pngGlass: 6000
Metal.pngMetal: 10
Glass.pngGlass: 20
Item Required Materials Item Required Materials Item Required Materials
Box of Foam Darts
Foam ammo box.png
Metal.pngMetal: 500 Box of Sniper Foam Darts
Ammo Box Sniper Foam Darts.png
Metal.pngMetal: 900 Cultivator
Metal.pngMetal: 200
Desk Bell Desk Bell.png Metal.pngMetal: 4000 Earmuffs
Metal.pngMetal: 500
Glass.pngGlass: 500
Metal.pngMetal: 15000
Metal.pngMetal: 500
Glass.pngGlass: 50
Infrared Emitter
Metal.pngMetal: 1000
Glass.pngGlass: 500
Mail Scanner
Mail Scanner.gif
Metal.pngMetal: 1500
Glass.pngGlass: 500
Glass.pngGlass: 2500 Painter
Metal.pngMetal: 5000
Glass.pngGlass: 2000
Metal.pngMetal: 800
Glass.pngGlass: 200
Noise Analyser
Metal.pngMetal: 210
Glass.pngGlass: 50
Plant Analyzer
Plant analyzer.gif
Metal.pngMetal: 210
Glass.pngGlass: 40
Proximity Sensor
Metal.pngMetal: 800
Glass.pngGlass: 200
Metal.pngMetal: 200 Spade
Metal.pngMetal: 200 Tape
Tape white.png
Metal.pngMetal: 40
Glass.pngGlass: 10
Metal.pngMetal: 500
Glass.pngGlass: 50
Universal Recorder
Universal recorder.png
Metal.pngMetal: 180
Glass.pngGlass: 90
Voice Analyzer
Metal.pngMetal: 500
Glass.pngGlass: 50
Item Required Materials Item Required Materials Item Required Materials
Drinking Glass
Glass.pngGlass: 100 Fork
Metal.pngMetal: 100 Kitchen Knife
Metal.pngMetal: 12000
Metal.pngMetal: 1500 Shot Glass
Glass.pngGlass: 50 Spoon
Spoon metal.png
Metal.pngMetal: 100
Spork metal.png
Metal.pngMetal: 100 Tray
Metal.pngMetal: 3000
Science Department can copy some designs to the autolathe with usage of design disks. Only items made out of metal and glass can be copied. To do so, first import design from RnD console to the disk, then insert it into an autolathe.
In addition, Free Golems start with a Golem Creation Disk, that lets them create more of their kind.

Ore Redemption Machine ORM.gif

Your colleagues working in mining regularly deliver materials, and put them inside of this giant smelter. After they leave, it becomes your job to dispense those goods to the ravenous crew. Certain jobs can access the ORM freely, but, for example, assistants, cannot. Those kinds of crew need your help with getting what they need.

Stations needs those materials for research, saving lives, or even simply redecorating.

Taking and Filling Orders Supply Shuttle Console.png

Request console is the ever-beating heart of cargo. People can spend their hard-earned money (or corporate funds) on items that cannot be found anywhere else.

Using the Supply Shuttle Console

After clicking on the console, it will present you with this window:

This is how the window looks by default

Supply Shuttle Console UI.png
This is a breakdown of console's buttons

Supply Shuttle Console UI Explained.png

Ordering Crates

In order to order a crate:

  1. Choose the account.
  2. Find what you are looking for. You can use both the categories, or the search bar.
  3. Select amount of orders you are making, fill out the reason.
  4. If you are a Cargo Technician, approve your order and wait for it to arrive.
What can be ordered?
See also Supply Crates#Crates

Approving Orders

Approving Orders (UI):

This is how the UI looks by default

Approving Orders.png
This is a breakdown of the UI

Approving Orders Explained.png
Personal Account Orders

If an order was placed with someone's personal account, any Cargo Technician can approve it. To do so, simply click the Approve button.

Departmental Account Orders

If an order was placed with a departmental account, only the appropriate command member can approve it.
Supply Account is different, as any Cargo Technician can also approve orders with it. Here is a table of which head may approve what:

Account Can approve orders
Command Captain, Head of Personnel, Nanotrasen Representative and Blueshield
Security Captain and Head of Security
Engineering Captain and Chief Engineer
Science Captain and Research Director
Medical Captain and Chief Medical Officer
Service Captain, Head of Personnel, Nanotrasen Representative and Blueshield
Supply Captain, Head of Personnel, Quartermaster, Any VIP and Cargo Technicians
Assistant Captain, Any Head and Any VIP
Denying Orders

In case there is something sketchy about an order, you should consult the Quartermaster wether to approve it or not.
An example (shown in the UI pictures) would be Mr. Rob Banks, an assistant, ordering combat shotguns for "redecorating".

To deny an order, press the Deny button.

Bureaucracy Cabinet.png

After any order is placed, a Paper.png Requisition Form will be printed. You can GreenStamp.png stamp them appropriately and place them in your Cabinet.png cabinet or your Clipboard.png clipboard.

It is done in case something unusual happens. Access to any paperwork should usually be granted to internal affairs agents for purposes of investigations.

After any order arrives on station, it comes with a Paper.pngShipping Manifest. Those are needed when exporting goods.
In addition, sometimes, the Quartermaster may enforce Paperwork for other goods.
It usually results in giving Paper.png item request forms to public, and only then fulfilling their orders.

It is done to keep a better track of supplies being distributed, but otherwise it slows everything down and makes crew very annoyed.

It is highly advised to drop any paperwork once a massive, station-wide threat is confirmed.


Delivering orders is a major part of your job! There is a mountain of ways to do so, some more effective than others.

Using a MULEBot Mulebot.png

MULEbots are essentially delivery bots. You can load them up with crates and send them where they need to be at!

You can find two in the Cargo Bay, or order a few more!

Sending Crates

  1. Drag the GrayCrate.png crate on to the Mulebot.png MULE.
  2. Set a destination with your Pda.png PDA or on the control panel.
  3. Send the MULE off!

MULEbot maintenance

To fix MULEbot's damage:

In the case your MULE has been injured but not destroyed you can repair it in 5 easy steps.

  1. Unlock the Bot with an appropriate ID CT.png ID.
  2. Screw open the maintenance panel with a Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver.
  3. Welderon.gif Weld the bot until it is fixed.
  4. Screw close the maintenance panel with a Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver.
  5. Lock the Bot with an appropriate ID CT.png ID.
To re-charge a MULEbot:

In the case your MULE has ran out of power, follow these steps.

  1. Open up the maintenance panel with a Screwdriver tool.png screwdriver. (Make sure the controls are unlocked first!)
  2. Take out the Powercell.png power cell. (Top entry.)
  3. Insert charged Powercell.png power cell.
  4. Close panel with Screwdriver tool.png screwdriver.
  5. Turn the Mulebot.png MULEbot back on.

Hidden Functionality

Any MULEbot can be hacked to change it's behaviour. It is worth noting, hacking MULEs is against the SoP and may get you fired.

Disposals Mail

This is an alternative way of delivering items, and is usually preferable to MULE transport as long as the pipes are still intact.

  1. Wrap your item/crate with Wrapping Paper.png package wrapper.
  2. Pick up the Destination Tagger.png destination tagger and click it to set a destination.
  3. Use the Destination Tagger.png destination tagger on the Wrapped Crate.png parcel.
    • Optional: Use a Pen.png pen to write a message on the Wrapped Crate.png parcel, or custom set a destination.
  4. Stick it on the Conveyor belt.gif conveyor, or dump it in a Disposal bin.png disposals unit. Remember to turn on the conveyors to make the system work.
    • Tip: Click and drag the Wrapped Crate.png large parcels to Disposal bin.png disposals units to put them in. This can only be done a few times however.

You can also gift wrap packages, but these cannot be tagged with a destination, and have to be delivered manually. This will not work with large objects. The process is slightly more complicated.

  1. Pick up the item you want to wrap.
  2. Hold a sharp object in your other hand. (Wirecutters.png Wirecutters are the most common for this.)
  3. Click the Wrapping paper.png wrapping paper with the item you want to wrap.

Gift wrapping a human is also possible, but they must have a straight jacket on and you need the wrapping paper in your hand. This is usually not a good idea.

Request Console Shipping Request Console.gif

Used for smaller, item-sized shipments. Does NOT support delivering crates.

  1. Find the nearest Request Console.gif Request Console
  2. Click the "Print Shipping Label" button.
  3. Select the destination.
  4. Swipe your Id regular.png ID card on the Request Console.gif console, press the "Print Label" button.
  5. Put the item inside of the Shipping Package.png shipping package.
  6. Seal the Shipping Package.png package. (Use the box in hand.)
  7. Put it inside of a Disposal bin.png disposal unit.

The Telepads

Cargo Office and RnD start with a Telepad.png cargo telepad.
You can link the RCS.png Rapid Crate Sender (RCS for short) with said telepads. RCS can then be used to teleport crates and lockers to that telepad.

Teleporting Crates
  1. Link the RCS.png RCS with a telepad. (Use it in hand.)
  2. Click a GrayCrate.png crate while holding the RCS.png RCS.
Recharging the RCS
  1. Put the RCS.png RCS into a Recharger empty.gif recharger. (It can be found in your office.)
  2. Wait.
  3. Once the recharger starts glowing yellow, click it to take the RCS.png RCS out.

Using the telepads efficiently

When a massive order arrives, a smart cargo employee may move their telepad to the delivery spot. To do so,

  1. Unwrench the Telepad.png telepad.
  2. Move it.
  3. Wrench down the Telepad.png telepad.

A bored Cargo Technician may choose to grab the RCS.png RCS and go Crate Hunting in Maintenance. It is a good idea to move the Telepad.png telepad closer to the Export Conveyor Belt in Cargo Bay.

Getting more telepads

To get more Telepad.png telepads, you can ask RnD for Tracking beacon.png Telepad Beacons.
Use one in hand to summon a brand new Telepad.png telepad.

The Loader MODSuit MOD Loader.png

You can order a special MODsuit from Central Command. The Quartermaster starts with one in their office. Once activated, it allows the user to carry up to six crates.

See also MODsuits
Using a MODsuit
To use a MODsuit, place it on your backpack slot, where your satchel/backpack would normally go. You can also place items into the MODsuit as you would place them into a backpack, if it's equipped with a Storage Module. Deploy each part of the suit, and then activate it. 
Loading a MODsuit
  1. Select the Mod Loader Clamp.png Loader Hydraulic Clamp module.
  2. Hold the "ALT" button and click a GrayCrate.png crate.
Unloading a MODsuit
  1. Select the Mod Loader Clamp.png Loader Hydraulic Clamp module.
  2. Hold the "ALT" button and click on an empty floor tile.

By Foot

Extremely inefficient, but when everything else fails, grab the crate and take it straight to it's new owner!

To drag a GrayCrate.png crate, hold "CTRL" and click it.

Station Mail

Sick of sitting around in Cargo, waiting for the next order to come in? Mail is a great alternative to earning credits for cargo and it gets you moving around the station!

Obtaining Mail

  1. Every 15 minutes, a Mail Crate.pngmail crate will be delivered to the station via shuttle. It contains 5 letters to be delivered to crewmembers. These letters contain a random item and some amount of credits!
  2. Take the crate off the shuttle and open it up. You can collect the letters with a Mail Bag.png mail bag, which can be found in a cargo locker, or can be made with cloth.
  3. You don't get any credits from putting the Mail Crate.png mail crate back on the shuttle, so feel free to destroy it for plastic or use it as storage.

Delivering Mail

  1. Grab your Mail Scanner.gifmail scanner, which can be found in your pocket or be created in an autolathe, then scan the letters with the mail scanner to add them to the database. It's important to register them in the database, or they won't be valid for financial compensation. It is worth noting, mail scanner works at a surprisingly large range!
  2. When you find the crewmember, scan them with the Mail Scanner.gifmail scanner. If successful, just hand over the letter! However, if it's denied, check if it's the correct name; it can also be denied if they are dead or SSD.
    • Can't find the recipient? Luckily, your radio and PDA can help, and is an easy way of getting in contact with them! You can also check the manifest and see what department they are in, so visit there and ask their co-workers. The letters also have a wax stamp on them that indicates their department by colour.
  3. Once the letter has been delivered, 100 credits will be sent to supply's account.


Exporting goods is an important part of your job too. It generates income for supply department, which you can then spend on goods! To correctly export an item, it needs to be on the Supply Shuttle. If an item isn't a crate, it needs to be inside of one.

Here is a list of items that can be exported
  • GrayCrate.pngCrates - 15 Credits each to supply account
    • Weapons Crate.png 25 space credits per secure crate.
    • Plasticcrate.png 3 space credits per plastic crate.
  • GreenStamp.png Stamped Manifests - 5 credits each to the supply account
  • Plasma.png Plasma Stacks - 10 credits for every unit exported to the supply account
  • Syndicatedocs.gif Enemy Intel Documents - 750 credits each to the supply account
  • Ambrosia gaia seed.png Exotic Plant Seeds - Gives variable credits depending on plant seed type, rarity, and potency. The revenue is split 50/50 between service and supply.
  • Comp design or tech disk.png Research Levels - Stored in technology disks, they give variable credits depending on research type, rarity, and level achieve. The revenue is split 50/50 between science and supply.
For further explanation of pricing, see Station Economy.

Leftover Money

If supply account is filled with cash (read: there is about 2500 spare credits), and the Quartermaster allows it, as per your SoP, you can spend some of it on whatever you want!