Gamma Armory

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Security Area

Obvious exits: East to Prison Wing
Purpose: Secure storage for combat equipment sent by Central Command
Access level: Security
Noteworthy contents: Ares Mech, Multi-lens immolators, two Medbeam guns, Shielded Security Hardsuit, hacked upgraded Autolathe with buckshot,two sheets of metal and glass, Clusterbang, NT Saber SMGs, Buckshot speedloaders, Teargas, Combat Knives, and two wall rechargers
Clearance: Head of Security
Security Level:
This secure location is restricted to a specific group of crew members. Unless specifically invited in, those who enter without the required access will be charged with Major Trespass.

Equipment is only sent during a Code GAMMA alert level, and the room remains otherwise empty until Central Command manually send it. NOTE: Gamma alert does not equal the gamma armory once the alert is declared, the gamma armory may be sent at a later time at the discretion of Central Command.

Gamma Armory.png
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