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Syndicate operatives get access to the following items during the Nuclear Emergency.

Nuclear Operatives also get access to Traitor Items with the exception of the following equipment:

  • Energy crossbow.png Energy Crossbow
  • Combathypo.gif Holoparasite
  • Scroll1.png Martial Arts Scroll
  • Traitorbelt.gif Traitor Belt
  • Pen.png Sleepy Pen
  • SyndicateBox.png Syndicate Bundle
  • Syndicate Playing Cards.png Syndicate Playing Cards
  • GrayCrate.png Syndicate Surplus Crate

Highly Visible and Dangerous Weapons

Primary weapons and devices expressly designed to wreak havoc among one's enemies.

Item Cost Damage Type Damage Description
8 TC Burn Variable A flamethrower fueled by an attached canister of volatile plasma gas. Make a statement by roasting Nanotrasen filth in their own greed. Only has a range of 3x3 tiles, but will instantly ignite targets and heat the air in the area leading to sustained burn damage.
Bulldog Shotgun
N/A Variable Variable A drum-fed shotgun that carts magazines sporting up to eight rounds. Its damage, accuracy, range, and utility varies depending on the type of ammunition utilized. It can be loaded with slugs, buckshot, dragon's breath, or meteorslug shot.
C-20r Submachine Gun
14 TC Brute
A fully-loaded Scarborough Arms bullpup submachine gun that fires .45 rounds, boasts a 20-round magazine and is compatible with suppressors. Ideal for short to medium range and capable of firing in two round bursts or semi-automatic fire. While it deals low brute damage compared to many other firearms, the stamina damage will stun targets in just two hits making it excellent for keeping crew pinned down for other operatives to finish off.
M-90gl Carbine
18 TC Brute
A three-round burst 5.56 toploading carbine, designated 'M-90gl' with an attached underbarrel grenade launcher which can be toggled on and off. An ideal weapon for medium to long range, the M-90gl is capable of effectively stopping targets in as little as two bursts.
L6 Squad Automatic Weapon
40 TC Brute 45 / +5 Armor Piercing A fully-loaded Aussec Armoury belt-fed machine gun. This deadly weapon has a massive 50-round magazine of devastating 5.56x45mm ammunition. It requires two hands to appropriately wield, and holding something in your other hand will cause you to drop the weapon due to recoil.
Sniper Rifle
16 TC Variable Variable A rifle with a very low fire-rate, heavy recoil and devastating damage or effects on whatever its bullets hit. Comes included with a scope that lets you see several tiles ahead at the cost of not being able to spot anyone coming at you from behind. It can also be suppressed if you're planning to be stealthy during your operation. It comes loaded with devastating .50 sniper rounds and can be additionally loaded with Soporific, Antimatter, Hemorrhage or Penetrator rounds. You must also have both hands free to fire this gun!
Toy Submachine Gun
5 TC Stamina 25 Designed for non-lethal operations, the Donksoft SMG is a cheap alternative to most loud weapons and could potentially be used in stealth operations. You can insert a pen into the darts to make them deal five brute damage.
Toy Machine Gun
10 TC Stamina 25 Designed for non-lethal operations, the Donksoft LMG is a cheaper alternative to most loud weapons and could potentially be used in stealth operations. You can insert a pen into the darts to make them deal five brute damage.

Support and Mechanized Exosuits

Item Cost Purpose Description
Gygax Exosuit
90 TC A mech for close-range attacks and chasing down key targets with its speed. A lightweight exosuit, painted in a dark scheme. Its speed and equipment selection make it excellent for hit-and-run style attacks. It comes fully equipped with a scattershot rifle for easily downing any nearby attackers, leg actuator overload for a power-hungry speed boost, ion thrustors for easier travel through space and moderate armor and shielding to shrug off most conventional means of attack.
Mauler Exosuit
140 TC A mech for shrugging off most attacks while blasting crew with missiles, machine guns and scattershot rifles. A massive and incredibly deadly Syndicate exosuit. Features long-range targeting, thrust vectoring, deployable smoke, LMG, Scattershot Launcher, Missile Rack and anti-projectile armor attachments. Far more durable than its Gygax counterpart with more utility, weapons, and armour, the Mauler is the peak of Syndicate robotics.
Syndicate Reinforcement
25 TC Receiving another operative to assist you. Teleports in another nuclear operative to add to your team. They come equipped with only basic equipment, so make sure you set aside spare telecrystals to buy them some gear.
Syndicate Assault Cyborg
60 TC Getting a robot buddy programmed for providing combat support. A cyborg designed and programmed for systematic extermination of non-Syndicate personnel. The combat borg module has more than enough fire power to eliminate most enemies, including a 6 round grenade launcher, a single-shot heavy machine gun and an energy sword. It also comes with an emag and crowbar to force open doors it cannot interface with and an operative pinpointer to prevent it from getting separated from other operatives.
Syndicate Medical Cyborg
35 TC Getting a robot buddy programmed for providing medical support. A cyborg designed and programmed for keeping syndicate operatives alive in the field. It comes with a medbeam gun that works the same way as the handheld version operatives can buy as well as a hypospray loaded with extremely strong healing nanites, which will quickly heal even the worst injuries. It can keep other syndicate cyborgs alive with nanopaste and features an entire set of surgical equipment should emergency surgery become a necessity. It also comes with an energy saw for close range combat, an emag and crowbar to force open doors it cannot interface with and an operative pinpointer to prevent it from getting separated from other operatives.
Syndicate Saboteur Cyborg
25 TC Getting a robot buddy programmed for providing stealthy support. A cyborg designed and programmed for hiding on board NT stations and sabotaging their equipment. It comes with all the standard engineering tools you can find on any NT engineering borg as well as a special chameleon disguise module that lets it look just like an engineering cyborg when used. If it needs to defend itself or assassinate a target it can use an energy sword like that of the combat cyborg. It also comes with an emag and crowbar to force open doors it cannot interface with and an operative pinpointer to prevent it from getting separated from other operatives.

Stealthy and Inconspicuous Weapons

Item Cost Damage Type Damage Description
CQC Manual
8 TC Brute, Stamina and Stun Variable A manual that teaches a single user tactical Close-Quarters Combat before self-destructing. Does not restrict weapon usage, but cannot be used alongside Gloves of the North Star. Your disarms will inflict some stamina damage while shoving people, your grabs will immobilize for a second making it easier to reinforce them, your harm attacks will deal moderate stamina damage, and you will get a set of combos that allow you to efficiently knockdown, disarm or stun your opponent. You can find more information on CQC and its combos Here.
Combat Gloves Plus
5 TC Brute and oxygen Variable Aside from the benefits of normal combat gloves, these imbue the wearer with the ability to use Krav Maga


Ammunition for the various weapons employed by Nuclear Agents.

Item Cost Damage Type Damage Description
Box of Bioterror Syringes
5 TC Chemical Variable A box of 7 preloaded syringes, containing various chemicals that seize up the victim's motor and broca system, making it impossible for them to move or speak while in their system. One syringe causes brain damage, paralysis, confusion, drowsiness, and removes their ability to speak for a brief duration. Like all syringes, these will not pierce hardsuits.
Drum Magazine - 12g Buckshot
2 TC Brute 15 These rounds are intended for dealing with targets at close quarters. Make sure your firing line is clear, as it's relatively easy to hit friendlies due to the wide spread. Each pellet in a shell deals 15 brute damage with damage falloff the further away a target is.
Drum Magazine - 12g Slugs
2 TC Brute 60 An additional 8-round slug magazine for use in the Bulldog shotgun. Slugs are capable of quickly taking down even the most armoured of targets.
Drum Magazine - 12g Meteorslug
2 TC Brute
30 brute/2 second weaken An alternative 8-round meteorslug magazine for use in the Bulldog shotgun. Great for blasting airlocks off their frames and knocking down enemies.
Drum Magazine - 12g Dragon's Breath
2 TC Brute
An alternative 8-round dragon's breath magazine for use in the Bulldog shotgun. Each shell contains 4 pellet which deal 5 brute damage and sets the target on fire. Additionally the pellets leave a heat trail, raising the temperature of areas they passed by.
Shotgun Ammo Grab Bag
12 TC N/A N/A A bag containing an assortment of ammo drums for the Bulldog Shotgun at a discounted price. Features one Dragon's Breath drum, two Buckshot drums, and six Slug drums.
Magazine - .45
Ammo 45.png
2 TC Brute
An additional 20 round magazine for the C-20r Submachine Gun.
.45 Ammo Grab Bag
14 TC N/A N/A A bag containing 10 .45 C20r Magazines at a discounted price. A great purchase if you declare war or plan to have all operatives using the C20r SMG.
Toploader Magazine - 5.56
Ammo 556.png
2 TC Brute 35 An additional 30 round magazine for the M-90gl.
Ammo Box - 40mm Grenades
Ammo 40mm.png
4 TC Brute
An additional 4 grenade launcher rounds for the M-90gl. Each shell does 60 brute damage on hit, followed by an explosion which can easily dismember a person even if the shell does not hit them directly.
Box Magazine - 5.56x45mm
Ammo 762.png
12 TC Brute 45 / +5 Armor Piercing An additional 50 round magazine for the L6-SAW.
Box of Riot Darts
2 TC Stamina 25 This ammo box contains 40 additional riot foam darts which can be used to load the Toy Submachine Gun or the Toy Machine Gun.
.50 Magazine
Ammo 50cal.png
4 TC Brute 70 / +50 Armor Piercing An additional 6 round .50 magazine for the Sniper Rifle. These bullets will stun anyone they hit and can destroy walls and objects
.50 Antimatter Magazine
Ammo 50cala.png
5 TC Brute 70 / +50 Armor Piercing An additional 6 round .50 Antimatter magazine for the Sniper Rifle. Rounds have a 50% chance of delimbing the target and do massive damage to walls and objects.
.50 Soporific Magazine
Ammo 50cals.png
3 TC Sleep 40 secs An additional 3 round .50 Soporific magazine for the Sniper Rifle. Rounds deal 0 damage, but instantly put a target to sleep.
.50 Hemorrhage Magazine
Ammo 50calh.png
4 TC Brute 45 / +25 Armor Piercing An additional 5 round .50 Hemorrhage magazine for the Sniper Rifle. On top of 45 brute damage, each shot stuns the target for 3 seconds and reduces blood level by 26%.
.50 Penetrator Magazine
Ammo 50calp.png
5 TC Brute 60 / +50 Armor Piercing An additional 5 round .50 Penetrator magazine for the Sniper Rifle. Each round is capable of penetrating an unlimited number of targets, objects and walls in its path up to a range of 50 tiles.

Space Suits and Hardsuits

Item Cost Coverage Brute Bullet Laser Energy Bomb Bio Rad Description
Blood-Red Hardsuit
Syndi Hardsuit.png
N/A Full Body 40 50 30 15 35 100 50 The feared suit of a syndicate nuclear agent. Toggling the suit into combat mode will allow you all the mobility of a loose fitting uniform without sacrificing armor. Additionally the suit is collapsible, small enough to fit within a backpack. Comes packaged with internals. Nanotrasen crewmembers are trained to report red space suit sightings, these suits in particular are known to drive employees into a panic.
Elite Syndicate Hardsuit
Elite Syndi Hardsuit.png
8 TC Full Body 60 60 50 25 55 100 70 The elite Syndicate hardsuit is worn by elite Syndicate operatives. Features greater armouring to its traditional counterpart along with fireproofing. The combat mode enables greater mobility at the cost of sacrificing space-proofing. Nanotrasen crewmembers are trained to report Syndicate space suit sightings; these suits in particular are known to drive employees into a panic.
Shielded Syndicate Hardsuit
Syndi Hardsuit.png
30 TC Full Body 40 50 30 15 35 100 50 This hardsuit is identical to its cousin the Blood-Red Hardsuit, however unlike its cousin it features an overshield capable of absorbing the shock from three projectile bullets in a short duration. The shield slowly recharges itself over time, and is capable of deflecting an infinite number of projectiles so long as the shield is given adequate time to charge back up.

Grenades and Explosives

Item Cost Purpose Description
Viscerator Delivery Grenade
6 TC Sending a swarm of tiny machines to attack every non-operative nearby. A unique grenade that deploys a swarm of viscerators upon activation which chase down and shred any non-operatives in the area. The grenade spawns 5 viscerators which each deal 15 brute damage every hit and are small enough to pass over certain objects such as tables. While viscerators have only 15 health and are easily dispatched, they are deadly in close-quarters scenarios.
Grenadier Belt
30 TC Throwing a large variety of deadly grenades at the crew. A belt that starts with 26 grenades and can hold up to 30. Contents : 4 smoke grenades, 2 EMP grenades, 4 gluon grenades (makes floors frozen and slippery, freezes and irradiate people), 1 fluosulphuric acid smoke grenade, 1 sarin gas grenade, 2 small plasma fire grenades, 10 frag grenades (does not breach station floors, can embed shrapnels in people hit), 2 syndicate minibombs
Composition X4
2 TC Making a big hole in the station. This pack of explosives can detonate and blow out walls and airlocks alike. It has an adjustable timer, and unlike its counterpart C4, features no blow back meaning an operative can safely stand behind it. There is a significant blast radius outwards from the charge however.
Bag of C4 explosives
8 TC Blowing open any bolted airlocks that stand in your way A bag containing 10 packs of C4 explosive. If the AI is bolting you out of every airlock you approach, these will quickly make their means of impeding you useless.
Bag of X4 explosives
4 TC Making several big holes in the station. A bag containing 3 packs of X4 explosive. Very useful for breaking into any rooms you're locked out of while injuring everyone inside.

Stealth and Camouflage Items

Item Cost Purpose Description
Honk-brand Infiltration Kit
6 TC HONK A backpack containing the standard clown loadout, so you can put on the greatest show NT has ever seen! Also comes with a voice changer mask rather than the usual clown mask, a pair of clown magboots to assist with boarding and a comic dna injector so you'll even talk like a clown once on board.

Devices and Tools

Item Cost Purpose Description
Blood-Red Magboots
Syndi Magboots.png
2 TC Staying upright in zero-gravity environments. A pair of magnetic boots with a Syndicate paintjob that assist with freer movement in space or on-station during gravitational generator failures. Just like Nanotrasen magboots, these boots will slow you down while active in indoor areas.
Medbeam Gun
15 TC Providing medical aid to a target. A beam gun which can heal both brute and burn damage on a target. This gun also has a chance to mend broken bones with each healing pulse. Caution is advised if the team has more than two Medbeam gun users, as crossing the beams will result in an explosion.
Energy Shield
16 TC Blocking and defending energy-based projectiles. Capable of deflecting energy projectiles, the Energy Shield is ideally paired with a weapon. It is completely useless against ballistic weaponry, meaning you should prioritize targets with ballistics while using it.
Combat Medic Kit
7 TC Healing and reviving other operatives. The first aid kit comes with a combat defibrillator, four synthflesh patches, a night vision medical hud, and a hypospray filled with combat stims.
Syndicate Detonator
3 TC Synchronizing syndicate bomb detonations. Activating this will set off all currently planted Syndicate Bombs in five seconds.
Diamond Tipped Thermal Safe Drill
Diamond drill.png
1 TC Forcing open that pesky safe. For when the captain decides to put the nuke disk inside his floor safe - this is one of only two ways to force it open. To use the drill, first attach it to the safe and then activate it to start the drilling. Once completed, you'll need to remove the drill before you can open the safe up. It's advised to have someone on the team keep a single telecrystal spare to buy this, lest you find yourself right on top of the disk with no means to get to it.
Assault Pod Targeting Device
25 TC Space Marine Roleplay and aggressive boarding of hostile ships. The assault pod is a heavily armored and weaponized mobile base that can be crashed into the ship you have been tasked with destroying. The pod comes equipped with 8 automated machine guns on its hull which will fire upon any non-Syndicate targets in range. Keep in mind that although the pod gives you a very defensible entry point when starting your attack, it is a one way trip.
Teleporter Circuit Board
20 TC Warping onto the Nanotrasen ship. A printed circuit board that completes the teleporter on-board the mothership. Mostly useless, since a teleporter board can be stolen for the cost of a few blocks of C4 from telecomms, or from the abandoned teleporter.
VTEC Upgrade Module
Cyborg upgrade1.png
6 TC Increase survivability of your cyborgs. Makes the borg as fast as average human to keep them from falling behind the team or lets them avoid danger much easier. You only need your ID and a crowbar to install.


Item Cost Purpose Description
Thermal Vision Implant
8 TC Seeing enemies and other living creatures through walls. Thermal vision allows you to see living creatures, but not any equipment they may be dragging with them. If your team has an extra 2 telecrystals to spend, the X-ray vision implant is a slightly more expensive but more effective option.
X-ray Vision Implant
10 TC Seeing living creatures and everything else around you through the walls. X-ray vision allows you to see everything in your vicinity as if the walls did not exist. This is very handy knowledge to have when trying to sneak through an enemy ship or outmaneuver enemy combatants.
CNS Rebooter Implant
12 TC Reducing down time when in combat. This implant will lower the amount of time you are down from any stun effect. This includes being shot by disabling weaponry and being knocked down from explosions. It will reduce the stun time from being tased or baton just enough to make you impossible to be cuffed by a single individual.
Hardened Reviver Implant
8 TC Emergency healing when in critical health. The reviver implant will attempt to heal damage on the user should they fall into critical health. Only basic damage types are heal-able with this implant and more advanced injuries such as broken bones, injured organs, and internal bleeding will not be fixed. Unlike the normal reviver implant, this hardened one is immune to EMP attacks.
Microbomb Implant
2 TC Blowing yourself up for the glory of the Syndicate. A final stand weapon which can be triggered manually by an operative or activates automatically upon death to prevent capture of Syndicate technologies by other companies. The size of the explosion can be increased by adding additional implants to an operative.
Macrobomb Implant
20 TC Blowing yourself up, the enemy up, and anything else remotely near you up for the glory of the Syndicate. A final stand weapon which can be triggered manually by an operative or activates automatically upon death. The resulting explosion is significantly larger than the microbomb implant and should not be used anywhere near your fellow operatives. There is a short delay when detonating the implant manually, so if you're going to suicide charge/bomb the Captain, make sure he can't tase you and skedaddle.


Item Cost Purpose Description
Bulldog Bundle
9 TC Ambushing people in darkness or around corners with close range buckshot shells. A duffelbag that comes with the Bulldog shotgun, 2 buckshot magazines and a pair of chameleon thermal glasses, saving 3TC over buying the items separately. Keep in mind that you get a free bulldog shotgun on the shuttle, so consider whether you need the other items in this bundle before purchasing it.
C-20r Bundle
18 TC Silenced suppression of multiple targets. A duffelbag that comes with the C-20r SMG, 3 additional .45 magazines and a surplus suppressor, saving 3TC over buying the items separately. Excellent value if you plan to use the C-20r as your main weapon.
Medical Bundle
20 TC Keeping your teammates alive. A duffelbag that comes with the Medical beam gun, a combat medkit and a pair of blood red magboots, saving 4TC over buying the items separately. Very useful if you want to play a dedicated support role in the team.
Sniper Bundle
18 TC Being a highly professional operative. A briefcase that comes with the Syndicate sniper rifle, 2 Soporific magazines, a surplus suppressor and an armored black suit complete with red tie, saving 5TC over buying the items separately. Geared more towards stealth operatives, the Soporific rounds will let you silence anyone who spots you to prevent early detection while the suit can be used to blend in better with the crew.
Cybernetic Implants Bundle
40 TC Provides a variety of implants for the whole team. The implant bundle gives you 5 random enhancement implants picked from the four types available to your team (thermal vision, x-ray vision, anti-stun, and reviver). Although the implants in the bundle are random, it is on average cheaper to purchase the bundle then to get 5 individual implants.