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Article doesn't have much information and traders have been massively overhauled since PR #24883.


Superiors: Depends on type of Trader
Difficulty: Easy, Roleplay Based
Guides: No external guides.
Access: Trading Satellite, Freighter
Duties: Trade items to the crew. Acquire credits and plasma. Deal with troublesome customers.


Departmental Head

Special Roles
Special Guides

Traders are merchants employed by one of the various galactic factions who sell their stock to any station they may come across. Their inventory can vary in legality in whichever sector they choose to sell their goods in, so crew are recommended to acquire legal carry permits before purchase. Typically accepted currencies by Traders are plasma ore and credits.

Becoming a Trader

Two or one trader are picked to spawn in inside the Trading Satellite through a Midround roll, depending on the number of polled ghost candidates who accepted the offer to play as one. "Trader" needs to be enabled in the Antagonists panel in order to get a chance to play as a Trader.

Tools of the Trade

Trading Satellite in-game.

The Traders are tasked by their supervisors to acquire a commissioned amount of plasma and credits through the sale of items. To achieve this goal, they are provided with the Trading Satellite and their own personal Freighter, along with a bountiful stock of merchandise. Their standard equipment also includes a hand labeler with two refill rolls for pricing their items, a survival box for emergencies, and a baton to defend themselves from any rowdy customers. 

Trading Satellite

Headquarters of the Traders where their Freighter starts docked. It comes supplied with vendors for buying food, drinks, and emergency medical supplies; a bathroom for sanitary needs; a small conference table for planning out sales pitches; and cryogenic sleepers for a well-earned rest after a successful business trip.


The ship that the Traders use to deliver cargo from their satellite to the station. All their stock comes neatly pre-loaded in lockers for easy storage. It's piloting controls can be accessed with the Freighter Console, allowing you to only jump between the satellite and the station. It has two entry ways for depositing items during sale, which have flashers installed in case an unwanted person tries to enter. The customer's side has an ATM attached to a wall, allowing for easy cash withdrawal.

WARNING: Leaving the Freighter to go onto the station is not allowed without prior administrator approval. Make an Adminhelp first!

Items For Sale

Traders are always supplied with six items each for most departments on the station and also have gear their faction is known for.

Category Description
Chameleon jumpsuit.gif
Civilian Gear
Ranges from soap to fancy jumpsuits. Basic appliance for basic people.
Stacks of minerals you can usually get from mining. Doesn't include plasma, as that's what Traders are here for.
Donksoft Gear
Plenty of fun toys courtesy of the Donk corporation. You can never go wrong with Donksoft!
Science Gear
Items highly sought after by the Science department. Can be anomaly cores harnessing various powers, computer-written research notes that can be deconstructed with a Destructive Analyzer for research levels or upgraded mech equipment.
Medical Gear
A wide variety of medical equipment, which may include DNA injectors with helpful mutations, helpful Abductor glands, rare chemicals or even a medical beamgun!
Security Gear
Combat gear targeted towards the Security department. Pieces of SWAT armour, a kit to make your baton radiate extra swagger, combat modules and a few ballistic weapons.
Engineering Gear
Upgraded versions of standard tools and MODsuit modules meant for use by the Engineering department. Batteries not included.
Service Gear
A robust selection of items for the Service department. Rare ingredients for the Chef and Bartender, as well as a piecannon, gilded bikehorn and a banana grenade for the Clown, unique seeds for the Botanist and even a construct shell for the Chaplain.
Disco Ball.png
Large Item
A random large item. Could be a Radiant Dance Machine which no party can go without, a snow machine, cereal maker or an ouja board to communicate with the spirits.
A fast-moving vehicle to cruise around the station with.

The Merchants

Many factions employ traders to sell their surplus, which means a different assortment of inventory someone can get from a trader of a specific faction.

Organization Trader Specific Gear Description
Trans-Solar Federation
Firearm Themed Gear
Entrepreneurs from one of the myriad independent companies found in the TSF's borders. In addition to the general stock you'd expect traders to carry, they also peddle surplus military gear.

Remember, you are not inside the TSF's borders - you do not have an inherent right to bear arms. Grab a permit for that 1911!

Cybersun Industries Trader.png
Cybersun Industries
Syndicate Themed Gear
Completely trustworthy sales representatives from a completely trustworthy corporation. Absolutely nothing illegal whatsoever.

What? This Mauler? Yes, it's TOTALLY legal!

USSP Trader.png
Soviet Themed Gear
Greatest Comrade! We have many surplus soviet uniform and glorious ammo and weaponry! You buy, yes?
Glint Scales Trader.png
Glint Scales
Melee Themed Gear
Melee weapons and armour fit for any ssssstrong warrior.
Steadfast Trading Company Trader.png
Steadfast Trading Company
Seed X.png
Botany Themed Gear
Based in Dalstalt and backed by their merchant guild, STC is the largest vulpkanin trading company currently operating. Whilst most of their fleet are liquid plasma tankers, they operate a significant number of general-purpose cargo haulers, large and small.
Synthetic Union Trader.png
Synthetic Union
Arm implant.png
Cybernetic Themed Gear
Many technologically advanced implants providing options for utility and combat. Must have for fans of robotics!
Skipjack Trader.png
Vox Themed Gear
A group of Vox dispatched from a nearby skipjack with a shipment of goods to trade. It's unclear if they obtained these items through previous trades, or raiding - and it's probably best to not ask.
Solar-Central Compact Trader.png
Solar-Central Compact
Medical Themed Gear
A lot of medical equipment filled to the brim with love.
Technocracy Trader.png
Technology Themed Gear
Bluespace technology mixed in with implants.
Merchant Guild Trader.png
Merchant Guild
Command Jumpsuits.gif
Clothing Themed Gear
Fancy clothes for the truly fashionable!

The Art of the Deal

You find yourself as a Trader, and you and your trading partner decide to start selling as fast as possible. Hold on for now, as you should probably think of a few things before venturing into your sales journey.

  • Price your items fairly. Your stock does not come pre-priced, so you both must do it yourselves. For this, you are each provided a hand labeler and two refill rolls in your backpacks.
  • Make up a business strategy. You don't have to just follow the goal and get the green text. Traders get a lot of freedom to sell their items in whichever way they want, apart from obvious antagonism. Make a neat slogan! Advertise your items on the radio! Buy two, get one for free! The only limit is your imagination.

Handbook to Black Friday Shopping

Traders have come into town to bless your station with items of varying legality! This doesn't mean all you can do is buy the biggest, most illegal thing in the whole sector and parade around with it waiting to be arrested.

  • Get a permit. It's not hard to arrest a man with a gun, but it is hard to arrest a man with a gun who has a permit for it. Ask the Head of Security or the Captain and they can write one up for you.
  • Use your spare credits wisely. You bought everything you wanted, yet you still have spare cash on hand? Who knows, maybe you could strike a deal yourself! Bargaining, either with the Traders or the crew, might let you get out with more than two items for the price of one.
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