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Nuclear Agent

Superiors: The Syndicate
Difficulty: Very Hard
Guides: This is the guide
Access: Any place an e-mag or a block of C4 will open
Duties: Get the nuclear disk, set the crew up the bomb. Ha ha ha.


Departmental Head

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You have chosen, or been chosen to be one of the few, the strong, the Elite. Your Mission, whether or not you choose to accept it will be to destroy the most advanced commercial facility of the enemy of this corporation! That's right, you are going to the NSS Cyberiad.

A team of five (Borgs not included) Syndicate Nuclear Agents (Or Nuclear Operatives) have been sent on a mission to completely destroy the station with a nuclear bomb. However, they must get the Nuclear Authentication Disk from the station itself in order to arm the bomb. The operatives have access to advanced gear available only to them and pinpointers that will allow them to hunt for the disk.

Your Objectives

  • 1. Retrieve the Nuclear Authentication Disk
  • 2. Arm the Nuclear Fission Explosive inside the NSS Cyberiad
  • 3. Escape alive on the Syndicate Shuttle

Preparing for your mission

All nuclear operatives spawn in the Syndicate base on a distant, snowy planet. One operative is designated as the leader - they have access to the crystal distribution system and decides when the mission starts.

The Nuclear Code

The very first thing you should do is memorize the Nuclear code! This changes every time the syndicate agents are created on their shuttle. How to make sure you memorize it is simple. Simply type Note in the chat bar (without having say before it) or going to the IC tab then going to the Note verb and type the code in.

Getting Started

All nuclear operatives start with a badass turtleneck, combat gloves, a headset with a Syndicate encryption key, a stetchkin pistol and a backpack with a cyanide pill and radio uplink in it. A bloodred hardsuit can be found with matching magboots on the shuttle, and a belt with nightvision goggles can be found in the gear room directly south of the main room.

The radio uplink is like an unlocked Syndicate PDA - it can order most traitor items and much, much more!

A plan to kill everyone you meet

Before you drown yourself in guns, bombs and ammo, you should make up and discuss a plan with your fellow operatives.

The first thing to decide is whether to go in guns blazing, or take a more stealthy approach. Both have their pros and cons. If you are agressive, shoot everyone and blow up half the station, you have a good chance of a surprise blitz, and get out with the nuke disk even before they notice you. If you are stealthy, and succeed, you may blow up the station before the crew notices the captain's dead and the disk is gone (this is highly unlikely though).

Most teams will take a shooty-shooty-boom-boom approach, though. For that to work, you need a good insertion point. Possible choices that actually work:

  • Cargo. Cargo, especially disposals, is sometimes deserted, and close enough to the bridge with not too many airlocks. Beware of disposal units and file cabinets.
  • Incinerator. The incinerator has no camera and air alarm, so you can breach it without the AI noticing. You don't even have to use C4, you can just disassemble the window.
  • Armory/Permabrig. Done by some nuclear teams, but rarely has a happy end. The upside is that you can space most of the armory's content before security becomes aware of your existence. The downside is a metric fuckton of airlocks that can be bolted by the AI and the proximity of security forces - remember to never underestimate those tasers.
  • Telecomms. Usually not a good idea. Most teams go to telecomms so sabotage the equipment there, and to use the teleporter to breach the station - either through the teleporter room or to the bridge. Remember, if you teleport to the bridge, watch out for energy guns and laser guns on the sides - their shots always go through the windows, bullets don't.
  • Your shuttle's teleporter. If you choose to spend 40 telecrystals to complete the teleporter, you can use it like a regular releporter. Usually yields the same results as a telecomms strategy.
  • Your base's Assault Pod. Unless if you want one of your operatives to stay in the shuttle and prepare the nuke and evac, there is no stealth in this strategy. But on the bright side, it has 8 machine guns and it's heavily protected, giving your team lots of cover. Pretty much the same way how the Telecomms strategy works. Be prepared for a one way out once you got the disk.
  • It's a fair warning with all of these approaches excluding the teleporter and the assault pod that you will have to breach from space, and should be wary of having fastmos slam glass shards into your chest until it breaks your ribs. Never stand directly in front of a window you're opening.

Whatever you do though, the key to success of all plans is good teamwork.


One of the keys to success as an operative is proper equipment. You have limited space, so choose every item carefully.

Equipment in the base

Where you spawn, the Syndicate base has more than meets the eye. Most of the equipment comes from the southern room with the lockers, but useful stuff can be found here and there.

  • Combat Gloves - Stylish black combat gloves which are heat-proof and insulated.
  • Stetchkin Pistol - The most common weapon seen in operative hands, this is your standard firearm. The Stetchkin is a trusty sidearm, but doesn't fare well against armored targets. There's more ammo for it on the shuttle.
  • Military belt - Must take. Holds the stechkin, ammo, grenades, minibombs, emags and much more.
  • Night Vision Goggles - They let you see in the dark perfectly. Feel free to take out light sources, because it will provide you a tremendous advantage.
  • Ion Rifle - Useful against IPCs and borgs. Also useful for disabling energy weapons or equipment.
  • Crowbar - An all access ID card at best, a last-ditch melee weapon at worst.
  • YouTool machine - Dispenses a variety of tools such as: welders, crowbars, cable coil, wrenches, screwdrivers, and more!
  • pAI device - Might be worth taking, as it can see the crew manifest and provide quality company.
  • Big Red Button - Not just for show. It blows up Syndicate Bombs.
  • Box of drinking glasses and assorted bottles of alcohol - To have a drink before you make your way to your deaths certain victory.
  • Pizza - Delicious.
  • Syndicate deck of cards - A game of blackjack before the mission? A thrilling match of poker with the captain for the nuke disk? Improvised throwing weapon? You decide.
  • Soap - Slip the captain before you put a few holes in his chest.

Equipment on the shuttle

In addition to the equipment you can buy with your crystals, you get to loot the Syndicate Shuttle. Here's what you can expect:

  • Blood Red Hardsuit - The signature armor of nuke ops. It protects well against bullets and lasers, but has almost no radiation resistance (remember this when the captain hides in the SM engine room). You also get matching magboots.
  • Bulldog Shotgun - This handy shotgun comes loaded with buckshot shells by default, which will absolutely devastate anyone at close range. You can buy more ammo for 2 crystals. You can choose from stun shells, buckshot (deals heavy brute damage), dragonsbreath shells (deals brute damage and lights people on fire) and so on.
  • Suspicious Toolbox - It's like a standard blue toolbox, but more sinister looking, lacks an analyzer, but has a multitool and cable instead.
  • 2x Suspicious Beacon - Spawns a Syndicate Bomb (makes a big hole), which can be activated with the big red button.
  • Intellicard - Real men not only blow up the entire station, but steal the AI as well.
  • Pinpointer - Points to the nuke disk. Fits in the PDA slot. Make sure to grab one!
  • Military PDA - Comes with a detomatix cartridge, and can open and close your shuttle's blast doors.
  • Jetpack - Put it in your backpack slot or it won't work. Allows you change direction while flying in open space.
  • Black and Red Space Suit and Helmet - Offers almost the same protection as the hardsuit, but looks less stylish and can hold less items in its storage. It's also less likely to cause as much of a panic as the hardsuits.
  • Internals crate, O2 and N2 canister - You can take an Oxygen tank in case something happens to your jetpack. Don't forget to fill it up.
  • Donk Pockets - Donks filled with meth and stimulants. Eating more than one bite at a time WILL KILL YOU! Be careful.
  • Box of Flashbangs - Fill up free space on your military belt with one or two of these.
  • Box of Tear Gas Grenades - See flashbangs. These are quite effective against people who don't have gas masks on, that is, almost everyone... Until they find out you're using tear gas.
  • Plastic Explosives - C4. Use it to blow open a wall or an airlock that you can't get past quickly enough otherwise.
  • Surgery duffelbag - Nobody ever plays the doctor, considering how long and dangerous a surgery is when you're assaulting an enemy vessel, but hey, it's there if you want it.

Declaring War

Declaration of War - "The Syndicate Nuclear Strike Team Leader has declared their intent to utterly destroy NSS Cyberiad with a nuclear device, and dares the crew to try and stop them."

It is possible to use the small device found in the commander's area to declare war on the station within the first 10 minutes of the round. This will send a loud warning to the station's personnel warning them of the Nuclear Operatives' soon arrival, but give you an additional 180 TC to buy more equipment, as well as four crystals for every crew member over 50. These crystals will be split evenly between your team members. Most times declaring war means facing a completely armed and armored station filled with barricades and the Captain snuggly secured with the disk in their Gamma armory mech hidden inside a bolted room. Good luck.

The Assault

You are equipped and armed with the best equipment the Syndicate can provide you with. Actually completing your objective is another story.

Getting There

The syndicate shuttle is NOT in proximity of the station when the nuke team is first sent out. One of the agents must use the control computer to move the shuttle into close proximity to the station.

Next, you must use the blast doors to exit the shuttle. Only a PDA with a detomatrix cartridge can open these doors remotely. The syndicates start with one PDA that has this, this is a very important item, do not let the enemy get their hands on this.

Be sure to lock the door behind you, otherwise Nanotrasen personnel may be able to board your shuttle and steal your equipment (or even the nuclear fission explosive itself!).

Roger Wilco, this is Charlie OVER

You have a special head set frequency, set in an encrypted wave length (:t). This is how you will, and must communicate with your team. Communicate pass words, safe words, the nuclear code, and attack plans on this channel early, there is no telling who might get the head set later.

Making code named strikes with your nuke team will be the most effective way to deal with the crew, but it is difficult to get them to listen.

Safe words can be said if you see a fellow red suit but are in disguise. Example, "Know Wait!". Something simple. Keep it simple, fast, and easy to say.

Passwords are only useful if you have a door guard in the shuttle, or some one with the Military PDA. Make it as you want, said over the syndicate frequency.


  • When your team decides to go out via the Syndicate Shuttle, make sure that you have your Jetpack on your back. Putting it in the armor slot or on hand won't work. If you decide to bring your bag along, keep it on your hand.
  • As said before, do NOT eat Donk Pockets more than one at the time, otherwise it will cause heart attacks, leading to your death.
  • All of your fellow agents will have a big red S by their head, so you know not to attack them while in disguise. Be very careful when you see this S, as you don't want to kill your fellow agents on accident.
  • Take out the AI. Very important. The AI can bolt doors, electrify every defense, slow down your team's advances. Using a Sniper Rifle with penetrator rounds or EMP and emag may help.
  • Communication is key. Your special headset can intercept almost every message in the station and you can communicate at a private frequency, understand their messages and your team's messages. Misunderstandings can lead to accidents, and accidents can lead to a failed mission.


You need this disk, but as it could be guarded by Captain, Head of Security, or Head of Personnel... You best go in without second thoughts or distractions. Even a lure and false positive to get the disk holder to where you want them will be effective.

One method includes blowing up the wall the disk holder has their back to. With a pack of X4 or a Syndicate Bomb, you can both tear down the wall, and cause critical damage to those on the other side.

Another requires team work, have one agent cause trouble in one spot (some place secure, like the brig), this will cause the disk holder to flee some place else secure. A place you will have your team staking out and ready to strike.

The disk's whereabouts can be located using a Pinpointer on your PDA slot, assuming you aren't a chucklefuck and remembered to take one with you. Do not throw the disk to a place that is dangerous for you, it makes your life harder.

Now, sometimes, the crew gets a whiff of you before you can strike, and hides the disk in the safe. Read about it for details on how to crack it, bank-robber style. Emagging that works as well.

You Have No Chance to Survive, Make Your Time

Once you get the disk, you need to rush back to the shuttle, make sure your team knows you got the disk, and to defend the shuttle and throw off anyone chasing you. There will be the nuke, now follow these guidelines in order:

  • Quickly right click it and make it deployable.
  • Click it with your open hand.
  • Place the Nuke disk into the slot.
  • Punch in the nuke code, hit enter.
  • Set the time.
  • Set it to Armed.
  • Disengage the anchor.
  • Have it timing as you run off with the thing (if you die it will still go off).
  • Place the nuke anywhere you want on the station.
  • Anchor it.
  • Take the Nuke Disk out.
  • Take it with you, or it'll be real embarrassing when a greyshirt finds the nuke by chance and disarms it.
  • Get back to your shuttle.
  • If any other nuke agents are alive, give them a moment to get to the shuttle.
  • Once you and your buddies are loaded in the shuttle, get out of there.

IMPORTANT: Remember that the nuke is required to be IN the station. Detonating it on the Solars or the Toxins Test Chamber will prevent you from winning.

Mission Debriefing

  • If the Emergency Shuttle leaves with the Disk on board the NAS Trurl or if all Nuclear Operatives are eliminated, the Crew wins a Major Victory.
  • If the Emergency Shuttle leaves with the Disk still anywhere on the station, the Syndicate wins a Minor Victory.
  • If the Bomb detonates in the station successfully and the Syndicate Shuttle escapes, the Syndicate wins a Major Victory.
  • If the Bomb detonates in the station successfully but no Syndicate Operatives manage to escape, no-one wins.
  • If the Bomb detonates in an area that is not part of the station, no-one wins.

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