Emergency Response Team

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Emergency Response Team

Superiors: Central Command
Difficulty: Medium to Hard
Guides: Standard Operating Procedure
Access: Almost Everywhere
Duties: Resolve the emergency situation. Secure the station.


Departmental Head

Special Roles
Special Guides
Special Areas
Central Command • Elsewhere

You are part of an Rapid Response Unit in the direct service of Epsilon Eridani Nanotrasen Central Command. As an Emergency Response Team Member, your job is to return your assigned station to survivable conditions. Good luck.

You have a special radio channel issued for Central Command Response Teams and most CentCom Personnel. Your radio key is ':$'

Alright, Let's Move!

When you are a Ghost and currently observing the round, you have the option to join as a Response Team Member as soon as the Heads of Staff requests an Emergency Response Team, remember that ERTs are only called during threats the crew are unable to solve themselves but is recoverable with your assistance. Later, you'll be prompted to choose your gender then your specialisation that you want to pick.

If your 'Respawnability' is set to 'No' however (When you either used the ghost verb or cryo 30 minutes after the shift has been started), don't worry. You're still able to join the Response Team once all of the current ghosts with Respawnability on 'Yes' joined the ERT and there is not enough players to fill all the slots.

You begin in the special operations area at Central Command. As soon as you spawn in, announce your arrival over the response team radio channel and your preferred specialisation (Command, Security, Engineering, Medical, Paranormal, Janitor, Borg). Next, move into the main lobby and get ready. Your team leader might call for a briefing at this point; make sure to actually attend the briefing and to listen carefully.

Tools of the Trade

Response Team Members are equipped and provided with some of the reserved tools and equipment that Centcom has to offer. You have a lot given to you, so make sure to make the best use of your equipment and not accidentally cause more damage to the station.


Depending on your Alert classification (Amber, Red, Gamma), RT members will spawn with a variety of different types of specialised gear. Amber are not EVA proof, where as Red and Gamma are, with Gamma also being fireproof. Your armor is also color coded for your specialisation. All RT members also possess a survival kit containing a combat knife, internals, flare, Centcom radio, synthflesh patch, and an emergency autoinjector. Your Centcom provided ID will be able to access any functional airlock on the station.


Your role is simple; Command the ERT and keep the station in line. Work with Command and let them steer their departments to order, while you and your team get to work sorting the issue. Generally less specialised than their RT comrades, they are still generally fairly armed and able to defend themselves with the right amount of skill.


The Security RT Members get access to some of the most advanced weaponry Nanotrasen has to offer. Don't forget, however, that you still follow Space Law and therefore should not shoot to kill criminals that are not dangerous. Even though you are generally more equipped than your average Office Joe, you still have power in numbers, and there's a reason your shirt is red.


Being a Engineering RT Member is the job you'll want to take if the station is suffering from hull breaches, hackers, sabotage or anything in-between. On Amber, you are the only one with EVA. On Red and Gamma, you have powerful tools at your disposal to help you fix up the station and allow the rest of your team to work a little easier... breathing generally helps.


Medical RT Members deploy with with a good amount of movable medical equipment, easily allowing them to create a medical triage wherever they are needed with surgical equipment and medicines for most basic needs. With later levels having access to portable bodyscanners, they are able to perform surgery on the go, keeping the crew active to resolve issues all the more faster. Keep medbay flowing, be resourceful.


Some go into the Nanotrasen Navy to eliminate terrorists. Some go into the Nanotrasen Navy to save lives. Some go into the Nanotrasen Navy for the sheer thrill.

You went into the Nanotrasen Navy to do custodial work.

A clean station is a happy station, and most the time the station isn't happy. Janitor RT Members can clean up in the same way and same equipment how the standard Janitor does. They're deployed in some situations that REALLY requires cleaning, with later alerts being equipped with the fabled mop implant. Be careful, you're given a token weapon to ensure you don't slip up and let that All Access ID get into the wrong hands.


Heresy is afoot on the station! The Nanotrasen Grand Inquisitorial Staff have sent for one or more of their fabled Knights or Inquisitors to join the Response Team and lead the station back to the light of the Nanotrasen overlord. If the station is heavily endangered by cult magic or other paranormal means, Paranormal RT members are here to dispel the cult magic whenever needed. They're mostly armed with Security-Grade equipment and Chaplain related equipment as well. Now go, cleanse the heresy, remove the filth!

“Without a clear perception of his reasons for living, man will never consent to live, and will rather destroy himself than tarry on earth, though he be surrounded with bread".” - Nanotrasen Grand Inquisitor Aniello

Clear for Takeoff

At some point you're going to have to actually get to the station. The special operations shuttle due south of the main lobby will be used for this purpose. When everybody is suited up and ready, the ERT Commander will generally issue an order to get onto the shuttle and move out. If you don't have a Commander in your team for some reason and the rest of the team has assembled a long time ago, you can still launch the shuttle and try to do your best without an official leader.
You probably won't be allowed to return once you leave, so don't forget anyone or anything.

Just Doing My Job, Sir

Once you arrive aboard the NSS Cyberiad, it's time to get to work. Get a feel for what's going on in your specific department. If you're an Engineer Member and there are breaches to fix, you should probably assist in fixing them. Likewise, if you're a Medical Member and there are injured people to find/heal, you should probably start there. On the other hand, everything is subjective; listen to what the situation is from the command staff and make sure you know what're you're going to do before you rush into the fray.

Fixing up the station

Generally, once you arrive on the station you're going to be asked to help fix whatever caused the elevated security level in the first place. This could be any number of things, but most of them follow a general procedure. More often then not you will find yourself working in the the department you specialize in; medical specialists are most likely to be found in the medbay, engineering specialists are probably out fixing breaches, etc. This isn't always the case, though. Be ready to adapt to any ridiculous situations the round might try to throw at you.

Communication is key

By default, your headset is equipped with a response team decryption key that allows access to every department channel as well as your own secure response team channel. Your headset is your friend, use it! The best way to figure out what the situation and what you should be focusing on is by asking around on the headset. You'll probably be talking on your secure channel a lot as well, so don't forget to check in with your ERT Commander every once in a while so he doesn't think you're lost, dead, or SSD, if you have temporarily split up to cover more ground.

The Central Man in Blue

The Response Team Member that chooses to spawn as a RT Commander is the designated response team leader. The team leader dons a blue hardsuit or armor and is there to coordinate his or her team effectively and get the station back into working order. They'll usually be the ones barking orders at you (and sometimes at regular station personnel) in an attempt to keep everyone from going insane. Response team leader is, more often than not, a stressful position to be in. Respect. All in all, if you're not sure what you should be doing, try asking your team leader. They should be able to point you in the right direction, however make sure to pay attention to what's going on and give suggestions if needed as well.

Power Struggle

When it comes to following orders, your team leader's word always takes precedence. It doesn't matter if it's the Captain who ordered you to fire that guy out of the mass driver, the final word is always from your team leader. Of course, you should also take into account your own reasoning. If your team leader orders you to release the singularity, you should probably do a double-take and think before you possibly destroy the entire station.

Gamma ERT

The equipment Gamma ERT gets is alot better than what the station let alone Code RED ERT gets. All Gamma ERT get fireproof ERT armor suits. All Gamma ERT members get CNS Rebooters and Nutriment Pump Plus implants ready in their bodies. With exception of the janitorial ERT.


The commander gets following equipment:

  • 1 Lockbox with Mindshield Implants,
  • 1 PDW-9 Sidearm on their suit
  • 1 Enforcer 9mm loaded with lethal rounds.
  • 2 Spare Enforcer 9mm magazines, lethal
  • 1 SWAT Mask
  • 1 pair of cuffs
  • 1 Pinpointer
  • 1 Telescopic Baton
  • SecHUD and Integrated Flash Device for implants

The PDW-9 is a Advanced Stun Revolver with a different design. Statwise they are identical. The Enforcer is a decent ballistic weapon. Use it to break bones of evasive targets. Mindshield Implants to reimplant fallen officers with ease.

Magazines cannot be printed at cargo or RnD. Spare rounds can be aqquired from a hacked Autolathe at cargo.


Gamma Security ERT gets some new equipment:

  • 1 Advanced Energy gun on their suit
  • 1 Secbelt with security gear holstered on their beltslot
  • 1 Whetstone to sharpen their combat knife
  • 1 Multi-Lense Immolator Cannon
  • 1 Box of Flashbangs
  • 1 Lockbox with T4
  • 1 Swatmask
  • 1 Pocket Fire Extinguisher
  • 1 Energy Bola
  • SecHUDs and Telebaton-Implant

The advanced energy gun is identical to the one available to RnD. The Immolator-Cannon has two modes: Focus and Scatter. In Focus mode it fires an energy blast that sets targets alight and does 45 damage. In Scatter mode it works as a shotgun. 6 small orb shaped energy pulses are fired similar to a shotgun. Each pulse does 8 damage and sets the target alight. The Whetstone ups the knifes damage to 23 brute. T4 is a breaching charge. It applies Thermite to walls and ignites them while creating a small blast on the other side of the wall where the charge was planted.


Members of the Gamma ERT assigned for engineering get some new equipment aswell:

  • 1 PDW-9 on their suit
  • 1 Nightvision Mesons
  • 1 CE Toolbelt with powertools
  • 1 Combat RCD filled with 500 units worth of matter
  • 1 T-Ray Scanner with extended range
  • 1 Telebaton
  • 1 SWAT Mask
  • 1 Sec Hailer
  • 3 Matter Cardtridges
  • SecHUD, Welding Shield and Toolset Implant for implants.

The only new gear they get is the Combat RCD. Its a much faster RCD with a much higher capacity. Other than that they are just very well equipped engineers.


The medics of the Gamma ERT get the following selection of gear:

  • 1 PDW-9 on their suit
  • 1 Nightvision Goggles
  • 1 Nanite Hypospray
  • 1 Hypospray with Omnizine
  • 1 SWAT Mask
  • 1 Portable Advanced Bodyscanner
  • 1 Belt full of surgery tools
  • 1 Roller Bed
  • 1 Pocket Fire Extinguisher
  • 1 Compact Defibrilator on their Belt
  • Surgery Toolset Implant, Medical HUD Implant and a Mediray implant; 1 of each

The Portable advanced bodyscanner has 6 Charges in total. It can be recharged on any weapons charge. It gives detailed information about the patients well being, hinting at broken bones, organ damage etc. It is a mobile body scanner. It prints out a piece of paper with the scan. The Nanite Hypospray rapidly heals people from near dead to full health, even capable of mending bones. Omnizine/Hypospray helps with rapid wound recovery.

The Defib is the same the CMO gets. Rollerbeds allow quick field surgery. The MediRay Implant is a quick way to patch someone mid combat up. The beams of to MediRay implants follow similar mechanics to the medibeam guns; they should NOT be crossed.


The Janitors of the Gamma Team got some minor upgrades.

  • 1 Energy Gun
  • 1 SecHUD Sunglasses
  • 1 Telescopic Scythe
  • 1 Clusterbang Cleaner
  • 2 Anti Weed Grenades
  • 1 Box of replacement lights
  • 1 Bluespace Trashbag/Trashbag of Holding
  • 1 Space Cleaner
  • Advanced Mop Implant

The advanced Mop Implant makes the floor slippery, Anti Weed Grenades allow the Gamma ERT to clean out Kudzu rapidly. They are still rather toxic to crew. The Telescopic scythe is also very helpful in fighting Kudzu. Last but not least the clusterbang cleaner is there to create a massive wave of cleaning foam to remove all stains from the floor.


Paranormal ERT on Code Gamma only get some minor upgrades.

  • 1 Advanced Energy Gun on the suit
  • 1 Nightvision Goggles
  • 1 Cluster Holywater Grenade
  • 1 Null Rod
  • SecHUD for implants

The only new gear is the holywater foam grenade. It allows the Paranormal ERT to bless large areas.

Going Nuclear

In the event if the station was outrun by a biohazard capable of destroying the station or if the team has no other choice, there will be the Nanotrasen Nuclear Fission Explosive Device, which is considered as the 'Self-Destruct' of this station. Before that, the Command crew has to request the Nuclear Authentication Code in order for the team to detonate the explosive, the Nuclear Authentication Code will not work on its on. It also requires a Nuclear Authentication Disk, in order to access the interface of the device.

After Central Command gave the Nuclear Authentication Code either to team, to command or to public, they need to enter to the Vault. Which contains the device, which is either opened by the AI or by the team itself. Do not touch the device yet until you deployed it at its preferred location.

The Nuclear Fission Explosive will be at the Vault, in order to arm the device:

  • Right click the explosive and make it Deployable.
  • Open the interface by clicking on it with a free hand.
  • Insert the Nuclear Authentication Disk into the slot (Which is the [+++++]).
  • Type the nuclear authentication code into the keypad, then press E when you're done. If you make any mistake, press the Reset button (Which is R).
  • Set the time needed in order for the explosive to detonate (Typically 5 to 10 minutes).
  • Arm the explosive, anchor it and remove the disk, make sure that you reset the code too.

After that, the bomb will explode once the timer ticks to zero, leaving the station nothing but dust. The bomb WILL still detonate even if the disk is not in the slot. Now, in case if the explosive device needs to be relocated for any reason, reinsert the disk, disengage the anchor, pull the explosive to its desired location, reengage the anchor then remove the disk.

Some general pointers once you're on the field

  • Once the ERT has assembled Centcom will usually not allow an escape shuttle until you contain the situation or die horribly trying. Keep in mind your own ERT shuttle can also be hijacked.
  • Your help will generally be much more appreciated if you are doing something meaningful. You should generally try to co-operate and communicate with other crew rather than simply doing your own thing. They can point you out to the priority issues on the station let you know about any anomalies on the station.
  • If you have been called in during the prime of antagonists try not to engage overwhelming odds under the belief that you can take on anything. Take a moment to think up of a plan and gather crew to help before blindly rushing into your death.
  • You're not just about combat, you can be called in to deal with medical, engineering and possibly janitorial issues as well. Make sure to choose your role appropriately or else you might end up having nothing to do.

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