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Screenshot thread!

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take the dirty soap challenge...

It was one big grind, took a lot of meth. But i did it, and now i can retire from mining. Finally.   I don't know how many people have killed bubblegum before me but i am proud either way. N

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From days gone by, when i was still a but a baldie, and believed in might of IAAs. Was riot in Hop line due to Hop being slow, fun ensued.


Summary of Complaint: Warden Alia Janine was accused of breaking SoP, when handling a riot at HoP line. She tased a suspect, and flashed the other people at the line.

Investigation: I was a witness to these events, and was the person to report the riot. Using my own testimony and answers i received from Warden. To conclude that Warden was breaking Sop, by leaving brig and responding to the riot. But at the time security was undermanned, only few officers on manifest. There were ten people partaking in the riot, according to one of the officers.
The charges relating to breaking the SoP, by use of taser, flash to subdue the crowd, and making arrests as warden on green, i recommend are not to be pressed
Warden was doing her best in a difficult situation, involving several violent rioters.

Additional Notes: I was a witness to these events

Action Taken: None, by the time of the report.

Investigator's Signature: Rohalo Izsaso

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Officer was being accused of being bad


NSS Cyberiad Internal Affairs

Complaint Investigation

Summary of Complaint: Assistant Dromnn-Dromnn-Oorm was subject to random search by officer Bradley Stall. Dromm claims that, Officer Stall stunned and cuffed him before informing him about the search.

Investigation: After speaking to Dromm and Officer Stall, i have concluded that, Officer Stall did not do any wrong. He ordered Dromm to stop several times by sec hailer, all while Dromm was jumping into disposals chutes.
After catching Dromm, Officer Stall stunned him and cuffed him. Saying that reason for his actions were, Dromms escape attempts, and suspicion that he had contraband on him.
Dromm claims that he was not aware that Officer Stall was after him, after investigating the evac bay where this happened. I conclude that Officer Stall did not do any wrong, as it is suspicious that Dromm did not stop, despite the several orders to do so.

Additional Notes: Talked to both parties, and investigated the evac hall, where this happened.

Action Taken: None, Officer Stall did not breach SoP

Investigator's Signature: Rohalo Izsaso

Reviewers Signature: Iris

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When you fight fire with fire, or in this case, send Xenomorph Empress after Prince of Terror.


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(not on live server, but a private one) I got so bored I made a mini station, MOST of it works and I called it "bootleg station" due to obvious reasons. Took 3 hours to make because I have no idea how DMM works :l

Im too lazy to finish the empty lobby on the left side. And yes, the only source of food on the entire station is vending machines. (or eating your coworkers from desperation)

also dont look at the color of the wires going from solars...or the placement of air alarm in atmos...or the canister in the middle of medbay...


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It was fun! If I ever make a next one I will plan it beforehand and make so placement of things isn't so random, oh and multiple power sources would be fun.

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Admemes made me 'King of the Ash Walkers', with a magic crown that could summon whatever I wished for.

About an hour in I wanted to speak to 'The Sky Chief', so I was given a headset and learned Galactic Common!

At the end of the round we moved all of the eggs to the Mining Base, with half of us in Ash Drake armour because of some very generous miners.

Very fun round, even if I did get a bit lost for words occasionally.

Thank you to whichever admin it was!



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I was being demoted because I got mailed to the captain office and popped out with laser tag guns and shot him a bunch, so I prayed Honk mother help me I am being demoted because I pranked the captain.

get teleported to arrivals

security was chasing me, Honk Mother blesses me with a bunch of honk grenades and space lube grenades

I ran away, got caught again

Honk Mother helps me reach critical mass, while pranking security the whole time.





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Was Officer, and Magistrate was acting bit silly. Asked Rep to send my letter to CC, and it received reply, which i sadly forgot to screenshot. Was along the line "Issue is noted, Chief Justice will have look upon this"

Always nice when CC throws the ball back.



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8 hours ago, Danny Glands said:


Ash walkers examining a gift left by a miner.

Bottom right ash walker: 


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