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  1. What is a mechanic or feature another server has, (that Paradise does not) that you really enjoy? Clarification, it does not need to be a feature that would fit Paradise at all, but more of in the context of that server.
  2. I second this, giving the ones who are on station to "fix gas things" access to an engine that primarily works on moving gas around, makes sense.
  3. Hi folks, Since we recently had the supermatter merged into Paradise, and some people are anxious about poking it, in fear of reenacting the HBO series chernobyl. I am going to run semi regular "how to get the SM running safely" lessons for you fine people. All lessons will be run sometime between 19:00-22:00 CET on weekdays, on weekends i will be more flexible on the times, but in the range of 10-22 CET. Lessons are expected to take about 1-2 hours (about a standard round) depending on the experience level and topics i have to cover. As well as the number of restarts needed so that everyone can try out the SM. Once enough people are signed up, i will setup a testbox for us so you can poke the SM without fear of bwoinks. I will probably run the lessons with 3-4 people tops at a time, so that everyone has a chance to test all the fancy buttons. Topics covered: Safe regular startup Some basics about atmos Some basics about engineering. HELP IT IS DELAMING! Leave a comment, or drop me a DM on discord (Denghis#9853) and i'll add you to the list. Regards, Denghis Next lesson: TBD Available slots: 4 Signed up: Successfully completed SM setup: WombatWave
  4. Arstotzka setup a small embassy on-station. Of course they had to be visited by the man notorious for "creative paperwork" in papers please. He might have had a chameleon stamp to put that extra "touch" on his paperwork
  5. As meow said, come back for the memes and the new wave of mentors! Also, we did the impossible: Ian can now wear the warning cone as a hat! How can you say no to Ian ?! Just look at those eyes...
  6. I don't check the forums for a week, and this is the first thing i find. It was a pleasure seeing and playing with you, i fondly remember you taking the time to pretend you were filing a complaint to IAA NULL, only to kidnap him, and kill him on lavaland as an ash drake. Take care buddy! Hope to see you around sometime ÆØÅ gang is going to miss you, so don't forget your complimentary piece of brunost on the way out though!
  7. It is finally my turn to do this. 0 mhelps resolved
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