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  1. How a frick long has this thread existed?! This is my 1st time seeing it.
  2. I was originally worried about changelings just chopping off countless limbs but you mentioned they can't grow it back. For for some reason I thought changelings could do this Minus that this would be really cool
  3. It just also sucked that chemistry essentially felt like it was in a closet with so little space that if you had two chemists in there you felt like you would run out of oxygen XD
  4. Plenty of security vets will police security...when time allows. Honestly one of the rarer situations that is fun to deal with in sec is enforcing space law on other members of security because of the turmoil it causes...and just because the opportunities to do so are few and far between. But realistically....alot of the time security doesnt police security cuz we are quite frankly too busy. Frequently sec is dealing with an unmanageable mixture of greytide and antags so its hard for sec to waste any words or time on the fact that an officer harmbatonned a civilian who commits petty crime
  5. I think the system works good as it is. I wouldn't necessarily consider it arbitrary. It promotes people to try to do things that are interesting and new. It promotes interaction. If you have an interesting interactions with people and do interesting things you will get karma regularly. If you keep to yourself and play this game like it's a solo game you and just go through the motions doing your job without any noticeable interaction you will not. Just try to be interesting and helpful and you'll get karma.
  6. @PhantasmicDream and @Normalyman TRAITOOORS!!! Zero tolerance.
  7. Now only pros can smoke. Just need to keep a pack in your pocket and crank through 10-20 packs a shift. Git guud. #smokingmeta#addicted4lyfe#whoneedslungsanyways I've been using Tetra in every game with a character creator for nearly 20 years now. She never started smoking until she worked security on the NSS Cyberiad. It started with randomly bumming a smoke on the shuttle ride at the end of a long shift, that then became a planned ritual every round, it eventually turned into chain smoking. Its almost a necessary painkiller and stress reliever for working security on this station. #s
  8. Okay so I'm nowhere near done looking at all these but had to stop for this one. I love your style in general, my fav so far is how you draw slime people, but this one just stands out. The text spam the AI receives showing on the screen is ao fantastic and probably something every AI can relate to LMAO
  9. How have I overlooked this thread until now? These are all fantastic. And there are so many. I don't even have time to look at all of them right now. Keep it up!
  10. Maybe it does need to be written somewhere but I think that attacking a member of security whether with the intent to disable or kill them when in perma counts as attempting to escape. Because if backup it doesn't arrive, it's not like the prisoners just intend to kill the person just for the hell of it and then stay there. I do see what you mean though. It feels like there's a lot of gray area with how security is supposed to handle things and worrying about OOC consequences makes it that much more difficult.
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