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  1. Are you more of a TinnCAN or TinnCANT?!
  2. I feel like this wouldn't be much different from drask eating soap...which is definitely just used for memey purposes and doesn't invoke any semblance of RP when I think of it. Honestly if you want to RP that your moth is eating cloth they don't actually need to be able to mechanically do it. I regularly take a long drag from my cigarette even though its not programmed into the game. One of my characters is allergic to a specific kind of food despite it not being programmed in the game. My IPC is poorly built so regularly suffer from speech and movement malfunctions. Probably some other stuff I can't think of at the time. Just gotta RP it :P
  3. My first time being ACTING captain I was the HOS and it was such a hellish round that both the captain and HOP were killed with no chance of revival. I don't remember what exactly happened through the round but it was INSANELY busy and violent and when things calmed down in the last 10 minutes and I just got to go sit in my new office and have a smoke. This image is a reflection of how chaotic the round was. It kind of felt perfect for my first time becoming acting captain as HOS.
  4. Love these. Proof that Tetra n Autumn are twins, my wife looked over my shoulder while I was looking at these pictures and she said "Oh, I like that picture of Tetra"
  5. Yeah as things currently stand, despite them being able to communicate with each other through a "hive mind", they aren't actually a team antag. Like traitors n vamps they CAN work together but don't NEED to.
  6. Gone but not forgotten, ghetto Brigbay can be forever immortalized here. The body bags are appropriately labeled "Uncooperative Prisoner, Officer Patrolling Alone, and Botched Surgery" ...and lets be real. The officer one is empty...cuz we don't find their bodies.
  7. I watched all of the videos before realizing these were SS13 characters. This is fantastic.
  8. Echoing this, the ghosts tend to follow "high profile" antags like people who are known to antag frequently and well. "Antag mains" The ghosts will be like "Ohhhh so and so is antag" The only time you'll get followed if you aren't well known is if you are really kicking ass and/or making a lot of noise.
  9. I've been playing on Paradise for quite a few years now sometimes taking long breaks in between periods when I play, mostly a sec main, and I still have to shake off some jitters my first few rounds of sec after I return from a break despite having endless hours of experience in sec. Doubly so for antag adding my lack of experience there. Due how infrequently I play I don't roll antag often. I've probably been nukie 2-3 dozen times over the years but with weeks or months of non antag dryspells in between and STILL every time I'm a nukie I'm nervous as hell (and this goes for any type of antag for me). Playing more frequently and rolling antag more often probably helps get rid of those jitters. You definitely aren't alone tho! It doesn't make you a wimp, just human.
  10. Ya heard what Bri Bri say. Best if you fools keep out of the way. Cuz MC Shadey brung it back from the grave! So y'all better think twice before you mis-be-have. Now we've got new badmins on the scene. Dropping sick new beats, actin more obscene. A new old player comes to the stage. Dripping with passion, fuming with rage. Enter ZN23X Fill yo life with regrets. Think we can't do it? Think we can't compete? Bitch please. I've got more wins than defeats. @ShadeykinsI love you so much for this treasure! Whoever thought that life could bring such pleasure. Smack this G with a baton. If y'all'd like my sick rhymes to carry on. I love this thread so much.
  11. This keeps it simple while getting rid of the word "implant" +1 for bio-chip and injector EDIT: we would have to go through the list of what are currently implants that are to become bio-chips and rename them. i.e. storage implant renamed to storage chip...which sort of sounds ridiculous that a chip could be used to store objects much larger than it but it actually works in this universe with a bluespace storage devices...makes it more techie. Am I the only one who imagined a storage implant to be like a freaking box inside of someone's body? I'm rambling...
  12. Regarding "camping" perma. I honestly do like to go visit the perma prisoners when I'm brig doc or warden but I do it literally just to visit them and hope to initiate some RP when things are slow. I won't just silently hang around for the sake of keeping an eye on them. Most of the time it's too busy. I definitely like the idea of this role being added and it essentially being to the warden what the warden is to the HOS. They could even be the designated person to become acting warden when the warden becomes acting HOS for the sake of maintaining structure.
  13. "TetristheFicus" @MattTheFicus
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