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  1. in my experience, you gotta hit / stun them and rush wherever they teleport to cuff and take it off.
  2. These are great! Keep it up!
  3. I suspect science can print out the board from their imprinter. Just a guess on my part though
  4. Power crawl sounds neat! Skrell should have maybe some sorta hyper sea creature toxin, maybe they can get a stinger implant / gland / whatever. Paralysis or who knows what! Maybe give it a few different modes! Plasmamen..... maybe some relic from where they were located? Spooky purple skeletons they are... like... a Plasma Sword. Looks like a purple sword with runes, its flaming, does some some solid brute and minor burn damage, give its a nice parry chance and the ability to sometimes block projectiles. Make it very expensive. Humans should get some odd options too! Co
  5. I'd love to see a little sketch of Chaplain Zeke defending Detective Sax ( who looks surprisingly like Jonah) from weird people who want to eat him. Don't forget the little mouse friend
  6. You're the nerd! Welcome to your new life addiction lol. Sorry not sorry, love.
  7. Seems legit and simple. Bonus points if the AI can put an emoji on the shutter.
  8. Some good dynamics though I'd love to see something that gets the crew involved during the stealth phase. Maybe something that is only for the crew. I'll think about that and get back to ya.
  9. i think if the extremities didn't contribute to the vomiting that would be good and more realistic. However those limbs would very quickly swell up and become necrotic instead. I'm not really sure how that would play out coding wise and may be quite complex.
  10. Wow! These are incredible character studies! You're really evolving into an incredible style!
  11. it would be nice if you could vent crawl the unwrenched pipe to get back in.
  12. you can kill them with floor tiles and patience.
  13. Coders can code, but they cant be bothered to update the wiki as they modify things it seems. Change it as you do it.
  14. Maximvs Orion. Puppy Supreme. 


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