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  1. If you have a creative idea on how to approach your objectives, regardless if highjack or not, feel free to ahelp. Also if you think your objectives are too hard, you can also ask for easier ones.
  2. DWARF would be certainly interesting. I agree speed would be way too OP.
  3. The guide you viewed probably wasn't for paradise or was outdated. You cannot do that now sadly.
  4. I've been playing a service borg quite often lately, and there are some pet peeves that annoyed me during that time, something, that, I think is within reason to add. Currently, service borg has a limited number of drinks available to his disposal. I'd say its a very limited amount compared to what bar machines can do, and often people ask me for drinks, im sadly unable to oblige given these limitations. I see no reason why not to (you'd say that would remove bartender significance. first, he has none already, second, service borgs are wildly uncommon and there is little power
  5. for a service borg ION thrusters could be vital, as they have no equipment that would allow them to change direction of drift. So if service borgs accidently gets spaced he is boned for life. But otherwise, complains with the AI seems like a highroad for a lowroad problem. Feels like an issue to work out with individual units. Sure, asking is a good way to start.
  6. A tier sounds a little like validhunt tier to be honest.
  7. Just flash the borgs and remove their batteries if they keep interfering with you. But otherwise yeah, unlucky day.
  8. i just personally dont see people relying on brigphys very often it at all. its a mixed bag, you never know if the brig phys upgraded his bay or not. and most people with major injuries wont go to brigbay only to find out he has no supplies or equipment to help you. you die. Everyone just defaults to medbay due to the fact they are expected to be always prepared (also medbay antags intentionally killing off patients is also extremely rare) Most of the time i see brigphys doing work on someone is healing prisoners and installing implants to sec. maybe quick sleeper to inject heal
  9. Security has exact procedures how to deal with such situations. Uncontainable targets are to be killed rather than detained. So its really the Librarian choice if he wants to risk being an KoS. Before you say thats unfair there are other tator items that make you KoS, for example, Holoparasite. The other way you could go around it is that spells are only possible when actively holding the book.
  10. Nuh. Some explosives dont have a trigger long enough for you to press R (example cherrybombs). Game inputs are skreked and often dont catch on you pressing buttons. I dont want it blowing in my hands because my game tinylagged and didn't detect me trying to press R.
  11. They do, though the ''police database" in his "car" seems like strongly movie thing that wouldn't hurt to have. and someone who steals the "car" could check the record.
  12. I strongly disagree with this statement. Its perfectly reasonable for captain to expect his heads aren't part of a blood cult. That HoP isn't handing out all access to every cultist That CMO isn't making meme chems/viruses against crew/for cult That RD isn't making an army of mechs/bombs/armory of AeGs for the cult That CE is not sabotaging the station with power outages / making space bases / release n2 into the main atmo line. While ok, traitor people can do similiar things but the nature of things is traitors aren't very often cooperative with each other
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