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  1. One of the bigger points against shadowlings in my opinion is how the server rules are structured. Experienced shadowlings/thralls will make a point of kidnapping (and killing/converting) all security as soon as possible. After that, there is literally no force on the station that CAN do anything about them, while shadowlings/thralls have free reign to kidnap anyone they please and do whatever they please. The genius design of "antag versus the whole station" where the "whole station" cannot fight back because only sec is allowed to hunt antags rule wise, is absolutely flawed (cultists have a similar issue), leading to an absolute nightmare of a game mode for everyone involved. Usual antagonists that have so much free reign are absolutely valid for any crewmember to hunt(or lethally defend himself against), and kill. (nukies, blob, xenos, terrors, wizard) Other antagonists are bound by objectives and therefore, having only sec hunt them is balanced, since these traitors can't overthrow the entire station and do how they please. Cult and Slings are the exception to the usual flow of antagonists.
  2. i dunno, #helpchat seems sufficient to me. as for documentation, if someone doesnt search, it doesnt matter where the knowledge is, they will just ask without looking up.
  3. that sounds nice although again, propably harder to implement as well.
  4. brain could be use for interrogation, or murder. also slime objective is no longer a thing since forever (but even then could be seen as simple theft of research materials from NT)
  5. its a bigger problem with turrets overall. blob tiles are not mobs codewise, and turrets only shoot at mobs. You'd need to code the way for turrets to detect and target walls basically. I cannot imagine it would be easy.
  6. you can look at it this way. if syndicate wants some area gone, they would send in the nukies and remove the WHOLE station. bombing a single room/area would accomplish little on its own, and i don't see why syndicate would do that on the fringe of civilised space. your usual agent is there to accomplish a job, not sow terror and fear. syndicate (either one of their sponsor companies or NT themselves) wants to steal stuff or remove specific people. their job is stealthy by design, and would make little sense to go loud like that.
  7. While i don't particularly care for this idea one way or another (lugging a locker is fine imo, and it allows everyone to check what you're carrying, but its also would be convenient to be able to print boards on the move), if we are to go this way, i would only limit it to "basic" boards like Rhyten proposed, APC boards, fire, air, alarm electronics. That gives an opportunity for emmaged borg to have an expanded list of boards? It wouldn't be too hard to code too i recon, would only need a subtype of the device service borgs use for dispensing glasses and basic foodstuff items. What i found more annoying as an engi borg was inability to pickup and use plasteel for reinforcing walls. always had to leave these repairs to organic counterparts even if engineering is slacking off as always, but i figure its an intentional flaw so the borgos arent perfect.
  8. considering others took the roles i usually play, sadly can't submit, but I wish you all the best with your creation!
  9. im quite late here, anyway, i find it criminal to not even mention that robotics is medbay for IPCs, and no tips regarding fixing mechanical palls, especially considering how many roboticists simply have no idea how to
  10. hm, just throwing out my idea. "Get help" and then simply select "admin help" "mentor help" ? Although i have no idea if it would be an improvement in readability propably not
  11. you can already get a battery upgrade, nutriment implant, should refill you as well. (im not 100% sure but AFAIK it works on IPCs too). IPCs already are radiation immune, so Im not sure what rad shielding are you proposing?
  12. wow i didn't even notice it was gone but yeah. we need it back
  13. Chem dispenser isnt required to do botany. you can obtain everything by growing and editing plants. Botany is fully self sufficient, Chem dispenser is a nice perk but is not a perk you're owed. its a gift, every single time. now dont go expecting and demanding it now by standard. Be thankful every time. (or, edit your plants to produce your chems)
  14. you say like executing for no reason is a common occurrence which I find extremely dubious, as this almost never happens(at least in my experience). people who die to sec are most often antags on the run AND being lethal/dangerous, or perma inmates, either escaping or being destructive to perma/attacking/harrasing sec.
  15. this sounds best to me so far.
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