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  1. selling dead captain photo, 100 creds per copy
  2. Throwing death nettles will apply the deadly toxins they have upon impact. which makes it a very DEADLY telekinesis weapon. Of course injection protection can hamper your way. But its still a very deadly option!
  3. I think giving the IAA department under NT Rep would be more usefull. Every time NT Rep receives a complaint from the crew, he could send his "minions" to investigate said matters. Could do like Genetics right now is and share the department between two heads. SoP/complaints = NT Rep Lawyering/spesslaw=Magistrate
  4. what are friend. I only know METABUDDIES
  5. Oil tank in primary tool storage? Seems like a logical place
  6. not to mention that Cargo/Robotics/Science/Engineering exists and each of these department more than likely have an autolathe and will provide welders/cables when asked. Though a simple can of oil would be nice. As Oil is not that widely available. (only via Chemistry or Robotics)
  7. Well to be fair, it took me almost a year to unlock vox. All I can suggest you, try to enjoy the game flow as it is without kinsies. Getting into karma gathering mindset is not one bit enjoyable. I was there. (also if you are so desperate to roleplay voxxy, you can always ask for smutagen transformation.) Yes. trying to game the karma system will only get you blacklisted from it. Karma system might not be ideal, but I don't think its inherently wrong either. Newcomers rarely catch enough eyes to accumulate karma which is correct, but if you become a person that community can recognise you will have it much easier. To have bonus things not everyone has access to and need to be unlocked? My remark to reworks was rather a displeased note to say I don't like them, but that is not the subject of this conversation. Good luck in being recognised! As for checklists, I dont agree. Karma is not about "you did your job you deserve a reward", because the system doesn't allow progression unlocks (you unlock ability for playing heads/command just for playtime), they are extras, RP roles and Unique bonus races. So it says that Paradise doesn't let you in to shiny extra bonus stuff before you're part of the recognised community and get recognised by community with karma.
  8. I agree with you, totally. It offers troublemakers that can legitimately (no self antag rule breaking) break law and not be EoCs. For example, I would add some objectives that would make them repeatedly in trouble, for example, planting some item/paper/wallpaper in each department or head office which could result in break in charges to several places. But yes, we totally need antags that aren't instant Perma/KoS when caught/confirmed.
  9. Gangs / Hooligans could serve a similiar purpouse, without being inherently syndicate. But otherwise its a solid idea and I like it. Make it for example mid round and spawn, if they haven't spawned round start, and let them spawn regardless of round type.
  10. I just want to chime in. I remember a very very VERY similar discord conversation where said person said they haven't unlocked anything yes. but that wasn't due to lack of Karma, it was something along the lines of they were not interested in doing so. KARMA unlocks are really optional. They aren't required for normal game flow. And there is a LARGE variety (imagine vulp costing karma to unlock, half of the server would go mad) of races that you can play. And with the upcoming rework to races they wont even be that different from no karma races. Its a reward from the community, you don't really "deserve" "earn" or "should receive" karma. You just get it. Or not. Personally, I find meme characters cringey and never give any karma towards them as they appear like they were made just to attract attention in order to get karma. (but yeah i get it. sometimes they gain a lot of popularity.) If you just do your job and don't utter a word, have no character and nobody knows you, no wonder nobody ever rewards you karma. Playtime has nothing to do with it - join community of the server, and once people start to know and like your characters you wont have much issue with getting Karma. I wouldn't think I deserve any Karma and yet i somehow managed to unlock almost all jobs (part for magistrate), and IPC & Vox. And all of it just by interacting with people. Both in game, here or on discord. I don't really see a problem with the Karma system, and definitely dont think it needs fixing.
  11. procdrone

    IPC EMPs

    You make a very bad example. you only compare IPCs to Humans. We have quite few unclonable races, which machine people, include to. None of the unclonable races have same ease of revival like machine people do. Imagine finding a vox after 30 minutes. that will be fun to revive with all limbs septic and organs dead. This is what I meant with the death timer. IPC bodies do not rot or expire. They can be fixed in robotics after ANY amount of time. Also, you mention limbs. Yes. IPC limbs act like "broken" after certain damage, but you forget to mention that you can easily fix that damage on spot. While everyone else needs to visit medbay for bone repair, or IB repair, which takes few lengthy operations. Want more? Okay. In 9 out of 10 situations robotics have their own lathe stacked with resources. Access to base materials to fix an IPC is staggeringly easy. Metal is the most common resource available and often in abundance. Tools can be easily found in multitudes of toolboxes, tool vendors, and work areas. Almost every engineer and half the station haves cables and welders on hand. Good luck trying to fix someones IB far from medbay. You say ghetto surgery? Yeah. Good luck with the procents, you can actually leave your patient in a worse state than they started with. Not to mention, any IPC player is likely to have tools for repair on themselves. Healing materials for organics are not that commonplace. Pleading that a tider took "all" the tools is a poor argument, really. And untrue. IPCs are straightforward to repair and quite easy at it. Stop saying its not. I am repairing IPCs, I know it is easy. Stop being biased. As for the EMP. you would go better off making a different argument. "EMP is too strong." Its like emag, it has so many things you can do with it. EMP lockers to make em open, airlocks to crowbar them open, almost all items and station equipment can be easily flipped with an EMP. For example, you could easily EMP that officer trying to arrest you. Now his radio is dead, his taser our of juice, his flash out of juice, and he only have the harmbaton. I can agree though, Shutting off IPCs with an easily affordable flashlight might be too much and could be up to debate. It certainly feels unfair. But thats it. Do not make IPCs resistant to EMP. make EMP less effective from the flashlight. Leave EMP implants and grenades alone - maybe the said flashlight could use a little nerf? Since you love to use it as an argument so much. Just as a closing note. IPCs are a very unique race. In all aspects. And its their unique quirk. They die easy. Fragile papersheets losing limbs left and right. not fit for combat. If you play them anyway but ignore the downsides, maybe try another race? If you really need to be synthetic, a reminder, borgs are more resistant to EMP. Its just like advocating that Vox should start with breathing implants because oxygen is toxic. We just have different quirks for races and that is all. deal with it, or not. Humans are absolutely average. And someone noticed. This is SS13. This is not a pvp game where everything has to be perfectly balanced for combat. Its RP game.
  12. procdrone

    IPC EMPs

    IPCs are very easy to repair, have no death timer (so you can revive them after a long time being dead). Such change, I feel is not necessary, given how easy is to fix a machine person, compared to an organic.
  13. Cresimov is okay, you just need to remember that you are not a dumb machine, but an intelligent AI, capable of complex thoughts and imagination. It just takes extra lenghts, because you have to explain your reasoning to the crew each time you reject their dumb orders. Thats a hassle.
  14. Adding telescience jammers sound like a solution to me. Antag would have to go to extra lenght to disable said jammers to do any harm, and while doing so, could be found out and caught.