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  1. From a real-life standpoint, people dont suicide (in a most brutal of ways, imagine brutalizing yourself to death) because they been arrested for few minutes, or because they are bored and are trying to get attention. real life doctors help attempted suicides because we are real humans and such things happen due to tragedies, not superficial reasons. Why are you even mentioning this? --- Im on the same page as Mitchs really, if people brutalize themselves, being forced to treat them is a waste of time, because lets be real, the greytider thats doing it, is only doing such to grief
  2. I just wish to clarify - I totally agree that total space proof needed to go(as cool as it was). My suggestion about cold resistance doesn't mean total immunity - you would still get damage from vacum, and get slowed by damage. just not by cold. The suggestion explicitly says it wouldn't allow you to evade sec all round in space, and would only be really useful for short dashes into space. Or near breaches. But alas, its a suggestion, just trying to pitch in some ideas.
  3. im afraid balancing/reworking vox is impossible without a small riot. Regardless if you make a rework, a buff, a rework, you will always cause major amounts of unrest. Most of the community, staff included is extremely biased one way, or another. Touch anything and the same thing happens all over again. Buffs get shot down, reworks complained on, nerfs causing riots. Unless the talking field can be unpolarised (jesus crist its so polarising. so extremely polarising. people get into it so hard its crazy. I know, i was super pro vox once myself) nothing constructive or productive can be ach
  4. yeah, bridge captains are easy to assault because you can always know where they are. If you're going away to different places the attacker can't put a perfect assault plan in place. being mobile is surprisingly good way to stay alive. Last time i got killed as Captain, was when I were returning to bridge (from cargo) after a report of it being attacked. I were the target of that assault.
  5. Has anyone, -ever-, questioned a transfer you made after a head approved it? And needed proof for it? EDIT: I also forgot, monitoring server exists. So does PDA history on it.
  6. Have players report issues. Especially security officers. ANYONE hearing someone saying "X killed me" could report to admins someone is breaking CMD. Also, while you have 150 people, death can only happen in a very limited situation (I.E. a valid death), which would limit to max 2 people per antag... possibly more due to circumstance. As for actual punishments, it would be best for admins to decide what would they be, if they be interested in implementing that. But after so many community meetings and talks with admins its crystal clear they wont ever, so i dont think this discu
  7. A tier sounds like the HoP that gets lynched by a mob fast. Insisting on people doing paperwork when its not actually required is a sign of a player thats rather out to grief not be efficient. The most efficient HoP would PDA the heads for any case of transfers while providing sufficient information on the applicant. A consensus I've found, and seems to work, is, handle people fast, and then, when they dont have to wait, fill out your own documentation. As long as the transfer is legitimate, i dont think you require signatures of the crewman or the head, if they agreed earlier via ra
  8. addiction doesn't matter for any of the meme chems because you have endless supply to keep you going without withdrawal effects. + what spark said.
  9. a traitor botanist that knows what hes doing is already silly op. endless heals. endless poisons, endless teleports, endless explosions, endless antistuns, endless stuns... ON TOP of uplink. Just no. Botany doesnt need any reinforcement
  10. As kyet mentioned, it would make a lot of sense and be very useful if Psych could somehow easier identify brain washing and treat it. Reverse effects of abductors kidnappings? (thus removing objectives from them) Unbrainwash could be a psych exclusive ability that he can channel for a long time and only being valid for people inside his office. (like cqc for chef) EDIT: of course not mentioning implant induced brain washing, since its more mechanical thus requiring operations. but still easier detection would be very cool and give him mechanical purpouse in the round.
  11. What i meant by this, that the Captain could ask for performance reports on departments without involving himself personally in such. of course nothing stops him from doing so personally - but i feel like giving a task to IAA while Captain can still occupy himself with other duties is something to do. At least my perspective.
  12. Lack of mention about cooperating with IAA to receive reports and request reviews of departments trouble me on this one. Captain doesn't necessarily needs to go to a department to check up on it if Internal Affairs is on board and the job can be delegated to them. Thats what they live for anyway. EDIT: @SchalkguyIn my personal opinion if all of the points listed by Kyet on reaching a head fail and they remain / continue being inaccesible, simply demote them and replace with an acting that is actually there. heads are there to be part of command and if they do all the work they
  13. If you care for paperwork, you propably can already prepare your own form. If not, there are example paperwork you can use on the wiki. Also feel free to use my two templates: [center][logo][/center] [hr][b][center][large]Head of Personel desk, NSS Cyberiad[/large][/b][/center] [small]From: [sign][/small] [small]To: [field][/small] [hr] [field] [small][b]Glory to NanoTrasen,[/b][/small] [small][b]Jim Bennet, Head of Personel onboard NSS Cyberiad[/b][small] and CC version: [center][logo][/center] [hr][b][center][large]NanoTrasen Representative desk, NSS Cy
  14. This has been an issue from a long time, dead borgs only appear unpowered (which sprite wise is nearly invisible in itself), and if they're not facing downwards, its near impossible to notice from visual queues alone. Some sort of effect would be way to go.
  15. If you have a creative idea on how to approach your objectives, regardless if highjack or not, feel free to ahelp. Also if you think your objectives are too hard, you can also ask for easier ones.
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