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  1. im quite late here, anyway, i find it criminal to not even mention that robotics is medbay for IPCs, and no tips regarding fixing mechanical palls, especially considering how many roboticists simply have no idea how to
  2. hm, just throwing out my idea. "Get help" and then simply select "admin help" "mentor help" ? Although i have no idea if it would be an improvement in readability propably not
  3. you can already get a battery upgrade, nutriment implant, should refill you as well. (im not 100% sure but AFAIK it works on IPCs too). IPCs already are radiation immune, so Im not sure what rad shielding are you proposing?
  4. wow i didn't even notice it was gone but yeah. we need it back
  5. Chem dispenser isnt required to do botany. you can obtain everything by growing and editing plants. Botany is fully self sufficient, Chem dispenser is a nice perk but is not a perk you're owed. its a gift, every single time. now dont go expecting and demanding it now by standard. Be thankful every time. (or, edit your plants to produce your chems)
  6. you say like executing for no reason is a common occurrence which I find extremely dubious, as this almost never happens(at least in my experience). people who die to sec are most often antags on the run AND being lethal/dangerous, or perma inmates, either escaping or being destructive to perma/attacking/harrasing sec.
  7. this sounds best to me so far.
  8. I believe Sharding mechanic is pretty much bad. Just think about it. Security goal is to take in the cultists nonlethaly, (which is pretty risky, considering cultist get constructs, mirror shields, flag robes, etc), and your reward for loosing the stuns game is being permakilled. not just that, you actually now have to fight against the station, throwing all balance out the window. This gamemode is unique in that regard, that it permamently removes (and then enslaves) the ONLY force permitted to fight it. Rule wise, crew cannot fight the cult until summoning ritual. And even if cultists are later deconverted, the poor sods that were sharded cannot return into the round. to me, it just seems that cult seems to target officers deliberately lately to remove (permamently) any threat for their operations, and it just makes it unfun and objective oriented. You can say ERT, but the issue is the same. loose the stun game, and now more ghosts are enslaved to help the cult. Cult is also unique in this sense, that it doesn't provide ghosts for ERT, and it can only rely on willing observers. Usually ERT depends on dead players from the round to man them. (from what i've seen, ERT in 90% of times is send only if multiple people are dead, including sec officers), and here everyone cult kills is likely a shard.
  9. A suggestion. considering that chats are separated, sometimes, it might be hard to follow the flow of events. A timestamp on messages by default could help a lot in that regard
  10. you can literally say that about any PR created on the git to be honest, should we stop making feature PRs? Its simply not a big argument for me.
  11. there was an initiative like that on Git already, it was shot down because it would be "hard/problematic to maintain", even if there was a coder willing to create and maintain it. Its just that leadership dont want it because they dont feel we need it. Its sad, but I dont blame them, i would propably deny it too in their shoes.
  12. I do have to say Malf objectives being ALWAYS 1) kill someone 2) highjack does get a bit stale, when you can exactly expect what AI has to do everytime. Sadly, I really dont have any ideas for more objectives for AI. Hack X APCs? Have X cyborgs? AIs dont have inventory so all "take/steal" objectives are out of the question.
  13. i believe there was this thing on the wiki (i cant find it now, maybe my feeble mind is failing me), that a paradox laws can be ignored. Sounds logical too, how can you complete a law that introduces rules that cannot be completed? Clearly an error.
  14. my only comment on this its sad that people treat phobia affected people like they do, even here, using terms like idiosyncratic.
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