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  1. Three admins in particular like to ruin our fun.
  2. Jay finally made Rear Admiral Mosser canon, and I got to watch you overwhelm the crew from the comfort of Centcomm. To those of you who don't know who that is, a few days ago as an ERT captain I managed to yoink a disk that was next to the blob core by knifing my way towards it with a combat knife. Of a blob that was winning definitively. Ran back to arrivals and we armed the nuke and the station went bye bye. Tactical Adviser Young said Captain Mosser would be getting promoted for his performance.
  3. Spark I hope you are lonely for ruining our fun. One. Who wants to hear a hippo haiku?
  4. This sounds like something I'd do if I had too much freetime.
  5. If I had a nickel for every apiary crate I ordered that didn't include the Queen, I could probably buy a candy bar.