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  1. These pictures and their stories are fantastic and make me wanna try to play and see if I can recapture the magic again...
  2. Two hours of sleep last night Edit: First time I've been sniped.
  3. All together. "Kickin nerds in the nose!" Nailed the outfits perfect! Thanks for making me part of this I plan to sit down at some point and write up a full or at least partial parody of Candy Store that is more befitting for security squad in spess.
  4. Tetra Vega: Nicotine addicted workaholic
  5. ZN23X

    IPC EMPs

    Oh no... not this again...
  6. Wordlessly tase and cuff to silence the noise. 4noraisin.
  8. @Furasian since you want to keep track of whos on what side I'll restate my point of view. (also maybe just make a vote instead of getting a bunch of long winded opinions like this one) Credentials...I'm a sec main with over 800 hours of playtime, at least 700 of that being in sec. Probably more than most. I've seen several generations of security players come and go. This job is already handled by veteran security players when they have the time and are available and just by simply playing and learning the hard way. Someone can talk to you for hours about how to be security, you'll still never learn as much as you do through simply putting hours in and experiencing the endless scenarios being security throws at you. If someone cannot handle learning through failing and dying countless times then honestly security isnt the right job for them anyways. Security has functioned perfectly fine for years without this field training officer existing. I also have played long enough to know that it is perfectly fine that security is not effective all the time. It makes security and the server more interesting when the the effectiveness of security fluctuates. Sometimes its a well oiled machine, sometimes its a hot mess, and everything in between. All of those are acceptable. I truly don't beleive adding this role will actually have a noticable effect on anything. Everyone will still learn the same way they always have. I know people are just gonna stick with thier guns but I think any effort put into creating this role or even discussing it has been a waste of time. Including this post from me.
  9. I had someone use it to use me as a test subject to teleport me to the bar once. I ended up teleporting to the hallway below the dorms. Nearly nailed it! This is the only time I can ever recall seeing someone use it.
  10. Tetra Vega takes a long look around the disorganized security department, relishes a long drag from her cigarette, and sighs "Gonna be one of those shifts..."
  11. Two right (I'm invoking 4noraisin adminbus to have this actually count as 2 rather than a reset)
  12. Zero days since I last had to clean up a poop accident from my kid. RIP me. Reset the board to zero.
  13. This exactly. If I recall, it was specifically removed as a QOL improvement just because it was an extra mundane mechanical step that needed to be taken by these races at the beginning of every round just to wear certain hand or footwear. Essentially while on paper this makes the race feel more unique, in game it doesn't.
  14. Each of my characters has their own unique personality in my mind. They all see and react to the same things differently. I have to be very much immersed in order to "play my characters correctly" so I can naturally express their personalities IC without forcing it. But their personalities aren't a reflection of my own. I guess you could say its all an act. That's part of what makes it so much fun. I'd be bored out of my mind if I played this game as a character that just acted like me. I get to act like me all the time. EDIT: Cuz I had a thought. The only time I'd say my personality comes out in a character is when I take little IC shots at people like "What the hell is wrong with you? You aren't acting like a (adult/job), you are acting like a kid playing a video game" kek
  15. Round end delayed, world restarting in zero seconds.
  16. Just trying to have a little fun folks. Unathi have the same problem with thier tails. I think both would look really weird without tails. Some stuff in fantasy and video games doesn't make sense when applied to reality. Could find plenty of stuff like that in this game.
  17. "Vulpakin are magnificent beings...." Tetra Vega whimsically states while twirling her hair seemingly lost in her thoughts.
  18. I mostly only ever see it used for is those public teleporter hubs to get around the station easier. Rarely used by antags by comparison. I've always liked the teleport hubs.
  19. This behavior is, again, already taught by veteran security. If you have a bunch of people playing to win in sec frequently, new people will follow their lead. If you have a bunch of sec who aren't playing to win playing sec frequently, new people will learn those habits instead. So, if you have this new role that is dedicated to teaching new sec, the person playing that role will teach sec how THEY play. You cannot guarantee that the person playing this role won't be someone who teaches play to win playstyle. Just as it is now with new sec learning from vet sec, this could go either way. Even without being taught bad practices, some security also get the play to win mentality because they've been wordlessly killed too many times and are tired of it (happened to me early in my sec days). Just like some antags are driven to wordlessly killing because their rounds are ended by wordless tase cuffs too many times. Chicken or the egg? AND even with being taught "the right way" some people just believe the right way IS playing to win...regardless of what others say or think or do...that's why they play games and that's what drives them. Also...whats preventing this new role from just doing the same thing a rambo HOS does and playing officer while ignoring the rest of their duties? Or someone taking the role who is not qualified for it? We already have issues with people playing command roles who aren't experienced enough, so unless you planned for this role to be locked behind some massive playtime gate that doesn't even apply to command, you'd have that same problem here.
  20. I feel like learning in security is handled the same way it is in any other department...veterans teach the new people. Regardless of their job title. And you learn alot just but doing the job. I could explain to you how to properly play sec at nauseum for endless hours, nothing teaches you how to play security like patrolling the station, dealing with the shit, and dying countless times. This honestly SHOULD primarily be the job of the HOS, and secondarily the warden...but I'm very aware that inexperienced players frequently play both, and even when that's not the case, too many HOS just treat the job like they are an officer with better gear and access and don't actually LEAD security. Hence why I said any veterans in the dept should do this regardless of their job title.
  21. Security hands down. My favorite parts of security are probably some of the aspects many hate. You run into the widest array of personalities and play styles so you are always experiencing something different. Sometimes you'll be dealing with a criminal who is RPing some interesting scenario really well, other times you'll be dealing with some shitter who you get to toy with, and countless other different personalities. This even includes the people you are working with. Sometimes the security force is a well oiled machine, other times its a complete clusterfuck, and everything in between. You get to deal with all the different antags and their varying play styles as well. I've dealt with so many different interesting situations I cannot even remember them all. I've died any way you can possibly imagine and probably a handful of ways you wouldn't think of. I love how it can sometimes be slow and relaxing but other times it snowballs into a situation that is impossible for security to manage. Because of these things, I think every other department is unbelievably boring and repetitive by comparison. I can't really say which role within security is my favorite because I enjoy them all for various reasons. Unless I'm in the mood for a specific role I'll just do what I call "Security Roulette" and just have every job in sec set to medium n see what I get.
  22. More of that please @Veloxi...good stuff! Kudos to @Cheeseman as well. I had a round once as an officer where I caught a rather charming vampire early. I visited them in the perma a few times and took quite a liking to them. So much of a liking that at one point I was concerned for how starved they looked and pulled my collar back offering them to feed. They refused. I decided that they were not the monster everyone was making them out to be. When the shuttle came, I volunteered to escort them from perma to the shuttle, only we went to the arrivals shuttle and I uncuffed them telling them that they don't deserve to be exprimented on and mutilated by NT so I was setting them free. I've actually since attempted to replicate something similar any time I'VE been vampire because it was so interesting for me as an officer and I wanted to share that experience with others.
  23. Problem with a hostage situation is it pretty much requires the hostage to "play along" and with how killhappy some are on this server, most people have a natural reaction to scream for help on comms and spam scream once caught. I'm not saying its impossible...some people will play along...its even possible if they don't but it just makes things more difficult. But yea...kidnapping is a hell of alot more interesting than outright killing.