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  1. I haven’t got any………yet! I will someday when i have enough patience to wire solars
  2. i kinda agree , i mean combat mechs are cool to build and fun to use , but its soo rarely you are using one and most of the time its just locked away ALSO when its like the nukies round you barely have any materials so you can't build any mechs anyways but i still do love combat mechs and building one is very satisfying , wish i could use it in every red alert round
  3. i believe that as a medic you see the most crazy things , CMO accidentally chopping a dudes head out , replacing human organs with monkey ones , seeing 20 people spontaneously combust in the station and filling the entire medical station with enough blood to cause PTSD and many more and I want to know your experiences as one.
  4. Awww they removed vamps!? And when did we ever have a pod pilot or mechanic as a karma job
  5. Soo this one round a sol trader ship was selling stuff at 500 credits and luckily they had a bike so after nervously waiting in the queue I finally got it the beautiful bike , it was Soo pretty and cool BUT IT WAS THE END OF THE SHIFT JUST AFTER I GOT IT , I’ve never felt Soo sad and salty at the same time
  6. I got over Like 400 tickets after grinding hard at the arcade , my goal was 10000 tickets to get that cool bike but then I got a call for syndicate near the chapel Soo I went there and the dude was armed with a gun I tried to stun him which i did but from somewhere someone shot me and I died and I lost all the tickets I grinded , never felt more upset
  7. I’ve never been one I’ve only been HoS so far but I am curious how it is to be a newbie captain
  8. I find being a botanist really fun but my colleagues are just sooo in mutating and growing and stuff that I feel useless , I wanna be quick and handy just like them but I do not know how , please help me
  9. But where does the tents drill come out? And how long do I have to move away?
  10. It’s hard to kill it when you get stuck everytime
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