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  1. These pictures and their stories are fantastic and make me wanna try to play and see if I can recapture the magic again...
  2. Two hours of sleep last night Edit: First time I've been sniped.
  3. All together. "Kickin nerds in the nose!" Nailed the outfits perfect! Thanks for making me part of this I plan to sit down at some point and write up a full or at least partial parody of Candy Store that is more befitting for security squad in spess.
  4. Tetra Vega: Nicotine addicted workaholic
  5. ZN23X

    IPC EMPs

    Oh no... not this again...
  6. Wordlessly tase and cuff to silence the noise. 4noraisin.
  8. @Furasian since you want to keep track of whos on what side I'll restate my point of view. (also maybe just make a vote instead of getting a bunch of long winded opinions like this one) Credentials...I'm a sec main with over 800 hours of playtime, at least 700 of that being in sec. Probably more than most. I've seen several generations of security players come and go. This job is already handled by veteran security players when they have the time and are available and just by simply playing and learning the hard way. Someone can talk to you for hours about how to be security, you'll still never learn as much as you do through simply putting hours in and experiencing the endless scenarios being security throws at you. If someone cannot handle learning through failing and dying countless times then honestly security isnt the right job for them anyways. Security has functioned perfectly fine for years without this field training officer existing. I also have played long enough to know that it is perfectly fine that security is not effective all the time. It makes security and the server more interesting when the the effectiveness of security fluctuates. Sometimes its a well oiled machine, sometimes its a hot mess, and everything in between. All of those are acceptable. I truly don't beleive adding this role will actually have a noticable effect on anything. Everyone will still learn the same way they always have. I know people are just gonna stick with thier guns but I think any effort put into creating this role or even discussing it has been a waste of time. Including this post from me.
  9. I had someone use it to use me as a test subject to teleport me to the bar once. I ended up teleporting to the hallway below the dorms. Nearly nailed it! This is the only time I can ever recall seeing someone use it.
  10. Tetra Vega takes a long look around the disorganized security department, relishes a long drag from her cigarette, and sighs "Gonna be one of those shifts..."
  11. Two right (I'm invoking 4noraisin adminbus to have this actually count as 2 rather than a reset)
  12. Zero days since I last had to clean up a poop accident from my kid. RIP me. Reset the board to zero.
  13. This exactly. If I recall, it was specifically removed as a QOL improvement just because it was an extra mundane mechanical step that needed to be taken by these races at the beginning of every round just to wear certain hand or footwear. Essentially while on paper this makes the race feel more unique, in game it doesn't.
  14. Each of my characters has their own unique personality in my mind. They all see and react to the same things differently. I have to be very much immersed in order to "play my characters correctly" so I can naturally express their personalities IC without forcing it. But their personalities aren't a reflection of my own. I guess you could say its all an act. That's part of what makes it so much fun. I'd be bored out of my mind if I played this game as a character that just acted like me. I get to act like me all the time. EDIT: Cuz I had a thought. The only time I'd say my personality comes out in a character is when I take little IC shots at people like "What the hell is wrong with you? You aren't acting like a (adult/job), you are acting like a kid playing a video game" kek
  15. Round end delayed, world restarting in zero seconds.