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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Been awhile since I played as them. Quite honestly I never noticed because when a changeling gets dragged to the crematorium, they're typically being beaten by three different people who all possess instastun. I honestly didn't notice because changelings escape rate after being caught is so abysmally low. When I have noticed them escape, it's as headslugs, and they generally spend the rest of the round in the vents.
  2. Brig Physicians aren't to be chasing down changelings in any way, shape, or form. They're not officers. If they're acting like officers, ahelp it. If the cling gets caught in security and the brig doc SRs them, that's on the cling for being reckless and trying to infiltrate a secure area. No different than a changeling going loud in medical and getting decap'd by the CMO or a surgeon at that point tbqh. SR already requires a changeling to be dead. If you're dead, and killed by security, chances are you're also cuffed and being actively beaten every time you attempt a revive. SR doesn't change the dynamic here.
  3. because the sprites look pretty neat
  4. IIRC, the security page includes armour value listings on all the equipment. It was an eventual goal to have a full inventory of all items w/ damage/armour. I think it would be much simpler to just explain the armour formula at the header of the relevant sections.
  5. Well it's time to get real, yo it's time to get Synnester Spittin' rhymes so sweet hawkin' truth like a minister Trawlin' 'round town with an Unathi crew Spear point sharp and a fly IQ But that ain't all 'cause now school is in Seshi Gonna knock you on your ass like a B. Kard. Keshi But don't get it twisted cause these scales are true Ain't gonna do drive-by or jus' flash some blue 'Cause this lizard is real and his words ain't sweet Steppin' up to him gonna get your ass beat With a grab and a table and disposals too But let me spit it real 'bout another 'min foo He's a brit, keep it real, spittin' tea like steel He fly mad on the beat like a Tesco's deal Yo' his name is Affecy and the mic he hot wrecky Peddles dope PRs and eats code like brekky Now you might say wait cause this boy's a maint Ain't a 'min now yo! Shadey show restraint But I ain't got none 'cause this codecat's a wizard Leave you dazzled with his C and lost in the blizzard Of his complex code and his algorithms Turn acute obtuse cause the boy's got visions Of a bygone place and a bygone time Crushin' bugs underfoot like a mastermind peace
  6. Not humans specifically (this was an earlier iteration of the lore), but a remnant species deserted on a planet for countless generations (their homeworld was likely a penal colony for an earlier spacefaring race).
  7. If you do that, just try not to make it longer than other lore pages. Part of the reason lore was rewritten was to curtail the huge amount of excess we had.
  8. From a wiki standpoint they're complete--the lore was rewritten with all the other lore. If people come up with a cohesive writeup of lore that's better/more fitting and works with the existing lore (there are cross-references in our lore and a timeline), I don't see why we wouldn't implement it. Lore changes on that scale are not at my discretion however, they're a matter for headmins.
  9. You were given an extensive period (6 months) with constant requests for feedback on lore. Vulpkanin went without lore for about eight months initially because you refused to provide any input on the matter whatsoever despite having joint authority over it (you were even told a simple yes/no to the proposed lore would have sufficed--there was three different lore documents floating around at the time as well). You declined to give any feedback after being asked on four separate occasions by myself, by Flattest at least two or three times (to my knowledge), and by headministration once or twice at the time. A lore team was later established which you also did not apply for or offer any feedback. The new revised lore produced by the lore team was then announced publically at multiple junctures (five times to the community) for feedback to be given. The lore then sat for another six months during a feedback period where we were actively collecting input from members of the community and people who were interested in the lore (quite honestly anyone was welcome to provide input and spitball at this time). You didn't give any feedback/input at this time either. People wanted your feedback on the lore and actively tried to include you in the process. I am glad you've actually stated a few of your original ideas (they're valuable if the lore gets revised again), but this is an incredibly unfair statement to anyone who worked on it. People repeatedly tried to involve you in the process and framing it as though you were patently glossed over is completely untrue. If you--as the creator of the species--write something, I can guarantee you that it would be incorporated. As for lore discussion, it's always welcome; idea generation is valuable. The only thing to keep in mind is that lore mirrors mechanics, not the other way around. This is probably the biggest reason why none of the lore is terribly bold or adventurous for the species as nobody wants to implement active contradictions between the lore and the game server.
  10. Administratively it would be a bit more for us to enforce, but it's a nice idea. It would be a little canned, but a selection of prompts (pre-filled responses) would nip any potential issues in the butt (you could select roleplay, antag, helpful, etc., basically to let people know why you karma'd them).
  11. The change was deliberate because you shouldn't get arrested for drawing with crayon on the floor. If the person is anything but a civilian, you could always just get them fired.
  12. Crime stacking is a horrible can of worms that should never be opened. Needless complication + easy abuse. Sparking a Manhunt was already a crime in the past and was abused to the nth degree. It very easily amounts to "security had to find and arrest you, therefore you get charged even if you weren't aware you were under arrest." Lower times in cells encourages repeat offenses (since each crime matters little, 1-5 minutes isn't even worth sentencing someone over most of the time hence why minor crimes already have an optional warning system). Repeat offender based off getting brigged again might work, but mostly repeat offender is to deal with that one shit who keeps disarm spamming people.
  13. Stims making you drop an item wouldn't balance this out to be fair, it would just make tasers/batons have an even bigger edge in combat. The real issue is instastun in general.
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