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  1. Why would you need to appeal notes? They are there for note keeping. From what I remember, they never get deleted, so why start now?
  2. Was anyone actually calling for anyone to view anyone else’s note? Because it seems to me people just want to see their own notes.
  3. My most beautiful creation! Credit to Alffd for the images.
  4. I want to say, the IPC community was rather united against the nerf, not the PR as a whole. Hell, most liked the PR, save for the nerf.
  5. It's going to be very sad not having you here anymore.
  6. Just saying, from an RP standpoint, you should go to blue for like 5 minutes, then to green if nothing else happens, as it would be a little odd to go from 'EVERYONE PANIC' to 'All is good in this world'.
  7. I will say, I am fine with the suit sensor message, as long as it does seem like it either is a 'just in case' thing, as accidents do happen, especially with NT's great safety record, or are clearly joking.
  8. Man, ELO and Mercy are soooo cute! Too bad ELO is already taken.... by me! Nefarious laughing
  9. Honestly, I think Vox have gone from raptors, to the more bird like figures that Dreamy draws, as that is what most people want them to be, so honestly, either would probably be accurate. After all, how many people have to say they look more like birds before they do?
  10. *Pings Happily!!* Thanks Guys! Thanks, I do take pride in work. And, well, the first posibrains were made in 2510 CE, so the oldest can technically be 52, but other AIs made into IPCs can be much, much older, looking at you @GunDOS & @Darjeeling :p
  11. How could I forget B.E.E.R. And don't worry, you didn't forget
  12. Name: Person Attending To Critical Human(oid)s (P.A.T.C.H.) Gender: Female Orientation: Pansexual Nicknames/Alias: Patch, Unit-194, S.U.P.R.E.M.A.C.Y. Personnel Photo: Her and E.L.O. Age/D.O.B.: 34 (11/9/2527) Species: IPC Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Good Affiliation: Canaan scrappers, Tran-Solar Federation Civil Defense Corps Disaster Relief Religious Beliefs: None “Childhood”: Forced Nurse onboard a luxury medical ship, scrap Adulthood: Scrapper, Field/Combat Medic, Chemist, Atmos Tech, Paper Pusher, Arms Dealer… Detailed Information Appearance: Patch has a light blue chassis that is made of a soft foam like material. Her head does look very human like, save for her lacking a mouth, and having a small screen where her eyes would be, making her look like she is always wearing safety or ski googles. Normally it displays ^ ^ to make it look like she has eyes. Her purple hair almost defies gravity as her twin drills stay up while still being loose enough to sway back and forth. She is almost always wearing a jacket that has a unique medical symbol on it, the symbol being one of a Tran-Solar Field Medic. With the only last things of note being that the jacket is normally one of 20 colors, she wears skirts as often as possible, and wears stockings that are black and white striped. Catchphrase: She doesn’t really have one, other than low key insulting people in trinary and being nice. Character Voice: (I don’t know, someone help me) Personality: She almost seems to be a tiny bit unstable, slightly shifting around some as time goes on, but she is always a kind person who tries to do good by her friends, even if she teases them some. While she normally has nerves that would put steel to shame, she has been known to panic. And always likes to party. Medical Records: They are an IPC, take to robotics. Security Records: May or may not be the Arms Dealer Unit-194. May also be working with the syndicate, or with syndicate agents. Character Biography: Backround: She started her life out as a default IPC made by Nanotrasen in 2527. She was sold to a medical ship who uploaded medical manuals into her memory. She served on that ship for 9 mostly uneventful but restless years. The ship was made to be a luxurious medical ship, serving the wealthiest, even engaging in small time smuggling for its patrons, all in the name of money. In the year 2536, the ship was raided by a pirate group. They had sent a massive ION shot which destroyed all electronics on board, including her current body. The ship was quickly looted for everything that was worth more than a shiny penny, and left to drift in space, with her still on board. About a month after the raid, the ship was picked up by a salvaging ship. After a quick look around, they found her mangled shell floating in one of the surgery rooms and recovered her positronic brain. They took it back with them to Canaan. After some major repairs and a new body being made, she became an official citizen of Canaan. Now needing work, she joined up with the scrapping team that found her. They taught her a lot about engineering and what it takes to both keep ships and stations together and how to take them apart. About three years later, the Trans-Sol Federation discovered Canaan, and soon after made treaties with them. These included treating IPC as sapient beings with full rights. Hearing this, and wanting to see more then the space around Canaan, she slowly set up a trip to try and join the Tran-Sol Federation's military. Knowing almost all the current medical procedures due to having it hotwires in her head, she was sent off to a Civil Guard's Disaster Relieve unit as a field medic. It was here she was given the nickname P.A.T.C.H. by her fellow soldiers. It stands for "Person Attending To Critical Human(oid)s". Also, during this time, she revived a new shell, a full Xion made composite body. After several tours around the galaxy, she joined up with Nanotrasen, mostly because she wasn't ready to stop working but also because she wanted to stop having to deal with pirates and weather that can strip the shell off a Kidan. Unofficially, she used her connections from the Trans-Solar Federation to buy and sell weapons to colonies, stations, and even other factions that would normally be considered unfavorable. Making quite a fortune she spends on rather rare and exotic weapons. She still tries to keep herself to not selling to terrorists, but does have a looser policy with the syndicate, having a distain for Nanotrasen… and to drive up their sales of Enforcers and other arms. Family: She has no official family, but she has been adopted by Aurora and is engaged to E.L.O. History 11/9/2527 CE: Is made to order, being loaded with medical knowledge before being forced to work as a nurse. 20/6/2536 CE: The ship she is on is raided, she is left as scrap onboard. 18/7/2536 CE: She is saved by Canaan scrappers, and taken to Canaan, soon joining the scrappers who saved her. 6/5/2539 CE: Makes her way to Trans-Solar space to join the Civil Guard's Disaster Relieve unit as a field medic. 12/9/2558 CE: Is discharged from her duties for having served for so long with honor. Promptly starts to look for work, making her way to Nanotrasen to work as both an engineer and doctor. 24/3/2562 CE: Gets engaged to E.L.O. Personal Relations: (Oh god there are so many, I am going to miss so many, so here are a few) E.L.O. (Lover): There are just a bunch of hearts written around the name and a not so crude drawing of them holding hands Tetra Vega(Good Friend): An awesome security officer, and quite a fun person to drink with. Bikikarki (Friend): Great Vox yaya. B.E.E.R. (Good Friend): Don’t know anyone else I want to share a beer with. L.I.L.Y. (Good Friend): Helped them get happily married to B.E.E.R., and would again. L.A.D.Y. (Close Friend): Besties!! R.oS.E. (Good Friend): Besties date, and fun person Mercy Haliber (Close Friend): Can’t think of a better person to be patching people up with while under fire. Alice Church (Good Friend): I don’t think I can name a better HoS Aurora (Adopted Mother [Very Close Friend]): Almost as sweet as she is cute, and she is very sweet! Dreamy Rockwall (Friend): I can’t think of a cuter slime Cheeseburger (Friend): No better bot or my burger back. Slith-Skaar (Acquaintance): If you ever need some syndicate made soap, no one better. Mike Murdock (Acquaintance): Really need to start hanging out with him again… Starts off into the distance S.A.M. (Friend): Don’t know who else I would want patching things up. Katherine Pixel (Good Friend): Hug Hugs Ping Hug Ares (Friend): RIP you beautiful Grey Reyes (Friend): Best plasman in a catmaid outfit FuF(Good Friend): A nice, but little unstable bot. Olivia Baumer (Good Friend): A beautiful musician, and her music isn’t half bad either. :p Peter Holst (Friend): I don’t think I have seen anyone as shy and outgoing as him Emily-7 (Friend): Really have to have some more girl time with this one. Kaizen-5 (Friend): Fun guy, really need to do more with. Lasshy (Ex-lover): Cute, and still a friend, but I can’t do it again… N.I.G.H.T.I.N.G.A.L.E. (Ex-lover): I’m sad she is gone, but she did hurt me when she cheated on me… Zeke Varloss (Admired): A very drunk cool fish. Slade (Admired): For as menacing as he may look, he has a processor of gold. Amigo (Mad at me): It’s not my fault E.L.O. like me! L.U.M.I. (Friend): Probably one of the sweetest people I know. J.R.O. (Friend): 10/10 would give them another mallet. d: Jericho (Admired): I’ll show them who the nerd is. K.I.T.T.Y. (Friend): So cute, so sad she is missing. Stuart Atreides (Friend): I know you are grey tiding wherever you are. Valthorne Haliber (Admired): I really need to go and buy him a drink, or 5. Feuerdame Bloop (Friend): Almost always surprises me with how much they know. (I think 35 is enough to start, and sorry if I messed up anyone) Faction Relations: Canaan (Allied): The closest thing I have to a home. Tran-Solar Federation (Allied): Canaan may be my home, but I never forget all the the TSF has done for me. Syndicate (Neutral): They may be a bad company, but the people are still people, and are great customers. Nanotrasen (Neutra): I may have put them selling me into slavery behind me, but that doesn’t mean I like them. Changling Hivemind (Hate): Get away from me and my friends! Shadowling Hivemind (Dislike): Please just leave me alone. Cults (Hate): I swear let’s take those tomes away and see how tough you are. Other Notes: A mock up of her apartment, it has changed some since i made this picture, namely she has even more fancy guns and armor on display, but it's about the same:
  13. My problem is that this treats everyone like a human male. Yes, it is possible to be a mostly convincing male if you are a male, but what if you grab a female ID who has a high pitched voice while you are grumbly mc grumbleton. You might be able to fool some people, but your 'name' should raise some questions. Not to mention this doesn't seem to have a mechanic for people who you have been talking to. Let's say you are a civi who has talked to the bartender for literally an hour, you should more then know their voice, probably a lot more then the HoP, unless they are in a drunken stuper next to you. Or what about friends, while yes, you should be able to tell your lover'a voice, what about people you hang with every shift, I can name at least 20 people I imagine Patch knows the voice of offhand, if not a lot more, and almost none of them work in medbay or engineering. And lastly, what about species. A human emulating a human voice isn't that hard, you still sound human, but what about a human emulating a Vox, or a human emulating a Diona, a diona emulating an IPC, the list goes on, but you probably can tell when someone is the wrong species from their voice and ID. Could a system like this work, ya, but it would need a ton more then just departmental knowledge.