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  1. Well the idea was that it has one use in terms of abuse and also that it doesn't work from z levels in regards to abuse from lavaland. It being a librarian only item links it to well the librarian. In terms of the name it can be changed towards something other than "Death Note" to avoid an anime reference.
  2. Exclusive tot item to librarian. Maybe one use or multiple. Person whos name you write in there gets an heart attack. Gives a bit of variety to assassination's. Does not work past z levels. I think heart attacks are easily treated in game. Thoughts?
  3. So thralling someone as a vampire is usually seems like a extremely niche (hardly gets done) or meme skill at this point. My suggestion is would to decrease the amount needed to +-200 blood. Maybe with a nerf to misting of +-80 blood. I have spoken to many people on dchat regarding the thralling change and have received a positive reception. Why do so? It will allow rounds to be more interesting in terms of variety. It will change the meta of vampires being found out and misting, shadow stepping all over and sec following suit till the vampire is exhausted of recourses and sec
  4. AOE glare like vampires that doesnt affect thralls or other slings?
  5. Since this PR has been added slings have gone down to a 5% -10% (I guess I personally have never seen them ascend since the PR) win ratio. Do you think the PR should be reverted or other changes must happen? What are your thoughts. Ill add some ideas as I think of them. I have seen rounds be murderbone sec, ERT be called by command and them lose over and over. Maybe the duration of thralling someone lowered or even the cooldown be brought down? This will allow then to have a faster playstyle and encourage the round to be quick.
  6. Finding a smugglers coffin gives an option of the body being found which is nice. Versus spacing someone were the body hardly gets found or gibbing or decapping bodies which seems to be the meta right now. With it being a possible coroner only item, most good sec players if the coroner is suspected can just ask an engineer or grab a t scanner themselves and scan the room or areas the coroner has been in. I don't think its an overpowered item. Just something new to add.
  7. Can increase the TC for it as well. Balancing wise not my thing but an idea for a interesting new item. Coding wise I don't think it will be hard to implement. There is also no need for a sprite or maybe if you wanna differentiate you can give it another color of the current coffins. Can be class C or higher.
  8. So hiding bodies can be an annoyance and short of spacing or gibbing a body almost certain to be found. So what about a smugglers coffin. By purchase you get a beacon that is able to drop it. Can place bodies items etc. in it. Can be placed under a tile like smugglers satchel. costs 4 tc. Maybe a coroner exclusive item? Thoughts?
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