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  1. You're welcome, glad you like it.
  2. Old but not posted in here yet so...sorry everybody. @ZN23X Thread needs more Tetris Vegan pics.
  3. Felt like doing stuff so I made this piece, inspired by one of @punkalope's doodles they have in their own art thread. Seeing other people's work is always inspiring. Wasn't sure if I sure post it there or here. Anyways, hope you like it.
  4. Thank you! I've had quite the inspirational kick today. Having the day off work helps as well.
  5. Oh yeah forgot my latest masterpiece, @ZN23X (pay me).
  6. Stepped away from the game for a loooooooong time but thanks to @ZN23X (I hate you) I have taken interest in it again somewhat. Also been doing more pixel things over time, here is some of them.
  7. Some older stuff, some slightly newer stuff, mostly because I haven't posted in forever.
  8. Since a few people have been asking for it, I'm posting up a loading screen for Paradise. This should already be resized to fit the loading screen in-game, all anyone has to do is right click and save as.
  9. Did a thing for @Darjeeling a.k.a. ELO.
  10. Did a thing, usually I'm pretty precise with my pixel work. I tend to probably spend more time than really needed placing certain pixels in different spots but with this one I decided to use some big brushes and just went loose. Turned out way better than I originally thought it would.
  11. Well thank you for the kind words Ide...uh..I mean @R1f73r and you too Slith...I mean..yeah @Slith-Skaar.
  12. Giraffe driving down the coast because why not?
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