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  1. A familiar sight aboard the Cyberiad, Lusooso Oo is the dark hunter who prowls the station's maintenance tunnels for crime! @ReVoS12
  2. We need to jold a Suplection for Mayor. Natalya vs Wolf
  3. I'm more than half way done :)
  4. It's been a nice little bit since another addition to my Security dream team. This time it's another veteran officer, Tetra Vega. She's probably the most easily identifiable officer on the entire station, with her bright red ponytail and a trail of cigarette smoke in her wake. @ZN23X
  5. I agree, though slime changelings would be able to grow the limb back. If that would be addressed I'd be for it!
  6. I like the detailed backstory. A very fun read
  7. The smoking addiction pr is the bane of my existence. One day if I complain enough it might go back to normal
  8. About time I posted a drawing of the Cyberiad's favourite officier de sécurité, Jean Regulier. @Regular Joe
  9. What is Kikeri's favourite defense against baddies?
  10. If you could have any super power what would you choose and why?
  11. Here's one that's long in the waiting. The veteran HoS. Cecilia Fleming. @Machofish
  12. Here a drawing of David MacTavish, the old grumpy pod pilot we all love. @Norwest
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