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  1. I fucking love this
  2. Hello yes I need all those .dmi thank you
  3. Bold of you to believe we all want the same things
  4. For some reason the idea of having an auto injector like epi pens that you need to use against your dead target to give them "the message" (some random generated crap like we have for contractors) sounds kinda cool. Once the player gets cloned-revived a objective announce appears about why you where killed and throw some memory loss shit there too. Just brain storming.
  5. Welcome to the server, your soul is ours now, you're trapped here forever.
  6. Hi, I'm Cunt, thanks for the art!
  7. I don't agree, it's better for everyone to get a chance to play whatever spawn on the server instead of just letting it get picked by your everyday antag fisher who just spam click the top right corner so they can be cool and do bad things. If you don't like something, at least try to make a good reasoning about why instead of this bad attempt of a meme
  8. No offense but if it took you "months of your life" to gather 15 karma you're doing something wrong.
  9. So happy to see you're posting here now!
  10. That's a really cool security team you have there, amazing job!
  11. Got this new and amazing piece of art! Please go check and give some love to the fantastic artist >>>>>>>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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