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  1. So happy to see you're posting here now!
  2. That's a really cool security team you have there, amazing job!
  3. Got this new and amazing piece of art! Please go check and give some love to the fantastic artist >>>>>>>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  4. You are fine trying to help people, rules are pretty clear about that. The problem was the fact you pushed the chase a bit too much into maints and that's what called my attention, like i said in PMs, it was not a severe warning, mostly a heads up to be more careful next time, at least ask yourself if going for the chase is going to get yourself killed, if the answer is yes, then it's probably better to call for security with names and locations.
  5. Good shit right there, but I have to say, first album was amazing, then they decided to sniff cocaine mixed with Mars Volta drugs and I'm not pretty sure I like what they did after
  6. Heterosexual and i suppose like... a normal human? And no, i don't want to get into details.
  7. And X-ray implant. I'm fine with thermals tho.
  8. Updated with new portrait art!
  9. Steven is back at the cyberiad
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