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  1. Wasn't solving this issue the reason the loadout was added in the first place?
  2. Evelyn, how do we have the same hairstyle? More importantly, how are you not dead?
  3. Are those silhouettes anyone in particular? I see a vulp and human(shaped person) couple, a female/female couple, and whatever that person on the left is.
  4. I feel the need to compete by flooding the thread with my own fawks. But I also feel my frugality.
  5. I think 'many' would be for things you can count. You'd say 'How many joints?' or 'How many pills?'. 'Much' would be for less countable things, like powders and fluids. You'd say 'How much cocaine?' or 'How much meth?'. So, as Penny said, it would depend on context. If 'drugs' are pills or other items, you'd say 'many', and if it's a reagent that you're distributing in a bottle or something, you'd say 'much'. Though, the fact that pills are just reagents made into an item (Technically, they hold the reagent) probably makes that a bit grey.
  6. Or even better, get into an IC relationship with a Unathi and learn basically everything about them ever.
  7. ELO seems to have an unusual combination of features for her chassis.
  8. First Name: Entchtut Last Name: Cenein Gender: Female Orientation: Bisexual Nicknames/Alias: (none) Picture: Age/D.O.B: 26 years September 18th, 2536 Place Of Birth: Dalstadt, Vazzend Species: Vulpkanin Blood Type: A+ Alignment: Neutral Good Affiliation: NanoTrasen Religious Beliefs: Binarism Childhood: Generic Adulthood: Yandere Detailed Information Appearance: Relatively tall for species and gender at 5'10" Naturally light brown fur, devoid of markings. Ginger hair that's seemingly perpetually stuck in an enigmatic, messy bun thing. Most likely shoulde
  9. I think I heard from somewhere (I don't recall where, so don't take this as absolute, certain fact) that plantigrade (Standing on the heel, like hairless monkeys do) feet allow one to throw a stronger punch than digitigrade (Standing on the toes). If Tajara and Vulpkanin canonically have digitigrade feet, it would make sense for their punches to be weaker. It would also make sense from a game design perspective, as Vulp/Taj players would be trading raw brute damage for bleeding effects. Unathi, in Bay lore, have plantigrade feet, and I don't recall seeing anything contradicting that in Pa
  10. "Proceed to (somewhere)" doesn't necessarily mean actually reach the location, just to move to it. So, just move towards Location B. You haven't violated your laws if you're destroyed, as they never said anything about reaching Location B, just going to it.
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