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  1. That's a good point, actually - it's unlikely that sec will escalate that far, and prisoners must be removed from the manifest before getting executed, but as a crewsimov AI it would be a reasonable fear. I'll incorporate this into my crewsimov games from now on. You're right - I don't know what admins bwoink people on, and what they choose to let slide. I'd just assumed that when the wiki page (and consequently, rule 5) said "The AI has to obey its laws.", it meant that the AI has to obey its laws.
  2. Thing is, there is no common sense interpretation of laws that would justify the AI refusing to open the captain's office under crewsimov: You're either refusing to open the door, in which case you're breaking your laws and risk getting bwoinked, as there is nothing in the captain's room that would harm the clown, and the clown having additional access and/or the NAD without the codes does not cause anyone to come to physical harm (Advanced rules: Harm is assumed to mean physical harm. Stunning and flashing is not harm.) OR You let the clown in, possibly stating over general comms that you are doing so (As I did when this scenario happened a few months back) and risk getting bwoinked for not using common sense to break your laws. It's a lose lose situation, and one of the reasons crewsimov is my least liked lawset to play.
  3. I started off strongly against this, before I thought over what "huge" weapons the crew and crew antags have access to, which would be the fire axe, chainsaw, and combat shotgun (The combat shotgun being huge whilst the bulldog shotgun is normal sized seems to violate physics somehow, but whatever). Being able to store and hide those items can be very useful and help people avoid murderboning (Good luck avoiding nasty encounters with secuurity when you've got a chainsaw in your hands), but the loss wouldn't be very strongly felt in a wide majority of rounds. I'd still advocate for making huge items take up more space instead of removing them from the BoH entirely, but I could accept the loss.
  4. I feel like a lot of players just ignore crewsimov and act as normal people instead. If the clown asks you to open the captain's office (With spare ID and NAD inside) and noone immediately contradicts him, you are compelled to open the office, instead of delaying, asking for a second opinion or outright refusing him. In general, AIs and borgs should play around following their laws, instead of trying to defeat all evil and be the hero of the day.
  5. The forum rank system is outdated now
  6. Mouse round - over 10 people joined as a mouse and memed around the station. This is the remnants of the cheese crusade, who died squeaking to be let into the bridge and join their comrades.
  7. The power of having cargo to yourself as an traitor Note that Slimz-Get-Here was an agent with the die a glorious death objective Also, super surplus crate was a dissapointment that shift I ordered around 25 null creates that shift. By the end, I had 3 deswords, revolver, ebow, agent ID, AI upload, ebow, 3 minibombs, E20, 4 of every implant, and some various traitor items I can't recall anymore
  8. I hope people find my AI announcements humerus.
  9. So, i got a new forum signature today Was a part of an IPC changeling event, and accidentally got shuttled to CC, where a mercenary squad was gearing up. Now, story wise, I hated the mercenaries, so i shot them, got killed, revived, shot them again. Repeat until dead.
  10. Was Araneus that round. Had fun terrorizing the CMO, but unfortunately had to leave mid shift
  11. It's quite inconvenient to transmit OOC messages as a team antag. You either use ((double brackets)) over comms, which admins made a fuss about a few years ago, or use LOOC, which often dosn't catch everyone. Could also be used to communicate event antag stuff, for example to relay behavior guidlines to other team members, or to ask for clarification from admins in a forum in which all the antags can see. If this gets abused, I'm sure other antags will report it, and admins can always keep an eye on it. Another option would be to give admins a 'toggle AOOC' button, which would allow antags to ooc communicate, or to enable AOOC for everyone when an admin first uses it. A related suggestion would be to give ghosts the ability to hear AOOC, if the admins really are worried about people abusing it, as ghosts have little to no incentive not to ahelp abuse of metacomms, and it would give them a greater ability to observe the antags.
  12. Built a vampire blood farm at the engi outpost, and even convinced one of my (mostly) unwilling participants to make the place look nicer. Was great fun, although blood-wise I really would have been better off just sucking them dry to begin with. And then everyone lost the ability to move, and timed stuff didn't work anymore. Free antag token though!
  13. This is quite a long story, but I found the round quite fun and suddenly felt compelled to share it with people. So, shift starts, and I'm rolling with AI set to high and everything else set to never. I load in, and discover that I am, in fact the Mike. And ooh, a traitor, with the following objectives: Steal the station blueprints Steal the captain's deluxe jetpack Escape on the shuttle or an escape pod alive and free. Very well then, interesting objectives. I wander around to the Hop office and expertly mime my wish to become an engineer (No, I don't cheat by using a PDA), which the Hop struggles to comprehend for around 8 minutes, at which point I become a silent engineer. I head over to engineering and gear up, making friends with the local hardhats and advising them on where to place the BSA, at which point they left to do their thing. As there was no CE at the time, I decided to just brute force the office, grabbing the fire axe from atmos and using it to open the CE's office, bust the locker lock open and grab the blueprints, before making a hasty retreat. Success! Next up, I wandered up to the teleporter, fireaxe in hand, taking advantage of the AI and command being distracted by some hat anomaly on the AI sat, to force my way in, closing the door behind me and grabbing the hand Tele just incase. I think made my way to the captain's office, opened up the suit storage thingy and grabbed the jetpack, before teleporting away to arrivals. Success! All objectives done, 0TC spent. So, I do a quick ahelp, asking for more objectives and a bit of prize TC. I got 5 additional crystals, and the objective to: 4) Steal the nuclear authentication disk. So, that was going to be a tougher nut to crack. I used the fireaxe to get into the secure secure storage area, replacing the AI upload board with something random from the shelves, before building the upload in a hidden location and buying the discounted hacked upload board for 6TC. I told the AI to obey everyone who squished (being a slime person myself) and who ordered them by PDA, And told it not to hurt those who it obeyed. I traded some friendly messages with the AI, before it informed me that the captain was in the AI satellite, helping with the hatnomaly. I ordered it to cut comms and kill him, which it was very effective at. I had to kill some poor engineer (Sorry, T-50) whilst retriving the body, getting the captain's ID, the NAD AND the pinpointer, because the captain wasn't too bright and kept the pinpointed on himself instead of giving it to his blueshield. At this point, I'm out of objectives again. It's about 40 minutes into the shift, so I ahelp once more, and get another objective, although no additional TC ("Those guns are expensive, yo!") 5) Steal the blue secret documents. So, I stash the NAD, along with the rest of my highly illegal stuffs, into a very obscure locker in engineering, and head out to track. I buy a advanced pinpointer and switch it on. It displays: "?". Alright then, they must be hidden off Z somewhere. Engineering outpost: "?"; mining outpost: "?". A quick ahelp later, it turns out that the blue documents do not exist after all. And I get my objective changed to: 5) Steal secret documents from any organization. A short bit after that, CC announced a message along the lines of: "Hey there, the captain is missing, and you don't have the NAD or pinpointer. We can't send you new ones, but we've managed to pinpoint the NAD to somewhere in or near engineering.". So, I quickly drag the locker full of illegal stuff from engineering to space around the turbine, where I construct a secret room to make sure the stuff stays hidden. I venture off to hack the vault, grabbing a stethoscope from medbay before having some fun with grayant (I think), who was wanted for some reason and wanted something to do. Then I ordered the AI to let me into the vault, and got cracking This got a bit disturbed after some officers burst in to check the vault for xenomorphs, but a borg helped me out with that, and after a while I got the documents. I head back to my stash, only to discover than someone has broken into it and stolen the jetpack. I track them down with the pinpointer (it was the janitor) and engage in space combat, with us disarming eachother and hatchet bashing, but I won the fight thanks to healing from my flask of nothing. I grab the jetpack, and head back to the stash, only to discover that, while I was gone, someone has stolen the NAD! Once more, I start tracking, eventually finding the culprit to be an atmos tech. And a vampire, as I found out after trying to fight them. I sprayed them with my firespray, which was ineffective as they were wearing the atmos hardsuit. They then proceeded to shoot me with their ebow, which they got from also being a traitor, and telling me to back off. Of course, I really needed that disk, so I used most of my TC to buy a revolver, which I emptied into them down a narrow maint tunnel, killing them whilst they missed their shots with the ebow. Sorry it had to be that way, buddy. At the end of the round, I checked his objectives, and he didn't even need any of the items he stole from me, which was his undoing, I suppose. I grabbed the disk, pocketed everything from the stash and felt quite pleased with myself. I headed back to engineering as the crew transfer shuttle gets called in, blocking the engipod hallway with RCD walls and celebrating with the borer I managed to pick up along the way. We rode off on the pod towards Central, and I got to bask on the clory of seeing 5 green lines below my name. This was the story of Mastergamer2 (Usually either Door Monster or Blue Puddle, in this case Sound Of Silence). Feel free to comment if you were a part of the round and want to add anything to the story, or if you just want to say/ask something!
  14. A tier list for most fun for the crew would get quite difficult after you tier the RP antags like devil and conversion antags like cult. Which one is more fun for the general crew, traitors or changelings?
  15. The list is basically ranked by "If I had to play an antag, which antag would I rather roll?" The tiers are completely arbitrary and are only there to provide some structure. Blob can be fun, and definitely has a very unique play style, and, in some circumstances, I'd put it a few slots higher, but I'd still roll for A tier and top B tier rather than blob. As far as changeling: They can go louder than traitor, but I feel like a severely nerfed vampire with mute sting - for assassinate objectives, act like a vampire but with the addition of mute sting; Otherwise, kill someone to get their ID, impersonate them, and go get the theft item from their office (Which vampire can do better because they can just jaunt to the location instead of worrying about pesky things like doors). And as for the incredible ability of revival - once they die to security, they're still pretty dead. How big of a chance would you say you have of escaping security once they've managed to give you the dead condition and are dragging you towards the cremator? And it doesn't even work for clearing lavaland, as most of the mobs either disintigrate your body or turn you into a simple mob after death. As I said, I try include all roundtype antags/midrounds in the list; As for Borers - I concider them more like the sentient animal event: They can be asses if they want to be, but usually act beneficially for the crew, and thus not proper antags. I have to admit I missed swarmers on my list, and will edit them in.
  16. Hey there, I've been playing on paradise for quite some time now, and, since nobody seems to have made one yet, decided to put together a tier list for all the varying antagonists I've played. This list will feature antagonistic roles that are part of a roundtype/do not have to be manually spawned. I'll categorize the roles into 4 (A, B, C, and D tier), and rank them by personal preference inside each tier. The higher up, the better. A tier: Vampire-traitor combo - one of the most powerful (and rare) antag types, this combo will allow you to roam the station at will, as well as take advantage of traitor items (sleeping carp anyone?). Extremely difficult to stop, and you won't get bored with the whopping 9 objectives working 2 jobs at once gives you. Shadowling - Extremely powerful antagonist when in the right hands, this monster will make you fear the dark. Drop botany a quick maxcap present and abuse shadowstep to convert all the station. Wizard - Also quite powerful in the right hands, this antagonist can cause mayhem around the station, potentially turning the crew against eachother and bullying command into blowing up the nuke. Preference slightly inflated due to role rarity. Slaughter/laughter demon - Perfect killing machine on bloody rounds, and nearly unstoppable with proper management. Changeling-traitor combo - Are you a terrifying abomination of flesh? Are you tired of needing ID cards to pass as human? I present to you: The chamelion kit - agent ID changeling, capable of DNA stinging anyone and completely impersonating them, as well as having access to some very nice toys. B tier: Vampire - Very powerful antagonist. If you manage to get a few assistants drained of their blood (surprisingly easy), you become very hard to catch, and your glare ability will stop security from cuffing you, which makes waiting for your escape abilities to recharge quite easy. You can become a true menace to the station, teleporting next to heads to steal their ID cards (and blood) and swiftly outmaneuvering security. Devil - Controversial opinion here: Devil is quite good. If you do your best to RP and avoid jobs that will most likely bash your head in, you can have a great time gathering people's souls and watching the rest of the crew deal with your actions. Nuclear Operative - Waging war on the crew is a great experience; Spreading plasmafires, shooting captains and slipping on the clown's PDA are very satisfying experiences, although, if you want to actually blow up the station, you do stealthops. Xenos/terrors - Playing hivemind creatures is great, although your longevity depends on how long it takes for the robotacist to bring a durand to your nest. Dragging around facehuggers at the speed of sound and laying traps as a white spider is very satisfying. Traitor - A great time; Planning out your assassination plans and then proceeding to blatantly emag your way into the target's office can be great fun, although you can be caught quite easaly by an observant AI or security. Abductor - Very satisfying to capture most of the crew for your experiements, and to teleport into the bridge to sack most of the command staff in one fell swoop. C tier: Blob - Decent antag; You depend a lot on your starting location and how good your second core is. Taking over the station is a difficult process, and you'll have to fight tooth and nail for every tile you take. Good R&D and robotics can ruin your day big time, and stuff like miners creating recharging stations in their capsule shelters in space nearby drives some of the fun out of it. Cult - Highly team based; A big challenge if your fellow cultists step away from the convert rune as you bring people in to 'give you personal space' or shoot everyone nearby with their shotgun upon getting converted. Can be very enjoyable with proper teamwork and crew incompetency. Swarmers - Can be very strategic and annoying for the crew, and a large swarm will screw the station over, but they can't actually damage the crew themselves, and are quite easily countered by ion carbines. Morph - Great for RP, but pretty much dead once someone decides that you should be toolboxed Reverant - Can be fun, but quite limited in power, and screwed if xenobio and genetics are attended and hostile. D tier: Changeling - Also quite controversial, but hear me out here - They have pretty good single combat capabilities, but once security locks onto them, they're pretty much screwed, as they have very limited area attacks, pretty much nonexistent mobility abilities and no stunning abilities. Turned off in my prefrances. Revolutionary - The crew rising up against command is quite interesting, but the gamemode either gets snuffed out early or draws out for a long time with nothing really happening. I've had some very good rounds as command staff defending against the revs, but, again, the rounds get drawn out. Vox raider - Only interesting for command and the antags; The midround traders have better equipment than these raiding 'traders', and the gamemode has a very repeditive cycle - vox arrive, try to trade. They trade for some stuff, but can't get something. They raid to get the thing, but one vox gets captured. The rest must then go back to rescue the one, and then get killed. Turned off in my prefrances. N/A: Space ninja - never played it, so cannot give my opinion. Nations - Admins can do it manually my ass. Rip in peace, good friend. If you have any comments on this, or want to post a tier list of your own, feel free to post here.
  17. AI perspective of 23 tesla engine
  18. Instead of killing everything on the Z level (And often leaving stuff like the station, unhatched terror eggs and possible deathsquad gear on the station) the nuke should instead make a Z-level wide explosion (such as the ones admins occasionally trigger) to actually destroy the station, instead of being a dull bio-bomb.
  19. You could also prevent getting eternally stuck in a cocoon by dealing constant oxygen damage to the victim, seeing as the web cuts off their air
  20. After discussing it with Three point fourteen, OwOSlimeWizardcatgirl2342OwO and Mitharandalf on discord, I've decided to make a suggestion on here with all the ideas compiled together. The idea is thus: The wizard gains the ability to buy a Statue of Power for 3 points, which would grant him the ability to spawn a immovable statue anywhere on station. Once placed, the statue would have the following effects: Announces to everyone on station that the statue has been placed down (similar to the announcement of cult ritual beginning). Restricts the wizard from moving more than 30 tiles away from the statue. This limit would increase over time, at about 1 tile radius per minute. Grants the wizard 1 spell point every 10 minutes or so. Grants the wizard resistances to damage and regeneration that grows over time. The idea behind this would be to offer the wizard an alternative playstyle that allows the wizard to hunker down and prepare defences, instead of running around the station and catching people by surprise.
  21. 6 is the number of z-levels avaliable by spacing yourself.
  22. If you ever get the secret documents objective, just sleepy pen and mindslave them, you get the documents and they can't fight back. I once mindslave a changeling like that.
  23. This is really cool, but, for example, would I electrify the crystal? Throwing it would shatter it and shocking yourself dosent affect any items on you. I also think that some of these are a little hard to get, like the balance catalyst, you are going to have a hard time retriving it from space and then managing to slip the clown 3 times, just so you could stop slipping. You could instead just make meth and wear galoshes so nobody would be able to hit you with a teaser and you wouldn't slip on anything.
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