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  1. This sounds awesome! I hope to see it in the future!
  2. I second this. And if antags want to pick on unexperienced players they would most likley look at the manifest to find those ”new” names anyway. So an ”unexperienced” title would only benefit those who want to learn and those who want to teach. I would love to see it.
  3. Hello there, and welcome! Always fun to have new people join! Ian is the best for sure! if you have any questions about the game and want a Quick response, feel free to use the mentorhelp function (hotkey-F1) or ask on discord. See you in-game!
  4. As someone that's never played AI and the fact that we often get bombarded with mhelps about it, I really much appreciate this guide! Very newbie-friendly, even i can understand it! Great work!
  5. Love it! Tides dad would’ve been an interesting character to meet… If it was possible
  6. Librarian is on the top of ”in desperate need of a rework” list. Just need someone that cares enough for the role, and skilled enough to code. Would love to see it happen.
  7. Especially if you're drake or meow.
  8. Big girls need big text bubbles.
  9. Hello! Like Woje said. Dont be afraid to try other departements. You can always write questions by using mentorhelp messages that dorks, like Woje here, will gladly answer! See you in game!
  10. But do note. Never Remove the floor tile next to the window.
  11. Can you beat the Robust Squisher 9000?!
  12. Train like that and it'll look like you used some sort of leaven. But whatever, as you can see, we're now at seven!
  13. Well, fellows. Its time to count our score. What did we get? Only four?!
  14. Are you drunk, high or in heaven? we’re not at nine, we’re at eleven!
  15. All these eggs and hams sure are fine. They got us all the way up to nine.
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