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  1. Rolling the lottery with the gateway. What a way to go.
  2. Ohhh! 3D Kikeri! Kind of has a N64 style to it. Very neat and cute.
  3. The station is about to be nuked. Assuming all friends are safe/off-station, what is Kikeri's preferred method of GTFO?
  4. You have such great art. Your style just gives so much personality to all the characters.
  5. I do love the dark stuff, but it's always refreshing to see the nice stuff too. Sleepy Chiki is very cute.
  6. I wonder how they got a fire burning in a pure N2 room.
  7. Her pupils just keep getting smaller and smaller.
  8. A few potential ideas for rewards I've thought of for this goal. Unlockable Cargo Crates A couple of select cargo crates that only become available after certain point thresholds are met. The first few could be ones that aid in further drilling, such as Oupost Defense crates with gear for fighting off enemy swarms or defending existing pumps. Later crates could be things like exotic material crates containing diamond and bluespace crystals, to make up for mining being distracted by defending the drills. Uncovered Artifacts While drilling, there could be the possibility of unearthing valuables and treasures. The most common would be mined materials, but there could also be a chance of unearthing Necropolis Chests, and in extremely rare cases, a boss chest. Rare Enemy Spawns Drilling could increase the chance of rare fauna spawning, giving those xeno-collectors a fun time trying to catch 'em all (And then force them to defend the very thing they sought to destroy.)
  9. Looks like your average shuttle ride off the station.
  10. Say what you will about the depressing stuff, it sometimes makes for the best storytelling moments.
  11. Your art is so amazing! I love how there's just so much emotion baked into them all!
  12. I really like this idea myself, too. I'm always up for new station goals, and this one would really encourage a lot of cooperation among the crew.
  13. Would it be possible to copy over the custom name mechanic some objects have to drink glasses, or would the fact that drinks change name and appearance break that?
  14. Gotta love a good pool party.
  15. I like playing chef and bartender, and two of my favorite things to do is make custom dishes and drinks. As great as that is though, it kind of kills the immersion when your mix of foods for a Continental Breakfast is named the list of ingredients, or when your special drink that tastes of a stun baton, THE LAW, and poor life choices is named after whichever drink in the mix has the most units in the glass. It'd be fun if there was a way to give these dishes and drinks custom names. It could be something as simple as giving glasses and plates an option to rename them, either by hand or with a pen. I think it'd also encourage people to get creative with their foods and drinks and venture into custom dishes and mixes.
  16. I think it would depend on how much time is left in the round. Sure, folks may want to end the round if an hour has passed already, but if it's been less than 30 minutes, I think most would want to continue so their construction/research/RP stuff doesn't go to waste. I've seen people openly announce that they're not gonna do any work because there's a wizard and the shift will likely end very quickly. At least having the option to continue the round would mean people would still have reason to work and not see that effort cut off abruptly.
  17. I'm sure you're familiar with the Wizard any% speedrun. Things start quiet, suddenly wizard is called out on comms, and then the end of round results pop up. This can also apply to other antags such as Shadowlings and blobs, where the round can end very quickly and abruptly. This can be annoying for the crew, as it cuts the round short in the middle of things like research, construction, or RP. My idea for a solution is make it so the end round vote for the shuttle is automatically called instead of ending the round immediately. Should the crew wish to continue with the round, they'll be free to do so. If the crew wishes to end early, such as due to station damages or exhaustion after the fight, they have the option to vote for it. This could either be implemented as is, with the standard end round vote being called, followed by the shuttle call if it passes. If more flavor/RP explanation is needed, then automatic announcements could be attached to it giving explanations such as "Command has deemed the damages minimal and not requiring an early end to the shift." Or "Command has decided to end the shift early due to damages to station assets."
  18. What are your favorite kinds of admin events to run? Do you like RP/Story stuff, giving the crew challenges, absolute chaos, or perhaps something else?
  19. Name: Vixx Vaxx Age: 28 Gender: Male Race: Vulpkanin Blood Type: AB+ General Occupational Role(s): Surgeon, occasionally other medical jobs, Robotics, Bartender Biography: Originally a trader with a love for everything science, Vixx found himself an unwilling employee of Nanotrasen after a moral decision led to him owing a major debt to the company. He’s tried to make the best of it through pursuing his personal interests and taking advantage of the company’s state of the art research facilities, but frequent deaths and clonings, Syndicate involvement, supernatural occurrences, and general distaste for Nanotrasen have made it difficult for him to make any progress on clearing his debt. Qualifications: Certified in surgeon and biomechanical implanting. Employment Records: Security Records: Medical Records: Personnel Photo (Appearance text): Vixx is a Vulpkanin that stands at about 6 feet tall and is physically similar in appearance to the vulpine side of the Vulpkanin species. His coloration is similar to that of a Red Fox, though lacks any of the black coloration traditionally seen on foxes. His eyes are a light green color and his overall build is fairly thin. Other Notes: Favorite drink is Doctor’s Delight. Favorite food is Eggs Benedict. Terrified of pirates, especially ‘Fur Traders’. Is annoyed by people who compare him to foxes.
  20. (Years in the making and much procrastination later, and I've finally made this mess of a bio. Still slightly WIP, though that's mostly for recent in-game events.) First Name: Vixx Last Name: Vaxx Gender: Male Orientation: Straight Nicknames/Alias: Vixxkivakay Picture(If Available): Art By Kikeri Age/D.O.B: Biological age of 28. True age unknown due to extended periods between clonings. Place Of Birth: In orbit around Kelune Species: Vox, originally Vulpkanin Blood Type: AB+ Alignment: Neutral Good Affiliation: Unwilling employee of Nanotrasen Religious Beliefs: Follower of Technomancy, the belief that ascension can be achieved through science and technology. Believes that the universe is controlled by bluespace ‘gods’ that have ascended beyond mortality. Biography Childhood: Vixx was born a Vulpkanin on his family owned trading ship, though his home is considered to be Kelun. Having parents that worked in the trade industry, he spent most of his time traveling with them from system to system. Although he was able to get most of his education from his parents and remote teaching, he eventually had to return to Kelun during his late teens and attend a boarding school for the remainder of his early education. It was during this time that he developed his interest in the medical sciences. Partially funded by his parents, he was able to attend a Nanotrasen owned college, where he got exposure to many advanced sciences and learned about the various species in the galaxy. Adulthood: After graduating, Vixx returned to working in the same trade company as his parents. He primarily worked as a ship doctor, though would also use his knowledge in robotics and biology for appraising trade goods that fell under these domains. It was at this time that his parents passed away due to health issues. It was heartbreaking for Vixx, but he felt that they had lived happy lives. During his work, he began to grow a distaste for Nanotrasen as he observed how widespread and oppressive the company could be. This came to a head during a contracted supply run for Nanotrasen. A colony under Nanotrasen jurisdiction sent out a distress signal requesting medical aid after a plasma mine explosion. The trade ship Vixx was on had experimental medical supplies that could aid the colony, but were told by Nanotrasen that the supplies were to be delivered to its intended station and not used to aid the colony. Going against this ruling, Vixx stole several crates of these supplies and teleported them to the colony to aid them. It didn’t take long for this act to be discovered, and Vixx was arrested and charged with multiple counts of grand theft. The violations of his contract also lead to a substantial fine being placed on him in addition to the charges, leading to a massive debt being put on him. Unable to pay for the legal fees of his charges, the cost of the stolen supplies, and the fines for violating his contract, Vixx was forced into peonage for the company till his debt is paid. Early Employment: Vixx’s indoctrination into Nanotrasen was rough. He initially was very resistant, leading to altercations with his superiors and occasional demotion. However, avoided committing any crimes in order to avoid additional debt being added to the amount he already owed. Despite this, he still searched for ways to undercut the company or find loopholes that’s potentially get him free of his new contract. One attempt was made to reduce his debt by selling off misplaced, miscounted, or surplus supplies he came across to non-Nanotrasen traders and occasionally black market dealers. These trades lead to him being noticed by the Syndicate, who saw an opportunity in using his debt as a way to persuade him into doing jobs for them. His first official contact with the Syndicate was through a simple offer of a portion of his debt being paid off in exchange for stolen goods. Hesitantly, he performed the requested job, and was surprised to find that they had followed through with their side of the deal and somehow reduced his debt by a fair amount. Emboldened by this, he began actively seeking out the syndicate in hopes of getting more opportunities to work for them. This ended up being a mistake, as he began sticking his nose into the business of several dangerous individuals. His searching led to him getting tangled up with a group of Syndicate pirates, and after being promised information in exchange for goods, led to him being kidnapped. The pirates had no interest in giving Vixx any information, and simply stole the goods that Vixx had collected. As a warning not to actively seek out the Syndicate, the syndicate pirates killed him. His next memory was of him being cloned aboard a Nanotrasen station. He was informed about his body being found in space near the station, and that his body had been completely skinned. Despite having no memory of the event, he was still traumatized by this, along with this being his first ever experience of being cloned. Poor luck seemed to follow Vixx after that day. Multiple encounters with the Syndicate, biohazards, and other malicious entities lead to him being cloned on a fairly frequent basis, sometimes multiple times a month with days or even weeks of memory loss. This began to have an effect on his mental health, often leading to depression, hopelessness, and antisocial behavior. The Syndicate still sent him job opportunities, but rarely would he follow through with any of them. Current History (In-game events): Vixx was eventually assigned a long term position aboard the NSS Cyberiad. Although indifferent at first, having a more permanent workplace when compared to the frequent transfers he previously had showed to be helpful for his mental health. He also found himself enjoying the research aspect of the station’s operations, often partaking in various medical and science projects. His time on the station led to several encounters with creatures, individuals, and anomalies of paranormal and supernatural nature, many of which he found fascinating despite their danger and often malicious intent. Curiosity pushed him to begin delving into the mysteries of bluespace, the theories of redspace, and the possibilities of gods and entities that lie beyond mortal perception. Although very scientific in his approach, this school of thought was often seen as religious by his coworkers. The gods and entities he studies also seemed to be more responsive to religious acts, so he named this school of thought ‘Technomancy’ and registered it as his practiced religion. During his research, he began to develop an interest in genetics and biological modification. The discovery of Stable Mutagen, a chemical that can completely alter an individual’s species, became the primary focus of his research for quite some time. He also saw this as an opportunity to reduce his debt to the company. Using a mix of genetics, chemistry, and medicine, Vixx was able to create a method of altering an individual’s species while maintaining their voice, appearance, and identity (Or at least as close as possible to their original species). Trial runs proved to be successful and Vixx was poised to turn this into a potential business. This was cut short almost immediately. Nanotrasen claimed ownership of his research and banned the production of Stable Mutagen soon after. This caused Vixx’s hatred towards the company to grow, and he began hiding his research from the company to avoid a repeat. With no avenue to reclaim his research, he turned his attention to a new subject. Vox had always been interesting to Vixx, but he had never studied them in depth. He was aware of their bio-engineered nature, but knew next to nothing about their creation, mostly due to the Vox’s secretive nature when it comes to their science and technology. His studies lead to him finding that the Vox tend to hold philosophical views on the subject of the universe similar to his own. He also found the kinship Vox shared with one another to be enviable, due to his struggles to create any strong friendships in the work environment. This has led to him somewhat enjoying the company of Vox more than most other species. Since his work in science was cut short, he moved to more frequently work the medical department aboard the station. His knowledge in biology and medicine allowed him to comfortably work most jobs in the department, but his desire to help others leads to him often working as a doctor and surgeon. Although he enjoys the job for the most part, he still has an interest in research and science, and won’t hesitate to jump on any opportunity to aid or partake in any projects. His interest in Vox one day took a strange turn amidst a shift with a high amount of paranormal activity. There had been many sightings of ghosts, unnatural events, and supernatural happenings. Seeing this as a potential opportunity, he beckoned for the spirits to answer his wish to be able to speak Vox. He got his wish in an unexpected way, as he was suddenly struck by a supernatural force and transformed into a Vox. Since then, Vixx has found himself stuck between two ways of life. That of his old way of living, and that of a vox. Although he has been trying to fit in among the other vox on the station, there's a part of him that always feels like he's an outsider. He's hesitant to explore the vox ways due to the secrecy and hostility towards outsiders, but he's managed to find friends on the station. Detailed Information Appearance: Vixx is a Vox that stands at about 3'6" and is of a fairly thin build. He's dark brown with light brown quills atop his head that he keeps in a swept back style. His eyes are light green and also posesses some almost vulpkanine like physical mannerisms. Old Vulpkanin Appearance: Character Voice: Quiet and gentle, though has a hint of gruffness that most Vulpkanins have. His voice is on the somewhat deep side, much to his surprise when he hears recordings of it. Personality: Vixx is usually friendly and somewhat quiet. Although he doesn’t engage in major social events, he still likes talking with folks and listening to the stories they might have to share. He can also be quite protective, often going out of his way to help others even at the risk of his own life. He’s hard to anger, but can be spiteful against those that cause harm to his friends or those that just act rude in general. Despite his willingness to throw himself in danger at the behalf of his friends, he does his best to avoid physical conflict if he can, as he feels he would be more of a hindrance in a fight than helpful, unless inaction would do more harm than good. Despite his helpful nature, this can work against Vixx as he’s very susceptible to stress. Even a busy shift can be difficult for him to handle, and he’ll sometimes retreat from his work unless it involves someone needing help. He often overworks himself and needs time off for mental recovery. Socializing with close friends is his go-to method for relaxing, though he’ll also read or work on personal projects if he’s on his own. Despite this, he’s always ready to jump in to help others at a moment's notice, sometimes even disregarding his time off if he feels like he’s needed. Background: Vixx was born into a trader family and spent most of his young life traveling and meeting various cultures and species. He grew to enjoy this sort of interaction, and also began to develop an interest in science and medicine. Family: Both parents are deceased. No siblings or close relatives. History: Originally a trader with a love for everything science, Vixx found himself an unwilling employee of Nanotrasen after a moral decision led to him owing a major debt to the company. He’s tried to make the best of it through pursuing his personal interests and taking advantage of the company’s state of the art research facilities, but frequent deaths and clonings, Syndicate involvement, supernatural occurrences, and general distaste for Nanotrasen have made it difficult for him to make any progress on clearing his debt. Faction Relations Nanotrasen - Hate Vixx’s travels have shown him just how far reaching and oppressive Nanotrasen has become. Despite despising them, he’s stuck working for them. The Syndicate - Dislike Vixx’s debt to Nanotrasen is well known by the Syndicate, who often used it as leverage to get him to do their bidding. Vixx doesn’t do work for them any more, though they do on occasion come after him due to unsettled business. The Vulpkanin Assembly - Like Vixx is fond of his own people, seeing them as strong survivors despite the odds they faced in the past. However, he is unhappy with their recent dealings with Nanotrasen and worries the company is on a course to exploit them. The Vox Shoals - Neutral Although curious about the shoals and arkships of the Vox, Vixx has not yet visited any in person. SolGov - Neutral Vixx respects them, but feels they lack the power to have any substantial impact on the galactic community beyond the Sol borders. Other Information Favorite drink is Doctor’s Delight. Favorite food is Eggs Benedict. Terrified of pirates, especially ‘Fur Traders’.
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