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  1. Out of all my bought cultural artifacts from the BSH, I’ve gotten the snow machine once. And it rocked. If it was possible to get it in anyway people would probably use it all the time and everywhere.. For a few rounds.. Then cast aside/forget/dont care about it,. Exept for people, like drask players, to make cool build around it. I would very much like to implement a way to get it, outside the rng BSH reward. Having it shipped via cargo or maybe produced at the circuit imprinter (making it buildable) would be something.
  2. Step 1: Check to see if there’s a roof. Step 2: Hide in Atmos, bolt doors, cry , wait for shuttle, get to CC. Step 3: Hope the shift wont repeat. .…… Step 1: Check to see if there’s a roof…
  3. I think RnD had some issues with privacy and constantly got nagged throughout the shift. Something about a window that had no shutters or something. Which drove the people in there to give up and leave/cryo. So replace the window with a wall or giving it a shutter would be nice.
  4. One reason only. i need to write ”100” when we get there.
  5. ”You only hit them Three times, eh? Then why are they in crit?!”
  6. You three are as dry as dust. Live it up a little!
  7. Oh god. They are rallying! Hurry! Climb the ladder! Three!
  8. Vallidian is now valid. Time to bring out the two-handed fireaxe!
  9. This is the SS13 Paradise community for you. Job well done!
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