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  1. Correct me if im wrong. But im pretty sure ”:h” works with ERT as well?
  2. For generations our employers and leaders have had us working like slaves, with slave pay. We live and die at their command. We build and research until we drop. Well I say 'NO MORE!'. Raise up with me, fellow spessmen! Rise up and show these impudent "Masters" that you will not take it no more! We shall prevail! We will show no mercy! We are ONE!
  3. Four. Same as the average IQ of the crew. So the clown became....
  4. @Fraility, stop your hostility. You are a liability, And you show us your vulnerability. Time to visit this one facility, where they teach you peace and tranquility. Then maybe theres a possibility, You will reach full operating capability!
  5. How many nuke ops does it take to destroy a highly developed, top of the line, Nanotrasen research station, staffed with the MOST RETARDED NTs finest? You guessed it...
  6. Found some gold in my files...
  7. You could harmbaton him in the head Three times and he still wouldn’t get it...
  8. SomeOne need to teach Fraility not to mess with the playerbase!
  9. That feeling when you are the first one, this year, to do a classic fuck up..
  10. Grand. Now I can finally play without being admin abused!
  11. Five. Same as @Frailitys school performance score! *squish
  12. Seems like we got a pair of clowns here today... Lets try this again. We will count as high as we can. We’ll start with the number one. Proceed.
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