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  1. Contractor is a fucking blessing.
  2. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh three :{
  3. As it turns out, the correct answer was not to be. Whoever saw that coming.
  4. I've never heard of Paradise, or in fact any ss13 server, be referred to as 'competitive' before. This is the first time I've heard of that. In fact, with arguments on removing the idea of greentext (which I myself am split on), the idea of ss13 being a competitive game is exactly the type of mentality that we want to avoid. Competitive games are generally toxic. Regardless and more to the point, this isn't a change to the server; EoC's were paroleable before SoP was updated to disclude them specifically back in July 25th of this year. This simply changes it back to that standard.
  5. An Us vs Them mentality makes sense from an IC perspective. The problem is that it turns OOC. Way too often. People hold grudges, people salt about shitcurity in deadchat. An Us vs Them mentality between our actual players is shit, we are a community. Being able to RP in between these situations lessens the emotional impact of the round and reminds us that we're all here to have fun, instead of here to ruin peoples day.
  6. Maybe you're right. An alterative would be Magistrate plus either Captain or HoS approval. That way the HoS can still be overruled, or the Captain if he or she is out of touch with security ongoings.
  7. It's not a viable system because parolling EoCs should truly be a once in a blue moon type of thing. While some HoS's have a play 2 win mentality, there's also the valid reason that they will get blamed and called shitcurity if parolling the Eoc was the wrong call. The fact they are completely evaded in the parole discussion is quite frankly ludicrous to me. These voices matter. A rare opportunity of an EoC parole will come up one day, and it'll be reasonable enough that every single member of command will agree to it. Having only the Magistrate approve encourages more and more paroles, which is a step too far. What I want is the option to parole an EoC, instead of the current system which provides no option.
  8. After a long discussion hidden within the admin design chat, I propose that EoCs may only be paroleable if the Magistrate, HoS, and Captain, UNANIMOUSLY agree to the parole of a prisoner. The system has a chance to be abused in terms of EoCs, and this change is to fix most of those issues (unless all of command happens to be bald or insane at the time, which should never happen).
  9. The IC version doesn't make logical sense to me, but the OOC option I'd be down for. As long as the antags are doing something antaggy then it's fine and acting in character (even just the attempt), but otherwise you're literally just taking up a slot. Fortunately this isn't behavior I see often anymore. Parroting Ansari, more flexibility is good.
  10. Before the parole change there was the possibility for EoCs with little to no criminal activity to be placed on parole, mostly for EoCs that turned themselves in. I believe the reasoning was that it encouraged antags to go against their objectives, but I'm sensing a shifting attitude to wanting more sec/antag interaction on the RP level, which is always good. I would want EoCs to only be parole-able on crimes Major and below but exceptional crimes are also paroleable anyways. Overall a +1. I know the argument for metafriending abuse is prevalent but it also goes all the way down the chain: a sec officer that would parole a friend would also most likely choose to just, not arrest the friend committing the crime in the first place
  11. Without going to deep into it or thinking of any consequences, I like the idea. It's simple, useful, and doesn't require too much effort or thought. There have been security members that applied for medical bodyguard access, and dedicated janitors make sense for a department that gets blood everywhere. +1.
  12. I think the second condition still applies because the prisoner would still be cuffed. An officer would still be able to catch up with the prisoner before they could remove the shackles, and if the prisoner is unable to retaliate then there's absolutely no logical way they the sec officer could respond with lethal force. If the clown slipped the officer MULTIPLE times and the prisoner could uncuff himself, that's a different problem and 100% an aiding and abetting charge. Besides, I don't really see prisoner transport as important or significant enough to bloat modifier since, outside of round end transfer shuttle (or no BP and a medical emergency), perma prisoners rarely get escorted out of perma in practice. Great point, though.
  13. A couple preludes real quick. In terms of: We don't have blindfolds in sec by default. We really should. The current way to acquire blindfolds is by cutting up bedsheets or something, I don't even know how to do it myself since someone else was (fortunately) in sec to handle it, but the process of getting blindfolds is SUPER esoteric and very very dumb. Now that that's off my chest, thanks for the thread. Judging by everything I've read, and based off of Rythen's extremely correct comments about perma being the SENTENCE, and not the actual act of being placed in the perma brig, I'd like to propose a more specific perma escape criteria. This will obviously have to be prettied up. An attempted escape from a permanent sentence qualifies if one or more of the following is true: 1. The prisoner has breached their assigned cell, uncuffed. For permabrig, this means breaching through the the lobby. For solitary confinement or a standard issue cell set to 60 minutes (should perma be unavailable), this means being outside of the cell and in a hallway. 2. The prisoner is uncuffed and has the equipment necessary to reasonably stun and cuff an officer, or has demonstrated the capability of placing an officer into a critical position. (Beating an officer to death is an escape attempt. Slipping an officer and punching them a few times is not an escape attempt. Cuffing an officer is an escape attempt. Stealing a baton or a taser by itself is not necessarily an escape attempt unless they are also beating an officer to death with it?) I believe this description sums up everyones concerns on the thread since we all seem to be on the same page here, but please offer opinions and copy/paste this to make it your own.
  14. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa is that a double digit number on my god damn forums excuse m-EXCUSE ME, SIR, THIS WILL NOT STAND, THE AUDACITY.
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