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  1. One idea that I thought was very interesting was something along the lines of what this thread suggested, but more expanded upon: Allow Changelings to be decapitated, gibbed, etc. But let them survive anything up to the complete destruction of their body, or at least anything which wouldn't kill a generic horror monster in a movie (Gibbed by an explosion, or dusting/cremating). I can't speak on the coding difficulty of this yet since I haven't actually looked into it, but both decapitated and gibbed changelings still have a fully intact head which their ghost possesses. Maybe that head could grow legs and skitter off, grow a full body back out of the remains of its neck, or just turn into a regular old headslug and escape. I believe that this would fix the majority of the issues plaguing Changelings at the moment, primarily because the only way to be sure that you've killed them would be cremation or dusting. Still not exactly hard to do, but it would solve the annoying "cheesy" methods of beating them and make clings a lot more of an interesting and scary threat to the station than the slight annoyance they currently are. (Not actually a finalised suggestion obviously, just a cool shower thought I had.)
  2. One thing that should probably be noted (although admittedly I've never seen one do this) is that the AI can be an antagonist too, and a malfunctioning AI would benefit greatly from maintenance cameras. They actually have an IC reason to build them as well.
  3. I'm double posting and you can't stop me.
  4. Oh, apparently I forgot to post this one!
  5. I think the problem at the moment is that it doesn't provide either of those to IPCs. More often than not the contents of the box are just dumped out at roundstart to free up some extra inventory space. I can't remember having any real issues with that myself when I used to play IPC, but this issue has been brought up a LOT of times by separate players (and those are just the ones I could find), so there's clearly something wrong with it in its current state.
  6. This seems to me like the best solution for this. The chemical doesn't actually exist yet as Esenno mentioned, but it would pretty easy to add it. Having a little 'Emergency repair injector' which could heal a small amount of damage if they're below a certain health threshold like epinephrine does would give the emergency box an actual use, wouldn't involve giving IPCs tools at roundstart, and most importantly, wouldn't be able to be abused at all.
  7. One thing I will point out is that I've seen quite a few admins and staff members bridgewatch/bridgehobo themselves, presumably because it's a relatively safe spot to admin-ghost from. I'm not able to say if that's a good thing or a bad thing because I honestly never payed much attention to the whole issue, but maybe a more unified response or standard would improve it. Ingame announcements can only apply for a few hours before the players who saw them are replaced by new ones who didn't, so for many of them it's possible that if they see an admin lying above the bridge talking to people, they could take it as permission or even encouragement for them to do the same.
  8. This is already a feature, unless it’s stopped working recently. I added it in one of my first PRs last year: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/13934/commits/95b363f4a7c2e8f7bdc4df0896c9a6301fb2666a
  9. Personally, I would be happy just knowing if one of my PRs has been objected to at all. 90% of the time it's communicated very well and the reasoning behind the objection is laid out clearly. On that other 10% though it can be incredibly frustrating to have a PR closed without even knowing that there was a single objection. In some cases like the 'Genderless' PR I made a while ago then it's obviously understandable that people would rather not put a big, publically visible "I dislike this" on something as sensitive as that. But on other non-controversial ones, sometimes the most feedback you'll get is a with no explanation, if even that. I'm not saying this to complain of course, it's pretty obvious that all of the Maintainers & Heads are very busy people in real life who simply don't have the time to write a 2000 word essay explaining why replacing Tajaran with Felinids is a bad idea. Even so, I would argue that the "If you can't justify it in words, it might not be worth adding." policy on pull requests should go both ways. If they are unable put into words their reasons for objecting (Which again to reiterate, is completely understandable), then I don't believe that it should be officially counted. That's just my thoughts on it anyway, at least in terms of objections.
  10. Huh, I was sure that there would have been more of those. Maybe some of my own requests were done via msay instead. Either way, I'd personally flip that around and say "Even if it's used infrequently, why not have it anyway for the times it would be useful?" It's only 22 lines of code to add it as a feature in its current state, so I can't see any real downsides myself other than the standard 'muscle memory' argument, and I can't imagine there would be much of that for the VV dropdown menu. As I said (I think) my original plan for this was to give it to PR Reviewers and Mentors under certain restrictions. PR Reviewers because they already see the MC, runtimes, and qdel logs. Mentors because it'll allow them to check the attack intent, movement intent, contents, etc. of a player directly, rather than needing to guess.
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