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  1. https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/14872
  2. I've added a few of the most pressing ones: NTR, ERT, IAA, CMO, HoP and HoS. Some of the others were already there, although I can't remember which they were exactly.
  3. Admemes made me 'King of the Ash Walkers', with a magic crown that could summon whatever I wished for. About an hour in I wanted to speak to 'The Sky Chief', so I was given a headset and learned Galactic Common! At the end of the round we moved all of the eggs to the Mining Base, with half of us in Ash Drake armour because of some very generous miners. Very fun round, even if I did get a bit lost for words occasionally. Thank you to whichever admin it was!
  4. Can’t actually remember much about this round, but I took this screenshot:
  5. Whoops, didn’t look at the post dates.
  6. I feel like this would work, have an oil tank in Tool storage and maybe a few oil cans on a nearby table.
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