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  1. I recently been brought to my attention that thermite is against standard of procedures under science. How ever my question is was the magistrate in right to charge me a 306 (possession of contraband) for them? It’s not on the list, but they are generally strong when used.
  2. Merry Christmas Paradise community, have a fantastic day and Happy New Year! please send my wishes to Discord as well, not many people are on forums.
  3. Probably do able if you find someone to sprite each module and each cyborg design.
  4. Nerdy thread is back, you’re a nerdy nerd
  5. How come when you do [date] it’s different?
  6. It’s a few shades lighter. if we are removing this then vulp/taj should have something else. They don’t have much else going on
  7. Me and other players struggle to play with very low fps and high ms because of the size of mid blob. Honestly thought more people would voice in
  8. Throwing this out here. Is there a way the round ends if mid blob gets way to big, like as big as blob round? The game gets unplayable after it reaches to certain point. My FPS was gone with 5300ms. Yes I understand that this is mid round event and having this could ruin the main round but I feel like this is needed and if antags/crew can’t work together to kill blob, then it’s a well deserved red text as blob wins. If not I’d ask we remove it from the mid round spawn.
  9. Watching the CMO who clearly had no medical knowledge almost kill the RD who only came in for basic HUD implant start shift. As coroner, broke in and took over before they could die. CMO shortly cryo’d.
  10. His freaking foreshadowing with Wolf as his target.
  11. What happens if they instead decide to go back and forth? Example box one round, meta the next, back to box on third, meta on fourth, etc.? Can we make it so a map is randomly picked instead?
  12. I like these ideas, also like the idea of completely removing them.
  13. Minus 4 points to Team Crazyhair for even suggesting the idea.
  14. Let me know if you have further issues with mine! Should be working. @Warriorstar
  15. Damn, I have it on my PC. Will fix tomorrow morning.
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