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  1. First of all, thank you @Sirryan2002 for taking the initiative and taking the charge on getting our wiki up to date; it’s much needed and much appreciated. I am still working on the EMP page. Currently just looking for more things to add. I am a little inefficient as to how I go about looking for items as I am just using my in game experiences for things I *think* would interact with an EMP, and then using a test server to emp flashlight/emp grenade said objects and observing what happens. I have tried combing the code to see which items have emp interactions, however code is a new t
  2. Idea: In the character creation screen, have an option to set your default suit sensors (maximum by default) so that you don't accidentally forget to turn them on/off mid game. Why: Most people don't like dying and are pretty fond of medical finding their corpses and reviving them. Having the option to have suit sensors on maximum by default even from the pre-game lobby ensures that should someone die, they have a better chance of being found and revived. This works the other way around as well, having them off by default is probably the course for people who like playing antag and don't
  3. building an aquarium wall for chef in the kitchen (they’d have to fill it though) Connecting Jani closet with that room of paramedic gear cause why not? dismantle decorations in escape and build the ultimate waiting area for when the Tesla is loose and everyone is hiding tired, scared, and alone check permabrig for false walls delete space by building More Cyberiad
  4. +1 I like this idea. Helps with down time in a couple departments
  5. Name of Event: (Death) Poker Night One Sentence Description: Poker Tournament! Map Changes: Minor changes to the default map Will this work with the standard NSS Cyberiad map? Yes, but we'd need to add some tables around the library, chapel, hallways, medical, and escape, as needed. Code Changes: No Will this work with the standard Paracode base? yes Suggested Number of Players: <50 What type of population level would this be best for? Any number of players would be possible. Ideally 8-50 just so it doesn't drag on forever. Full Description of
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