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  1. Immortal already makes some good points above as to why Slings has issues, but to add to that with my own views: The method for dethralling is awful - first you're reliant on medbay to be competent enough to know the surgery procedure necessary to remove the shadow tumor. Even if they do know what they're doing - the surgery can wind up taking a while since it's random as to whether the tumor will die when you use the flashlight on it, sometimes taking multiple attempts - coupled with the fact there are usually queues of people to dethrall and security need to keep them from escaping r
  2. The top 5 (That doesn't include the E20) in that list are probably the only ones that are generally useful no matter what you need to do - the rest of the items are either not worth using if you don't have hijack (His grace, E20, Bee briefcase), are really situational in getting use out of them (Poison Pen, Ambrosia Cruc.), are more gimmicky than anything (Missionary Kit, Voodoo Doll, Trick Revolver) or are limited to a single job that rarely gets to use it (Tele-gun, Advanced Mimery). Most times I see such items used are when they are found in a surplus crate. I'm amazed it even got b
  3. I went through the spreadsheet myself - here's a list of the top ten items (unless there's less than 10) bought under each category, keeping nuke-ops exclusive items separate (besides ammo): Job-Specific Pickpocket's Gloves - 32 Poison Bottle - 30 Radiation Laser & Contortionist's Suit - 11 (Each) Stimulants - 9 E20 - 8 Poison Pen - 7 Syndicate MMI - 4 Safety Scissors - 3 Viral Injector & Power Gloves & Telegun - 2 (Each) Banana Grenade & Clown Magboots & Boozey Shells & Bee Briefcase & Ambrosia Cruc
  4. When you get to be the unholy combo - A vampire and a changeling at the same time: Also that action bar did prove to be a hindrance when trying to look up...
  5. Damn, reaper sure is casual when directing his cultist minions these days -
  6. When the stars align on a surplus crate...
  7. I was chosen to cleanse the station of all Vampire corruption on this recent shift. Suffice to say, the rapid holy fists of justice helped me to slay 3 vampires so that they may never harm the crew ever again! (The other 2 died in prison):
  8. This is more of a gameplay-based reasoning for Nuke Ops being restricted to humans-only. As with BeanOS's list above, many of the races have specific disadvantages which can cause them to hinder the Nuke Ops team if someone were to use them. Some examples of this are; IPCs due to instantly dying from EMP which makes armor near useless for them, Vox due to the increased brute damage and bonus chance for them to get broken bones and Slime people due to them leaking water onto floor tiles when bleeding, which will slip up their team-mates if they do not have no-slip protection of some sort.
  9. I should have clarified it a bit better in my other 2 posts, but the intent behind certain actions is also important when defining what is and isn't powergaming. My issue with the examples I listed above is when they are being done not in response to a threat or for some kind of RP interaction, but instead just done soon after the round starts to get as big of an advantage as possible over antagonists or security. Going back to stunprods for example, making one for self-defense when red alert gets declared and it's being made clear that a certain antagonist is wreaking havoc? That's not n
  10. A lot of the points you're making there aren't logical. If being onboard an NT station is dangerous and there's clearly a risk to all employees while they're on the job then why don't they all get pepper spray or a self defence taser as part of their standard loadout? Why even have the security team if they're expected to fail almost all the time? From what I remember seeing and something I agree is likely the case, the round you play is implied to be "The shift", where everything goes wrong and either corporate sabotage, monsters or complete chaos descends on to the station. Shifts befor
  11. I see powergaming as abusing metaknowledge for heavy in-game benefits rather than the use of macros, which are more a feature of BYOND. Building stuff in your department isn't really powergaming in most cases - a brig physician building themselves a bunch of surgical and medical equipment and computers is something you tend to see quite often and isn't really giving them a massive 'advantage' for the round. Powergaming is more along the lines of equipping or preparing yourself to absolutely 100% win against the antags / security by any means possible, regardless of how much of a threat they ar
  12. As the station is slowly devoured by a blob and command scramble to arm the Nuke - A syndicate agent, his holoparasite and some dead prisoner they found slowly wait for the big fireworks show in space.
  13. Well for a start they shouldn't be patrolling maintenance or the station in general armed with lavaland loot in the hopes they may "stumble" into an antagonist doing something and "defend" the person they're kidnapping/murdering. Rule 8 states that only security should be actively hunting antagonists barring extremely powerful ones such as wizards and nuke ops. Implementing z-level checks isn't a great solution to the issue of miners running around the station with lavaland gear either. Outside of it being snowflakey in terms of which items we would need to blacklist from station use as w
  14. AzuleUtama

    Guide to Blob

    Problem with blob is that you have no communication with the other cores until you burst, so plans like this have to be sprung on people when they have likely made plans of their own already. Also, doing that means no split consciousness given you'll probably be dead before you put a resource node down. 2 Blobs working together is much stronger than just bombing a key target and leaving the rest to the other roundstart blob(s).
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