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  1. September 27th, 2023 @Miraviel has retired from their position as GA.
  2. Yes, even in outer space, mail is a thing to be delivered! I arrive at the station and go to cargo. I don my awesome delivery uniform. A little bit later, the first batch of mail arrives. As I go about delivering mail, sometimes, not everything goes as planned ... ...and sometimes, it's downright hazardous! We definitely have alcoholics on station: Sometimes, the clown pranks security. But sometimes, security pranks back, by giving the clown a nice gift by mail post. ...THE DANGERS I GO THROUGH FOR BUT SOME DAMN MAIL NT, apparently, can be generous to their NT reps: Now ... if you are conversing with a traitor through your PDA .. don't accidently PDA the courier instead.. WHAT DO Y'ALL ORDER?! ...even as we leave the station, I deliver some final mail. Of course, the scene is always hectic. Glory to space mail delivery! I love this update. And the people that roleplay with you when you deliver the mail. Keep it up people. I have been laughing my ass off this entire shift.
  3. I personally fear it might lead to elitism. Perhaps make it a role selectable for mentors and admins? I am aware that would perhaps 'feed into' the elitism but on the other hand, I feel that if you are a mentor/admin you should be able to behave yourself properly and are held to a higher standard in any case. Any abuse/misuse of the role would be dealt with.
  4. In regards to the other job titles: I'd love for example 'off-duty' and 'retired'. I mean .. I even have an old-man character! It would fit very nicely!
  5. It's not about making antagging around the bridge hard, I think. It's because it's generally annoying and is dumb in my opinion from a RP perspective. You're literally sitting/laying down in the middle of a busy hallway, in front of the most important area on the station. This has been an annoyance of mine since forever. There are specific areas to hang out. There's the dorms, the bar, even the library. There's a garden on the station too and lots of places in maintenance areas that you can build a cool hangout if you so desire.
  6. As I said earlier: If assistants want a proper job with proper pay, they could go to the HOP and the HOP could put them in the department that fits the custom job the most, or put them into the service department by default, if that works correctly with paycheck allocation. Or indeed a 'miscellaneous' job, that would be put in the 'service' department by default, for example.
  7. Amazing! :D I have changed the poll to remove the reference to 'lowest' paycheck. The question still stands, as assistants get the same paycheck as crew who have an actual job. Also I must say that I'm happy about the mail system :)
  8. To avoid going in circles, let's keep it to the question/original suggestion. It had nothing to do with bridge hobo'ing specifically rather it was used as an example of what *some* assistants do. The question is: Should we reduce the paychecks of civilians? If yes, how much? I made a poll on the opening post now, so that it can be voted on to have a bit of a better perspective of where the general preference lies.
  9. I like the RP reason of 'taking a break from regular duties' when joining as an assistant. A reduction in pay would be fine with me, too. Perhaps somewhere to 30-50% of the normal salary payouts.
  10. Personally I've found assistant weird as a title. Assistant to what, exactly? Assistants literally don't 'have' a job by default. I'm not saying they do not contribute to the round, not at all. All I mean is that they do not have a job in the workforce at roundstart. They can still contribute to the round. Not *every* assistant is a bridge hobo, and I understand that it might have come off as a generalization but I also pointed out that they do other things such as just enjoy their shift at the bar, go about their lives on the station and that's absolutely fine. Even people bridge-hobo'ing is fine (even thought I don't like it personally). I just don't think they should be paid to do it. If someone wants to join as assistant (IMHO 'civilian' would be a better general title) that's also fine. Just don't give them a paycheck. You could perhaps get some more alternative titles for the 'assistant' role, to create perhaps more roleplay, but that's perhaps something for a different time/thread.
  11. And if they did that, they could be fired to rectify it. As Henri also said:: People already do this and I too think that the change in paycheck wouldn't change this much more to be honest. From a gameplay reason, it won't make *that* much of a difference since the paycheck isn't that much but from a roleplay perspective it would make sense for assistants to get a lower/no paycheck.
  12. It makes no sense. While they could technically be an assistant for a department or something like that, all they do is bridge hobo or just enjoy themselves on the station in other areas, such as the bar. Which is fine, but why should they be paid by glorious Nanotrasen? If we stop handing out unemployment benefits giving them paychecks, they will be more motivated to actually work and contribute to the labour force. If they want a custom job for a gimmick, they could confer with the Head of Personnel to be put in a specific department that the role could perhaps belong in. If none such can be found, they could be just put into the 'service' department by default for custom jobs. This way, they will get paychecks. It would also open up a way for antag HOP's to sign assistants up into the service department in exchange for a cut of the money (give me x of your paycheck and I'll make sure you get free stonks). It could also give assistants more incentive to sell some of the stuff they may find on the station that others may find useful (I do this sometimes as janitor) to make money that way, since they don't get handouts anymore. Finally it also makes sense (to me, at least) from a RP perspective. Thoughts on this? Shoot :)
  13. RP jobs are only boring if you treat them like they are. Either you aren't playing the job right/with the right mindset or you could be unlucky with people not RP'ing back.
  14. While I like the idea, I am not sure how it would work in practice. I'd be afraid there would be players inclined to raise the command level / keep bugging for higher alert level for elevated access. Basically: The other alert levels? Absolutely. The changes in access? No.
  15. Let's not forget: August 18: @CornMyCob has been hired as a server dev next to their role as game admin
  16. Make it so we can butcher it for horse meat also.
  17. Okay so, update. Sir @henri215has made a sound for this gotten the sound from CM for this. For an example: See/listen here: https://discord.com/channels/145533722026967040/145700319819464704/1141824352694845501 The question is: Should we: 1: Make that possible for ALL shoes 2: Limit this to jackboots, jacksandals and dress shoes, to give them more uniqueness and perhaps a small incentive to wear them more? But by doing so, many people will not be able to do the salute emote with sound (the emote itself still works) by default. Let your opinion be known if you like (click the link to go to the discord message/discussion)
  18. Example can be heard at 0:02. Disclaimer: I did not know of any other movies/scenes off the top of my head. Informational/educational purposes only, etc, etc. Thoughts? Personally I think it'd be a nice small thing for immersion.
  19. This is good. I can use TC to buy the syndicate cash briefcase and buy all the chef's food with it like the glutton I am. In all seriousness. I like this idea.
  20. From what I have noticed when playing psychologist .. it's really a hit-or-miss when it comes to gameplay/things to do. Even if you improvise, there are not always people who want to play along. I once had a Diona (Or Nian, not 100% sure) come to me (I was psychologist) because they were nervous because of their upcoming botany exam. We had some amazing roleplay. There's also been an instance of someone setting up shock therapy with a shower and an electrified grille. It was amazing. :D
  21. I've had some great experiences playing as an undercover detective. My fellow seccies mistook me for a civilian and arrested me for trespassing into the brig 10/10. (I had a civ ID with detective access, put the sec encryption key in a normal headset, etc etc). But don't overdo it imo. I see no reason why this should be prohibited through SOP. If properly RP'd/played, it can add to the round. Perhaps there should be something in SOP that requires written authorization of the captain/HoS for an officer/detective to go undercover. And also make them NOT allowed to perform arrests. Just reconnaissance. The authorization form should be kept secure in the HOS/captain's office cabinet. Preferably both.
  22. I have more of an urge to eat them. I love KFV! In all seriousness, I like the species diversity on our station. More species please.
  23. January 27th, 2022 @necaladunhas stepped down as Head of Staff @Sirryan2002has been elected as a new Head of Staff
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