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  1. What's new in this club
  2. @davidchan Well, people always assumed automatically that the chaplain is the bishop, thus I made him so in order to avoid confusion.
  3. Wouldn't the HoP be the Queen, HoS be the Rook, RD and CMO be the Bishops? Not enough chess pieces, we must make more.
  4. All I have are CnC references. AI: CABAL - Thinks that Cyborgs are superior, despites a common laser pointer is like a remote control for them. I'm trying to be invested in Crew's life, argue about cybernetics and chase criminals. I'm usually trying to reinforce my Core becouse of powergaming traitors. Did you know that you can somehow push anchored core to the wall? I didn't but simple vampire without gear misted to my core once and did that. He know that this will work. Cyborg: Enlightened - Pretty much security CABAL, but with more "holy" speach, not that devilish. Always asks for orders at the start of the round, but always ignored by Sec. Works alone, but have nothing against having a partner.
  5. You guys are missing out if you don't know Max Headroom ?
  6. You just gave me an idea for a nice engineering project. The first time I'm engineer and someone else takes care of station project is easy one, I will build noice bar in assembly line for synthetics. I wonder if it will work out
  7. Hey! That's not me behind the counter!
  8. During my time as an IPC, I have noticed that I tend to build little clubs. If anyone else here does, I would enjoy some images and ideas for hovels, pubs and more Here is the image of a bar that I had made recently
  9. Hii, I'm late to the party, I play S.A.M. primarily but I do have a few other IPCs that I may play on occasion I remember when I really started to get more into ss13, I saw some characters around with TV heads and I thought they looked so cool *^* I ended up making IPC my first ever karma purchase, because *beep
  10. I would like to see that, also for those snowflakes who roll with the idea of having been organic once and want to remember their previous inferiority
  11. I play SCUTTLES. Been thinking about making another IPC character. IPCs are the shit. You're able to heal yourself to a degree, no oxygen tanks required which means more room for fun stuff. The constant beeping and pinging can cover up the sound of someone illegally welding into perma.
  12. So I guess I will say hi here. My IPCs are Q.U.A.R.K. and M.A.N.T.I.S. ((I got some more saved in case I want anothere character)). As why I play IPC. Well I used to play as Unathi at FTL13/Yogstation, where my secondary "race" was Borg. When I moved to paradise I played as Heals the Wounds for some time, IPCs seems so cool to me, I decided to buy that race and give it a shot. And here we are.
  13. My most notable IPC is Jeriko-Bashline, followed by Serenity-F. There's also CATCH-22, but he's crazy and breaks all the time. As to why I play IPCs, I just have a huge thing for robots in general. Not really a Synthetica follower all that much really, just IPCs who try to lead normal lives.
  14. I'd be down for this. IPC's taking a liking to a certain other species and augmenting themselves to look more like them.
  15. Heya! I've got quite a few IPCs. B.E.E.R, The synthanolic barbot. E.A.R.S, the engineer/atmosian that likes seeing bluespace H.E.A.L, the overly anxious surgeon J.U.S.T.I.C.E, the shitcurity officer I play as synthetics because they, in my opinion, are the most flexible, personalitywise. They could not care about anything, or be curious, or whatever else! They are fun to play as, and be around. alsoyoucanmakepunsoutoftheirnamesandthat'skindafunnyIguess
  16. Would there be an interest in having more prosthetics that look like other species?
  17. I'm BOT, if you've seen me around you probably remember me as one of the greytiders you can find on the station. I mainly play because, despite being a shitter, I still can occasionally receive karma and I desperately need to prove it whenever possible.
  18. AROS, your laid-back CE here. Not having to breathe or eat is a big bonus, love that I don't have to waste space on internals.
  19. (barbershop quartet) Hello Hello Hello Hello! I play B.A.R.D, or Business And Recreation Device. My gimmick is that everything is based on a stage show, or a musical. Most of my announcements are song lyrics, which I try to keep to the chorus, or if that's too long, then a verse or two. Usually 4-8 lines. Commonly referencing the Cyberiad as the N.E.S Cyberiad, or Nanotrasen Entertainment Station. Calls the crew the "cast" and the antags are the antagonists of the story.
  20. Yes, they often take it as a good joke. Once we had a male HOS who kept saying the whole round how fabolous he is. In my experience so far the rank King is a big ego-boost to the captain. Except when they are female... Figures. Thank you. Feedback is always appreciated.
  21. @Bxil I just experienced CHESSMASTER for the first time ever my last round as HOS and it was hilarious. So the HOS is the queen even if not female? ???

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