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  1. Hey there! Welcome to- wait what?
  2. I got GA today so I'm here to break up the party to celebrate!
  3. Name: NT-3303 (Unit insists its name is 'NanoTracey'. Attempts at breaking NT-3303 of the behavior for more than a shift have been unsuccessful.) Age: NT-3303's Positronic Brain is currently 19 years old, its chassis, however is only a few years old due to [INFORMATION RESTRICTED - SEE BELOW]. Gender: Female Race: Integrated Positronic Chassis Blood Type: Grade 4 NT Machine Oil General Occupational Role(s): Nanotrasen Representative Chief Engineer Electrician & Life Support Specialist, should CE be taken Head of Personnel Mechatronic Engineer (Unit originally utilized for cargo, basic engineering and science work.) Biography: NT-3303 was assigned to the NSS Astraeus after being purchased. She was immediately put to work aboard the station for various menial tasks that may be too strenuous or too hazardous for organic crew. After approximately 5 years the Astraeus was retrofitted with safer equipment, as such, the crew began to assign her to other tasks such as assisting the Command staff directly as a secretary (Research has gone into attempting to lock NT-3303 into its subservient mode and force it to assist in such matters long term. Unfortunately, much like breaking it from insisting utilization of a nonstandard designation, it has been proven rather... difficult.) [Clearance: CentComm - NTRep/Blueshield or Higher] - Notice: NT-3303's ability to access this data is RESTRICTED as well, do NOT inform NT-3303 of the existence of this file Approximately 9 years after being brought to the NSS Astraeus , there was an incident with a level 5 biohazard, one which ended with the majority of the crew being consumed in trying to combat the biohazard. NT-3303 managed to utilize a long range fax machine to contact Special Operations Officer [REDACTED] aboard the NAS Aeon. Upon recieving the fax, Special Operations Officer [REDACTED] authorized deployment of a Code Epsilon cleanup team to detonate the NSS Astraeus' onboard Nuclear Fission Device. NT-3303 was shot and spaced by Commander [REDACTED] approximately 5 minutes before activation of the Nuclear Fission Device. Approximately 3 hours post-detonation a recovery crew was dispatched to the wreckage, NT-3303 was recovered in an inoperable state. Upon delivery to the NAS Aeon NT-3303 was scheduled for memory scanning and scrapping. However, due to the interjection and insistence of visiting Administrative Secretary [REDACTED] NT-3303 was repaired and returned to service with the previous 9 years of memory wiped. Additionally, NT-3303 was unofficially put under the care of Administrative Secretary [REDACTED] and sent to the Epsilon Eridani sector. [Clearance: None] Upon being brought to the Epsilon Eridani sector NT-3303 was run through a myriad of tests before being cleared for service and it has since been authorized to work as a Nanotrasen Representative. Qualifications: Certification of Operability, issued by NAS Aeon Basic Engineering Training, NSS Astraeus Advanced Engineering Training, NSS Astraeus Life Suppoert Tech. Training, NSS Astraeus Basic Science Training, NSS Astraeus Recertification of Operability, issued by NAS Trurl Nanotrasen Representative Certification, issued by NAS Trurl Employment Records: Cargo Technician, NSS Astraeus 2546-2552 Engineer, NSS Astraeus 2546-2552 Secretary/Administrative Assistant, NSS Astraeus 2552-2554 [REDACTED], NAS Aeon Variable, NSS Cyberiad 2564-Current Security Records: NT-3303 is a Nanotrasen Asset, not a very cheap one to replace, either. And yet we've had to replace her after being kidnapped by the Syndicate twice. As such, should any instance of NT-3303 be acting without Nanotrasen's best interests in mind it should be assumed they are a Syndicate plant and they should be promptly neutralized. Medical Records: NT-3303 is deathly afraid of having firearms and firing firearms due to [REDACTED, see above.] To prevent unneeded visits to the station psychologist, please avoid pointing firearms as NT-3303. As per orders of Administrative Secretary [REDACTED] NT-3303 is to no longer seek out the assistance of a station psychologist. Personnel Photo: [Image on file] A blue and white IPC standing at 5'7" (170cm) with Nanotrasen insignia stamped on her monitor. On the rear of said monitor is a sticker labled "NT ASSET 3303". She seems to always be in an upright, professional posture, and on her monitor is the Nanotrasen logo, only occasionally changing depending on the situation. Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: This was a long time comin', but it's finally up to my own quality standards!