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  1. Five! Maybe if we keep counting we'll summon the new mentors
  2. I'm loving this VO work! And not gonna lie I've got some interest in the Contingency event as well
  3. Designation: NT-3303 Name: NanoTracey Gender: Female Orientation: N/A Nicknames/Alias: Nano, Tracey, Useless machine (by some, anyway.) Picture: [Image On File] Age/D.O.B: 19 years old | 2544, Month and Date not known. Place Of Birth: All parts sourced by assorted manufactory worlds. Assembled on site at the NSS Astraeus. Species: Integrated Positronic Chassis Blood Type: N/A Alignment: Lawful Evil Affiliation: NanoTrasen Religious Beliefs: Atheist Childhood: As a positronic brain, NanoTracey had a standard 'childhood
  4. NAS TRURL SHIPPING MANIFEST 1x Blue IPC with mental trauma.
  5. I hereby take my crown as the Emperor of Nerdkind! Enjoy this zero: 0
  6. Hey there! Welcome to- wait what?
  7. I got GA today so I'm here to break up the party to celebrate!
  8. Name: NT-3303 (Unit insists its name is 'NanoTracey'. Attempts at breaking NT-3303 of the behavior for more than a shift have been unsuccessful.) Age: NT-3303's Positronic Brain is currently 19 years old, its chassis, however is only a few years old due to [INFORMATION RESTRICTED - SEE BELOW]. Gender: Female Race: Integrated Positronic Chassis Blood Type: Grade 4 NT Machine Oil General Occupational Role(s): Nanotrasen Representative Chief Engineer Electrician & Life Support Specialist, should CE be taken Head of Personnel Mechatron
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