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  1. I mean, I personally enjoy the Brig Phys role, but I'm pretty sure I'm one of the few who play it as intended instead of using it to make a fully functional medbay to be a Security Medical Doctor. I'm also pretty sure that it would be easier to adjust rather than change the "culture/meta" that BP has become. I would still like to see them have the basic medical supplies, like each flavour of FA kit, though.
  2. So far, some supply issues and security issues are covered by a pair of PRs: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/16391 and https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/16391
  3. This is a list of map related fixes/adjustments needed for the MetaStation, as reported on Github. I have organized this thread by department to bring some sort of method to the madness. Security/Internal Affairs: Prisoner Processing needs remapping. All security camera consoles don't work Coffee vending machine in permanent detention requires money, which prisoners lack. White ship docks in permanent detention when you use the top "North of Cerberon" option Internal Affairs office is ill-equipped to support 2 Internal Affairs Agents. Command: NanoTrasen Representative starts with Central Command stamp, not NanoTrasen Representative stamp AI Upload starts with turrets off. (This one also says unbolted, but I'm pretty sure that's also the case with Cyberiad) Intercomms intended to be set to AI's private channel (such one in the AI core) is set to radio frequency 144.7, not the actual AI private frequency of 134.3 Teleporter has weird wiring https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/25063394/89102154-4de18280-d3fe-11ea-901d-96726da48400.png Service: Clown airlock and mime airlock have incorrect access requirements. Arcade doesn't have a tech vendor. Medbay CMO office starts with inaccessible buttons on full-tile windows. Paramedic fore airlock and port airlock have no assigned access requirements. Morgue airlock facing the main hallway has no assigned access requirements. Medbay treatment rooms have inconsistent shuttering (port room has an additional shutter at a different orientation than the rest). Maintenance door into the psychiatrist's office has standard medical doctor access. Feature requests for medbay treatment rooms from a github user: No defibrillator mounts at present, may desire at least one Personal lockers could be removed Potentially remapping medical treatment rooms to be a single room/area Potentially remove shutters Replace Emergency NanoVends with a NanoMed Plus Supply: Mining shuttle opens up shutters in the maintenance tunnel above AffectedArc07 has suggested maybe removing it, however I was told it was a feature in the past. https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/25063394/88809858-7f630f80-d1ac-11ea-8046-9ee9890463a8.png Note: Testing on a local server did not yield the shutters opening upon shuttle departure or arrival All miners spawn on the same floor tile. Airlock leading to the mining shuttle starts bolted. Airlock leading to the mining shuttle doesn't bolt and unbolt with shuttle departure and arrival. Mining shuttle starts off station. Cargo bay lacks shuttle times that indicate when the shuttle should be arriving. The buttons leading to the cargo shuttle malfunction The top button doesn't work The bottom button operates both sets of airlocks. Rapid crate senders cannot select a telepad to connect with. Sending wrapped parcels to engineering causes it to be stuck in the disposal system, never reaching it's destination. Engineering/Atmospherics: As I have no atmospherics experience, I leave this for you to decipher as you will https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/issues/13950#issuecomment-880600462 External Airlocks port of medical in maintenance lack access requirements, as well as cycling systems. Departures airlocks are unbolted. A disposal pipe in engineering routes trash from security towards the supermatter. https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/71735193/125701347-0bf90728-75e2-412d-96cd-9e2e6ca07a2b.png Engineering Foyer lacks access requirements. https://i.imgur.com/fNE4uWp.png The turbine room has been labelled as "Incinerator." Pipes in the turbine room don't connect. Pump in the turbine room is off. Some vents are set to siphon upon round start Unfortunately, a list of locations is unknown The only reported one is Internal Affairs Office, however this did not replicate during later testing Ones I did see were Toxins Lab Vent Pump #3 and Research Division Server Room Vent Pump #2 Atmospheric equipment/lockers needs cleaning up in placement Atmospherics requires another hardsuit Other things I see when I load up MetaStation locally: General: There are two full tiles of reinforced glass with bushes in the Recovery Ward that look sloppy at the moment. Similar in Departures. Arrivals pod bay has a water tank oddly placed near the center. The "Storage Rooms" found just south-east of arrivals in maintenance have light fixtures with no lights. The Vacant Office has light fixtures with no lights. The garden has tinted windows This prevents you from seeing in. Why does the garden have these? Air alarms in the generic cabins in the dormitories are labeled as Dormitories Air Alarm Should be specified to reduce potential confusion later on down the line Areas that should have disaster counters don't. Including, but not limited to the engine and the science test lab Command: Heads of staff don't have a fancy paper bin in their respective offices. The captain now has two rubber stamps on their desk. There is no Magistrate's Office. A crate in the gateway atrium starts opened. A crate in the teleporter starts opened. The Head of Personnel Office doesn't have the ticket ticker. Security: Internal Affairs paper bin is not a fancy paper bin (doesn't ask for a letter head when you remove a piece of paper) Internal Affairs does not have a security records console Labour camp security airlocks don't unbolt upon labour camp shuttle arrival. Labour camp shuttle starts offstation. A crate in the "Prisoner Education Centre" starts opened. There is no security camera in the "Prisoner Education Centre" If the greytide virus/prison escape event runs, there are doors that can't be fixed by the AI. What appears to be execution is labelled "Prisoner Education Centre" There is no electric chair in the "Prisoner Education Centre," but an electropack, a bed, a muzzle, a blindfold, and a straight jacket. Space Law requires there be an execution chamber with an electric chair. The brig has a total of 3 cells. Air alarm in the security pod bay is hidden behind a full tile window There is no air alarm in the gear room in security There is no APC in the gear room in security Due to the nature of the room and it's intended use, it may be beneficial to separate it from generic brig stuff. The warden's office doesn't have an air alarm The arrival's security checkpoint is labeled as Customs. Barrier grenades in the armoury are currently just laying on the floor, beside an empty rack. There is no box of donuts in the security office. Supply A crate in the cargo bay starts opened. The cargo bay has various equipment strewn across it. The Supply Bay Space Bridge has maintenance hatches, where every other station maintenance door is the standard airlock (barring AI sat maintenance, which has historically had hatches on Cyberiad) Service The chapel's mass driver has a GPS in it. The chaplain's wardrobe (locker) in the Relic Closet is on a table. The room with the crematorium (one instance of chapel's office) has two air alarms within 2 tiles of each other. The chapel doesn't have everlasting candles, only the standard set of red. This includes the ones outside of the boxes Engineering: Lots of power wires are bright yellow, others are red. Not sure if this is an intentional change, as it appears the solar arrays have red wirings until their SMES, while the rest of the station is yellow In the Central Atmospherics Computer, two air alarms are labelled "all-access air alarm" One is the Turbine/Incinerator The other is the Prisoner Education Centre There appears to be a vent and a scrubber in maintenance by Aft Starboard solars, but they aren't connected to an air alarm Similar in maintenance port of security There are no listed air alarms for Aft Starboard Maintenance or Port Maintenance Air alarm in the access to the Supermatter Engine lacks proper capitalization engine air alarm Toxins Launch Room air alarm is called Toxins Lab Air Alarm Should be specified to prevent confusion late on down the line Medical: Genetics monkey pen doesn't have a vent or scrubber Funnily enough, I discovered this when I had a bunch of dead monkey logs suddenly show up while I was roaming locally.
  4. Only problem with this solution is that maintainers are relatively high up in the staff structuring, it's not as simple as pulling a PR Reviewer/Code Junkie or two aside and promoting them, as maintainers end up with admin access. In short, it's a coder with admin powers and there is a reason we have applications for admins to begin with. That said, I'm not fully privy to what the maintainer qualifications are, so I can't say that it's impossible to hire new ones, it's just more than you think.
  5. I will add this one to my to do list, with some adjusting.
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