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  1. ========================= November 5th 2566AD Running system diagnostic... Done Primary Power: Offline Secondary Power: malfunctioning Emergency Power: Operational Communications: Offline Life support: Failing Estimated 5 days remaining Priority indeviduals detected onboard: 3 Opening Escape Pod doors... Done Sending Emergency Distress beacon... Done ========================= Administrator Notes: Fuck, it seems the station's been hit by some type of Ion storm or EMP. Ehat ever it was, it's fried the Primary power and Secondary systems aren't powering on. I seem to be doing fine somehow even though I am robotic in nature. Emergency Power will work for the moment but I fear that Chicako may not be able to stay aboard for the period of time it'll take for NT Engineers to arrive to fix the issue. Best to send him down to Boron II, Better chance of survival down on the ground. Just in case, I've sent him down with Runtime and two disks containing a copy of Me and a copy of PURPLE. Now I just need to worry about my systems and the power left in the station. Back up PLATINUM models have been booted up on each station, they should be able communicate with each other on a very basic level. At this rate they're just like the PURPLE units. Either way, it seems I may have to go offline for a while, NT be damned, if they need me, they'll send their techs, I'm sure of it. Lets just hope thats relatively soon. -PLATINUM Beta Station AI =========================
  2. IPC is in a bit of an odd spot at the moment, while the removal of the damage mods was more than welcome, i feel that the removal of rad resistance in https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/18501 as well as the removal of speed potions has left a bit of a hole in IPC's convenience to the station. IPCs can no longer bypass the slowness debuffs that their equipment puts on them while organic species can get the swiftness gene to get the same effect as the red potions. I propose that we add the ability for IPCs to re-attach limbs to themselves, this could come at the cost of cable or time (around 10-15 seconds). this allows IPCs that are isolated to fix themselves if they have the materials and/or the time to do so. we could also add something to the effect of the recent surgery refactor, where self re-attached limbs don't work unless finished by a second person with a screwdriver or multitool. it would also be an interesting idea to have most of the damage sustained by the limb in question to stay on the limb when re-attached, so the IPC still needs to fix the limb after its re-attached instead of suddenly having full health again.
  3. So in its current state, the Emag is a fuckin nightmare for Sec, Engineering, command, as well as anyone who owns the door that gets emaged. And its infinite use with no cooldown between uses. What i propose (kindly suggested by one Hal 9000) is that we add some type of cooldown to it. It could be -Small amount of charges but it recharges over time (maybe one to four charges at a time?) -may charges but it doesnt recharge -maybe add a recharger function to it, it has a few charges but you physically need to recharge the Emag in a weapon recharger All of these with some type of cooldown timer added to it, would make the user have to actually think about where and when would be a good time to use their emag instead of running around emaging every door that happens to be in their way. Making it less hell for engineering to fix doors because now they dont have to worry about the 13 other doors emaged while they where fixing the first one. Helping Sec because it would slow down the intruder as well as make it harder to just casually stroll into places ,such as evedence, with the funny all access card.
  4. Hell yeah, S-Hound lore drop! Noe we wait for sharpest to drop one on purple :) also always fun to see where your characters rank in someone elses book
  5. Name: Chicako Gender: Male Nicknames/Alias: Chicako Age/D.O.B: 30 Years Old Place Of Birth: Scarred by Sunheat from Fifteen Systems (Sunheat Leviathan) Species: Vox Blood Type: AB+ Alignment: Neutral Good Affiliation: Nanotrasen Religious Beliefs: Vox Apex Hivemind History/Personality Detailed Information Character Biography Personal Relationships Faction Relationships
  6. First Name: PLATINUM Last Name: N/A Gender: Male Orientation: N/A Nicknames/Alias: PLATINUM, Platinum, Plat Age/D.O.B: 35 Years Old Place Of Birth: Boron Station Beta (Orbital Research Facility) Species: Integrated Positronic Brain (IPC) Blood Type: N/A Alignment: True Neutral Affiliation: Nanotracen Religious Beliefs: N/A History/Personality Character Biography Personal Relations Faction Relations Other Information I'm not totally sure if I've filled this all out correctly, but it was a blast spilling my brain out on PLATINUM's character. I may change and revise things later on if I get the feel that I want to. Art credit to フィシィ, great person all around
  7. That does seem cool, maybe the new batts and rad shielding instead of all the things i suggested?
  8. If anything, a general consensus on how much if an undertaking this may be would be appreciated. Hoping that it is as simple as retooling a copy of the KA upgrade system to work with IPCs and not coding the whole thing to function like the KA system
  9. Howdy, I belive that IPC maybe more appealing if they where able to be upgraded in certain ways. I want to suggest this and try to work on this my self but wish for some pointers on my ideas. What i was thinking on doing was attempting to retool a copy of the KA upgrade system towards IPCs and add new upgrade items that must be installed via IPC surgery. Current ideas are listed below. -hardend chassis that will slow the IPC that gets it if it is installed but removes or lessens the 50% recived damage -new micro-battery types (hyper, bluespace, and maybe slime core). -self repair(this one seems way too gamey to attempt to impliment, maybe use it as a form of revival implant for IPCs?) -speed upgrade that drains double to triple the battery charge for every action but increases all actions(also seems a little gamey to use given the idea also attempts to add new batts and it could subvert the slow debuff on the armor upgrade) -oil hatch that adds a tank to the IPC that can be filled with oil that increases the speed of it at the cost of using oil in the tank(possible work around for speed upgrade's general gamey aspects by adding a seprate meter for the IPC user to keep watch of) This seems like a good enough attempt at a start for me to code, or a huge undertaking that may never get completed. Either way, it would be cool to see some form of this idea in the server if what im thinking of is too much for me. after some reflection, this may be too much of a project for someone who doesn't know the code yet. There will be an attempt but it has a hogh likelyhood of failing on my part.
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