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  1. I'm trying to make some better mixes for the chem fridge. I have some questions about what the better cryo mix is and some debate about more effective units of medicine. So for the cryo mix I've been using a 50 unit beaker with 40 cryox, 5 ephedrine, 5 mito. Should there be different drugs I should be including? For saline glucose solution, would it be better to stock bottles or 10U pills? Oculine: pill or bottle form? I've seen those brute/burn auto mender refills. Are those just 50 units of stympic/silver in bottle form?
  2. CPTCoffee


    Hey, welcome! Hope you have a fun time on Paradise!
  3. I'd be down with this idea. Sounds fun.
  4. You can keep your pen and cigerette handy by stashing it above your ear. Buckets are just handy 120 ml beakers and can be heated up. Fire extinguishers can also be filled with other fun liquids like holy water to ward off vampires or just fill it up with acid because you're a bastard. Tired of people finding your contraband? Unscrew a vending machine and pull it out, drop your goodies in a box on the floor, cover that baby up with the vending machine and screw it back up.
  5. This has been pitched before, but the only thing I'd agree on is kitchen access, since it is part of the service jobs. The reason why things are as they are, are because people choose to powergame and use those areas to get stuff they usually won't be able to get. You can still go to the HOP to get access to the other areas, but it takes a bit longer.
  6. I hope you wrote CAGE OF SHAME outside her prison
  7. Ah yes. The laser rifle. The only thing left in the armory during a terror spider outbreak.
  8. Just a doodle dump for all my bad comics
  9. Splurges like this are the reason why NT is broke
  10. You too can make millions of credits. Just follow these three easy steps!
  11. So beginning of the round Andrew and I decide to spook Tetra. And ended the round like this
  12. CPTCoffee

    I lurk

    Welcome to paradise!
  13. Updated pics Thanks to @FeiH and Nagunkgunk for drawing SCUTTLES
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