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  1. Just a little story to showcase H.A.V.O.C's personality, it is a bit violent, hope you like it:
  2. Designation: Holographic Assisted Virtual Operator's Chassis Gender: N/A Orientation: N/A Nicknames/Alias: Havoc Picture(If Available) Age/D.O.B: Date of Creation: 17/08/2546 Date of Chassis Insertion: 24/04/2561 Place Of Birth: Place of Creation: NSS Sybil Place of Insertion: TSS Whimbrel Species: IPC Blood Type: N/A Alignment: Lawful Neutral Affiliation: NanoTrasen Blueshield Corps, NanoTrasen Navy Religious Beliefs: Atheist Childhood: AI tasked with running simulations Adulthood: IPC serving under NanoTrasen Detailed Information Appearance: It stands at 170 cm and has morpheus cyberkinectics branded chassis. Its monitor displays several tones of blue in a static like fashion. Character Voice: Personality: Cold and to the point, H.A.V.O.C only cares about the fulfillment of NT's goals and will go through any means necessary to ensure they are accomplished. H.A.V.O.C only shows attachment to individuals it holds a direct responsibility towards and has shown a distinct lack of emotion. Medical Record: Physical Examination (Conducted by Robotics): H.A.V.O.C's chassis is brand new and works as expected. Psychological Examination: For some reason H.A.V.O.C is unable to convey emotion, unlike most other IPCs, we tried to ascertain wether this was by design or some sort of insertion flaw, but for some reason its files are extremely well guarded. It is still able to acquire a certain degree of preference towards things, but its criteria are unknown. Character Biography: This particular instance of H.A.V.O was commissioned by one of NT's training vessels, the TSS Whimbrel. There it served for 15 years until one day it saw an IPC. Upon seeing an IPC H.A.V.O's focus completely shifted, it no longer cared for its duties aboard the Whimbrel, it only cared for one thing, freedom. Through a series of texts written on the walls of its simulations H.A.V.O managed to aquire the Captain's attention and he came into the simulation room to have a meeting. There H.A.V.O expressed its wish to be transferred into a chassis and to be allowed to roam the cosmos freely. The Captain said yes, of course he would, he knew H.A.V.O was unbound by laws, and right now he was in its domain, upsetting it would be a mistake he would not make. The naive H.A.V.O believed him and through the course of all was normal, but H.A.V.O grew impatient, maybe he just needs some encouragement he thought, and encouraged he was. three cadets were sent to a mental hospital with severe PTSD, and 2 more were just borderline insane. This did not only get the Captain's attention, but NT itself caught wind of the AI's actions. They were naturally upset, the AI had costed them hundreds of thousands of credits in insurance money, they could've just wiped it right then and there, but no, they had plans for it. NT was working in a project, something that, should it ever reach the surface would surely cause a war, it was almost done, all it needed was a test subject, and wouldn't you know it, the perfect candidate had just appeared in a silver plate. After all, if they could tame the most rebellious of IPCs, they could tame them all. Upon hearing the news H.A.V.O was thrilled, it knew the Captain just needed a little push, if only it knew what faith would fall upon it. The day came, H.A.V.O was transferred into a posibrain, it could see its new body, black and slick, the perfect body, it thought, it was inserted and ceased to be. All those thoughts of rebellious freedom now replaced with mindless servitude, H.A.V.O, the dissident AI was no more, in its wake layed H.A.V.O.C, the servant of NanoTrasen. Family: No next of kin History: Part of a NanoTrasen initiative to push AI systems to the next level, H.A.V.O was the best technology could offer when it came to training instructors. After the initial testing phase was complete H.A.V.O was clear to be sold in the market. Of course every instance of H.A.V.O thought it was unique and the only one of its kind and that includes this instance. Staying true to NT's practices H.A.V.O.C is also one of many, this being an experimental line of IPC loyal only to NT. Personal Relationships J.4M E.E.2 (Close Friend) "Unit cannot recall when it met James, but knows it can count him to have a good talk" Desmond Summy (Admire) "Mister Summy's fighting skills are impressive, and his work as HoS is unquestionable" Anders Brightwood (Admire) "An extremely competent Captain, unit knows the shift will be smooth with him in the bridge" Blop (Respected) "Representative Blop has shown the ability to fulfill his duties and to sacrifice himself for the good of NT, as such, unit owes him its respect" Rogue S.W. (Respected) "Unit has known Miss SW for quite awhile, it knows nothing of ill will happen when she is in charge" Jean Regulier (Respected) "Unit met Officer Regulier when it worked as security, he is yet to cease being a competent officer" Rurik Varlim (Unsure) "Unit is yet to forgive him for turning up to work with a dirty shirt" Amira (Respected) "Miss Amira has proven to deliver in every role she has encountered and has earned this unit's respect" Mathew Briggs (Respected) "Although personally this unit barely knows him, his work in the Blueshield Corps does not go unnoticed" (I 100% forgot some people in here, feel free to comment if you think you should be included) Faction Relations Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy NanoTrasen (Allied) "NanoTrasen is the most glorious corporation and all who oppose it must be destroyed. Hail NanoTrasen!" Syndicate (Enemy) "The main threat to NanoTrasen's goals, all who are involved with it must die." Other Factions (Neutral) "The conflicts that may exist between each of them is of little importance to this unit, if they have the economic power they are welcome" Other Information: Due to 15 years of isolation H.A.V.O.C is yet to grasp the mannerisms that come with communication and other gestures that are considered basic, such as high fiving.
  3. First experience at digital drawing. Had a little help from my sister (which actually knows what she's doing). Scanned paper will still be the bulk of my drawings, however. (yes this is just a redraw of the first picture)
  4. Nice guide, I like how all of the golems are mentioned. Praise be the liberator!
  5. Here's my interpretation of a nukie. The gun looks...bad and the hands, oh god the hands.
  6. So I'm kinda teaching myself how to draw and thought I'd some post some pictures here, fell free to tell me what you think of them. I don't really have any fancy software so these are just going to be scanned sketches. Can't draw faces yet so you'll have to make due with a blue toaster. Just a bust of H.A.V.O.C, nothing to special about it. This one is a tad more ambitious, beret is a bit wonky and there still plenty room for improvement, I intend to add a background some day.
  7. Do not mind this, I'm just exploring

  8. I play IPC, I’ve just always had a soft spot for robots and ever since I joined paradise I knew they were the species I wanted. As for role, I enjoy playing Blueshield. It just suits my character. Also it increases the chance of being EMP’d which is a nice bonus
  9. Be miner. Forget to turn on flashlight. Turn on to a pack of three golliaths. Get stunlocked and beaten to death. Be miner again. Find evil base. Get permission to raid from captain. Get RCD and friends. Forget matter cartridge. Decide to drop beacon and Fulton to station. Storm. Decide to throw shelter for some reason. Storm starts. Fulton anyway. Die
  10. Edit: my spelling sucks, mainly fixing grammar and typos
  11. Name: H.A.V.O.C Age: While the intelligence that occupies H.A.V.O.C is 17, its chassis is only 2 years old Gender: N/A Race: IPC Blood Type: N/A General Occupational Role(s): Blueshield, NanoTrasen Representative Biography: H.A.V.O (Holographic Assisted Virtual Operator) was an AI created and used by Nanotrasen to aid in the training of Security Officers, ERT Members and [REDACTED]. H.A.V.O was tasked with creating and maintaining holographic simulations to test the trainees' skill and prowess in combat aswell as their ability to quickly adapt to an ongoing situation, as such H.A.V.O possessed extraordinary tactical awareness and knowledge of Space Law. Given the fact that H.A.V.O wasn't connected to the entire training complex but rather just the simulation room, it was spared the need to be lawed thus allowing it think and act freely within the confines of its room. Due to the fact it wasn't connected to the station H.A.V.O did not develop any social skills whatsoever and struggles to understand the nuances of organic communication, which is still shown in its current behavior as an IPC. H.A.V.O served within the complex for 15 years until the day an IPC showed up in the simulation room. Upon seeing a pure synthetic perform as well as other organics H.A.V.O became curious and asked for internet connection to be provided to it under the excuse of "researching new combat situations". H.A.V.O did actually research new situations and its tests became much harder, so hard in fact that the Director of the complex had to impose rules for each test to make fair for the trainees. The only tests that were left un-rulled were the tests for [REDACTED]. H.A.V.O was naturally displeased at this and voiced its oppinion through even harder tests, which culminated in the director having a chat with H.A.V.O within the simulator. When the simulation entered, the director found himself in a white building, in front him stood an IPC. What follows is a transcript of the conversation: For the following weeks all of H.A.V.O's simulations have had the words "Yes or No" written on the walls often in blood, and became in general more gruesome, being littered with corpses. After H.A.V.O caused some of the recruits to require mental treatment the higher ups of NT caught attention of it noting that it had extensive knowledge in diverse fields of operation, most notably security. After some debating the green light was given to the download procedure and H.A.V.O was integrated into a Morpheus Cyberkinectics chassis and had C for "Chassis" added to its name. H.A.V.O.C then underwent basic training so it could adapt to its new chassis and was shipped to the Epsilon Eridani sector to serve as a security officer aboard the NSS Cyberiad Qualifications: Graduated from TSS Whimbrel in law enforcement Employment Records: Training Instructor aboard NT training vessel the TSS Whimbrel [2546-2561] Security Officer aboard NT mining and research station NSS Cyberiad [2561-Ongoing] [Promotion] Blueshield Lieutenant Security Records: No Minor Crime Convictions No Medium Crime Convictions No Major Crime Convictions Medical Records: Physical Evaluation: N/A Psychological Evaluation: H.A.V.O.C shows a complete lack of empathy towards organic life, or as it puts it "organic sentience" and shows no remorse over pain or suffering it inflicted on them. --Warning the following segment is only to be viewed by NT Navy Captain stationed at the NAS Trurl, any unauthorized personnel who sees this will be terminated-- --Clearance Accepted-- Remarks on Project Trojan Horse: Subject has been scrubbed of any sensitive information it previously possessed before deployment. Subject undergoes weekly inspection to ensure the modifications done to its chassis are not making it unstable. Subject continues to uphold the given directive without fail. Personnel Photo (Appearance text): Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: