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  1. There are nine ways to end a clown's life with a toolbox
  2. During my time as an IPC, I have noticed that I tend to build little clubs. If anyone else here does, I would enjoy some images and ideas for hovels, pubs and more Here is the image of a bar that I had made recently
  3. What would it feel like, gelatin or the stuff you can make with the borax and glue?
  4. Just small agent 47 cosplays are great, filling a fool with a clip from a silenced weapon is very satisfying
  5. It was a last ditch moment trying to kill her which I messed up bad, should have kept the pistol
  6. I would like to see that, also for those snowflakes who roll with the idea of having been organic once and want to remember their previous inferiority
  7. I like this idea, gives the civvies something to do when the usual refurbishing and you don't want to hang out in the bar. It could also give some interesting to moments. The only real criticism that I have is the smuggling, instead of having someone else get it, make the objective more towards stashing it somewhere for future use. It might make some very interesting traitor moments as well.
  8. I like the idea, touches on the other more subtle side of the syndicate than traitors tends to. To throw in my two cents, maybe give them less military grade equipment and more along the lines of traitor gear. They are meant to not be connected to the Syndicate. Also, would they really bring a blob onto a station when it could easily spread back to their outposts once it matures enough. Also, maybe they could bring some horrible disease to wipe out the populace of a station for later looting. (Plus some kickass armored biosuits would be great
  9. So you would prefer a more general understanding of the antags as in "this is traitor, he has items that will kill you" or "this is vampire, he will kill you for your blood", very basic explanation but nothing super specific
  10. 5 times out of ten, valids would kill you for looking wrong, like crimes of fashion
  11. I fourth it, they are admemes in training, they still are learning the finer points of admining
  12. I would be curious on how much of an issue this would make it for IPC's, maybe make it an objective to hijack an IPC or a posibrain